Editor’s Note: The article has been updated to reflect many of the new alliances and coalitions which had joined operations, or were a part of them but not seen. We will continue to update the article as more information becomes available.

With more and more alliances joining up and helping operations, it isn’t easy to keep track who is who in what seems to be the beginning of a new great northern war. EVE News 24 is here to give you an overview of the alliances and coalitions currently deployed in the conflict against the Imperium along with their theaters of operation. This list will be updated as time goes on.


The Lonetrek region has been an area of contention between the Imperium and the inhabitants of low security space as the two groups often battled over its few lucrative moons. It is in this region that the infamous Low Sec Voltron (LSV) coalition was born as growing frustration in the Imperium over the defiance of these alliances triggered a campaign which saw both the Lonetrek and Black Rise regions come under Imperium assault.

However after months of bitter fighting, what some consider the turning point in the war happened, as Imperium forces were soundly defeated in the notorious Hakonen system before being chased into their own territory, bringing the fighting to the Impeium itself.

Project.Mayhem. [16-13] – This mostly Russian speaking alliance inhabits the Lonetrek region and can be considered one of the triggers of the great war, as its continued harassment of Imperium infrastructure in the region, specifically against Circle-Of-Two, created an ever escalating conflict culminating in the battle of Hakonen.

Snuffed Out [B B C] – One of the super powers of low security space, Snuffed Out is righteously feared as one of the strongest alliances in the low security political scene and has often helped Project.Mayhem. in its fights with the Imperium.

Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] – The rival super power of Snuffed Out. The two alliances have often feuded in the past, having only recently fought a major war over the Placid region. Though Shadow Cartel is often looked down on due to its tendency to draw a large number of allies, its inclusion in the coalition speaks volumes of the determination of low security space inhabitants to remain free of Imperium rule.

Dead Terrorists [IKILU] – Loyal ally of Shadow Cartel, Dead Terrorists has seen some rocky times in recent memory, embroiled in a war in and around the Metropolis region with Did he say Jump [JMP-N]. Regardless, it still joined the LSV in order to do its part in maintaining low security space independence.

Mercenary Coalition [MC] – Technically a Syndicate region (NPC null security space) alliance, Mercenary Coalition nevertheless joined LSV and have been an active participant in coalition fleets. Though dormant for a long time, the alliance carries an illustrious history and seen recent resurgence in activity.

Suddenly Spaceships. [CYN0] – Another Syndicate region alliance. This inhabitant of NPC null security space joined the LSV to combat the Imperium, especially as the months of fighting brought Imperium scrutiny over its own home region, giving it another reason to fight against its oppression. Currently the alliance is back to the Syndicate region, protecting allied assets from Imperium marauders.

The Low Sec Voltron coalition has managed to effectively secure the Lonetrek region from the Imperium, launching an assault on one of its main bastion of defense – The Tribute region.


The Fade region was often considered the main buffer zone of the Imperium from invasions coming from either Cloud Ring or the Fountain region. Settled by SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA], the second largest Imperium alliance at the time, it was often referred to as “Fortress Fade” and considered impregnable. However months of continued allied assault has left the region shattered and its defenders in ruin. As these lines are written, the once mighty bastion of Imperium rule is slowly being overrun by allied fleets, including the following alliances:

Pandemic Horde [REKTD] – Pandemic Legion’s new player friendly alliance, the feud it carries with the Imperium hearkens back to it being forced to vacate the neighboring Cloud Ring region due to Imperium aggression. After settling in the Querious region, the alliance returned to put pressure on Fade in an act of revenge, taking over for Psychotic Tendencies. whose mercenary contract of two months already left the region bleeding.

WAFFLES. [N0MAD] – Considered mostly a feeder alliance for the Sniggerdly [SNIGG] corporation in Pandemic Legion. This small entity nonetheless has become a major thorn at the side of the Imperium, carrying entosis operations and often halting Imperium attempts to secure systems with its small gangs and constant harassment of local residents.

The-Culture [-T C-] – This Fountain region based alliance was formed from a splinter group of the now defunct Black Legion. [.MEN] following its collapse and has been a major power in the region for quite some time. Taking over parts of Cloud Ring following Imperium attempts to cleanse the region, the alliance has often lent help to Northern Coalition. in its assault.

ChaosTheory. [KOS] – Often working with The-Culture and Northern Coalition., this alliance was formed from a splinter group of SpaceMonkey’s Alliance corporations, striking out on its own and settling in the Fountain region. However as the winds of war swept New Eden, it too joined the fighting, clashing against its former allies.

Northern Coalition. [NC] – Northern Coalition. is considered by many to carry the torch of Band of Brothers [BoB]. The alliance had formed as a mockery of the old Northern Coalition and has been consistent in its defiance of the Imperium in all of its iterations, at one time at the helms of a major coalition that rivaled the Imperium. Though suffering defeats in the past at the hands of the Imperium, leading it to dissolve its own coalition in the past, it continued regardless to fight from the Vale of the Silent to the Fade region itself, and is now spearheading operations in it.


There is no other region that causes more nightmares for Imperium commanders than the Venal region. An NPC null security region, the area was often used as a base of operations for the Imperium’s enemies to launch strikes against its territory, especially the infamous Black Legion.. However while some inhabitants of the region would let themselves be bought by Imperium coin, none stood more defiant and consistent in their opposition to the Imperium than Out of Sight.. For over a year this alliance has done nothing but hand down defeats to the Imperium, forcing it to sink more time and resources to try and control the region’s moons, all in vain.

Out of Sight. [OOS] – This Russian speaking alliance has resided in the Venal region for a long time, making it almost a permanent fixture of the area. Often colliding with the Imperium, it is used to fighting outnumbered and outgunned. Often receiving help from other allies in the past, its ability to grind to a halt any Imperium campaign to claim the region’s moon has become legendary, to the point that Imperium commanders utterly refused to engage it at its prime time for fear of suffering another crushing defeat. Now taking part in the allied push against the Imperium, this small but tough alliance is getting its revenge on those Imperium alliances which tried to steal its moons.

The OSS [OSS] – When Black Omega Security [OMEGA] was kicked from the Imperium for not participating in major peace time fleets, it never occurred to the Imperium bureaucrats that in a few months they’ll come to regret their decision. This happened when not content to sit idly by, Black Omega Security formed The OSS, a Syndicate region based alliance, and started harassing its former allies. Participating alongside the LSV in many fights in low security space, the alliance had moved to the Pure Blind region, then later to Venal to take part in allied operations.

Abuse of Power. [ASBO] – Formed by the Hax. [HAX.] corporation, this newly made alliance is cutting its teeth in the Venal region, as its founders fought alongside The OSS and the LSV against the Imperium for many months. Now with allied operations in full swing, it does its part in the war, fleeting up with the three to continue and demolish the Imperium.

Vanguard Coalition (VC) – The Triumvirate. led coalition is the first major power to join the allied forces in the war. Living in Etherium Reach and Insmother regions and being a part of the Drone Regions Federation (DRF), its forces have deployed to the Venal region to help allied operations. The coalition brings with it expertise in Aegis sovereignty, as it led the assault on Red Menace Coalition (RMC) only half a year ago, making history in its 8 day siege of RMC staging system of C-J6MT as the first coalition to oust another under the new sovereignty mechanics. This experience has been put to good use by the allies, to the detriment of Imperium members. The coalition has deployed with the following alliances: Triumvirate. [TRI], Stella Nova [SNOVA], Spartan Republic [EPHOR], IT’S ONLY PIXELS [PIXEL] and ROC. [-ROC-].

A Band Apart. [-ABA-] – Not much is known about this alliance, however it seems it too joined the allied operations in the Venal region and has been carrying entosis operations against Imperium sovereignty.


The Vale of the Silent region is considered the eastern bulwark of Imperium defense and the most secure border of the vast coalition, as non invasion treaties with the DRF made the area seemingly untouchable. However in recent weeks, the region’s inhabitants were rudely woken up to the fact that their coalition is at war, when allied forces started their operations in it. Slow and troubled at first, the allies gained momentum, setting the entire region ablaze and forcing its long standing residents to retreat into the heartland of Imperium rule.

Pandemic Legion [-10.0] – The veteran mercenary alliance has had a long and chequered past with the Imperium in all of its iteration. Opposing it at times and accepting contracted work from it at others, the alliance’s stance towards it has always been somewhat ambivalent. However in recent months, it seems the alliance finally took a stance, joining and coordinating with the array of alliances and coalitions now attacking the Imperium. Having deployed with all its might to strike at the Vale of the Silent region, what started as a stuttering campaign quickly evolved into a brutal carnage of Imperium fleets, as the alliance and allied forces combined to steamroll the region.

League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY] – This German speaking alliance has seen its start in the Delve region, gaining notoriety fast due to its small and medium scale warfare, often utilizing entosis operations to force sovereignty holders to engage it with terrible outcome for the defenders. Bringing that expertise to the allied forces, the alliance soon showed Get Off My Lawn [LAWN] that any imitation will fall flat when confronted with the real thing.

Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] – One of the most polarizing alliances in New Eden, often compared only to Test Alliance Please Ignore in levels of toxicity. However, few can dispute its actual skill in warfare, as demonstrated in its ferocious campaign in the Fade region which saw SpaceMoneky’s Alliance brought to its knees. After taking a short break in the Syndicate region, this alliance is back on the front lines, joining Pandemic Legion in many joint fleets against the Imperium.

Paisti Syndicate [PSY] – This Finnish alliance has quite a pedigree behind it. Its operations in the past saw it pitted against the entirety of the DRF, often emerging victorious and causing quite a headache to residents of Etherium Reach. Later on, the alliance had moved down to the Delve region, where it participated in the chaos that has settled over the area. Now it has deployed to the north of New Eden as well, participating in allied operations.


The Tribute region, held under the care of Circle-Of-Two [CO2] was considered truly a formidable barrier to any invader. The alliance which many consider to be the best and strongest in the Imperium managed to fight its wars on its own, often defending its interests in the Lonetrek region by itself and fielding fleets that could rival its own coalition in strength and organization. However as opposition increased in direct proportion to the failures of the Imperium, even the strongest defender soon found itself overwhelmed by the strength and number of the attackers.

Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] – A lot can be said about Test Alliance Please Ignore. The once fledgling alliance that as it rose in the ranks of the cluster’s political scene nearly managed to destroy itself. The competence of its pilots and willingness to follow orders, its toxic forums and mumble server to its tendency to repeat memes ad nauseam. However its impossible to find a more willing partner to invade the Imperium than it. After all, the attempt to re-write the history of the Fountain war to fuel Imperium interests was another point of contention between the allies and the Imperium, and Test Alliance Please Ignore is not likely to forget the humiliations of that war. Recently the alliance has made great strides in building fleet numbers and doctrines, its stealth bomber wing earning renown through New Eden in this campaign, and striking fear in Imperium commanders.

Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) – Many were surprised to see this coalition join allied operations, especially considering the bad blood between the leader of the coalition, Sort Dragon, and Pandemic Legion. However, it is a fact that the DARKNESS. led coalition has deployed to the front lines, joining the allies and striking blows of its own against the Imperium. Currently the alliances it has deployed are: DARKNESS. [DARK.], Blades of Grass [2GTHR], The Methodical Alliance [TMA], Short Bus Syndicate [TARD] DeepSpace. [DEEPS] Adaptation. [ADPT], Nerfed Alliance Go Away [NAGA], The Blood Covenant [VIT.C] and Solyaris Chtonium [SLYCE]

Providence Bloc – Strictly a third party, Providence Bloc has often joined the fighting, preferring to side with the allies rather than the Imperium. Covering at times for the allies and engaging unwanted third parties, the coalition has managed to deploy a sizeable force to the North, marking it the first successful deployment the coalition has done since re-capturing their home region, though its fleet commanders maintain otherwise. Whether or not this trend continues, is yet to be seen, as rumors of Imperium sympathizers in The Volition Cult [VC] seem to be bent on halting operations. Those who have joined the incursion often cite the recent attempt by Imperium forces to burn their home region as their reason for joining the fight.

Exodus. [LOLGF] – A small scale PvP alliance, Exodus. burst into the main stage when it started entosis operations in Cloud Ring following the purge of the region by Imperium forces. Since then it has continued these operations, striking at the Fade and Pure Blind regions and acting as a thorn in the Imperium’s side. Though small, its sting has been proven painful, especially to SpaceMoneky’s Alliance.

Mordus Angels [MOA] – Often mocked for its vehement rhetoric against the Imperium, the reality is Mordus Angels has been a permanent fixture in the landscape of the North, and s constant source of harassment for Imperium pilots living near the Pure Blind region. While some debate the effectiveness of the alliance in the past, it too does its part in the war.


The Tenal region can be considered the most secluded region of the Imperium. A logistical nightmare, this almost isolated pocked of the Imperium was considered mostly undesirable and relegated to The Initiaitve. [INIT.] and RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-], both Imperium member alliances of lower standings. Far from empire space and bordering the hellish Venal region and the serene Cobalt Edge region, the area was never considered to ever be in any real danger. This all changed when the allied war machine steamrolled into the region, launching a coordinated assault from Cobalt Edge and Venal, trapping the defenders.

Drone Walkers (DW) – A new coalition comprised of many small alliances living in the Drone regions, these entities formed up to create a new power, cutting their teeth as a unified force joining the allied campaign against the Imperium. Coordinating on allied operations, the coalition launched an attack against Tenal residents from the rear, striking from Cobalt Edge itself in a move that surprised many, especially the Imperium itself. The coalition is comprised of the following alliances: Alternate Allegiance [ALTS], Phoenix Company Alliance [P0CA], inPanic [-INP-], Requiem Eternal [REQ], The Explicit Alliance [XPLCT], BlackNova Mercenary Alliance [BNMA], Just A Game. [JAG.], Bloodline. [R H -] and D85 [D 85].

Other notable allied members include:

Therabois – This loose coalition of alliances residing in the Thera system of wormhole space has carried strikes against the Imperium and was responsible for several notable incidents which helped highlight its weaknesses. It has contributed both in intelligence and in pilots, as its stealth bomber wings became the bane of Imerpium fleet commanders. Meanwhile, its constant raids into the heartland of Imperium space created costly losses for the Imperium, including the loss of a Titan in a main staging system and an entire ratting carrier fleet, with Imperium forces simply powerless to do anything against it. Therabois is comprised of the following alliances: WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF], The Minions. [-TM-], Jump Drive Appreciation Society [NOG8S].

Dirt Nap Squad. [-DNS-] – Though not seen much on the battlefield, this small alliance has been working mostly behind the scenes, coordinating allied operations in and around the Venal region and helping with logistics, scouting and espionage. Leading a campaign of sabotage, it also helped damage many of the jump bridges used by the Imperium, thus delaying its fleets and often forcing them into bottlenecks for allied forces to ambush.

The list will be updated as more allies join or are identified by EVE News 24 staff. As for the time being the entire operation has no official name, often referred to by Interstellar Correspondents as Allied Front.

Salivan Harddin is a member of Reikoku, Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden


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