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Breaking News: Triumvirate moving to Attack FCON

August 13, 2017

Eve News 24 received word that Triumvirate had mobilized it’s Titan, Super-Carrier, and Capital fleets and is on the move towards FCON territory. Sources have provided DSCAN’s of  a Triumvirate fleet of over 400 plus capitals, super capitals, and titans that are on the move through Detroid heading towards FCON’s home region.  As well a Reddit post has appeared also seeming to indicate that Triumvirate has declared war on FCON. This follows a few weeks of news and diplomatic instability in the south that had the Triumvirate led Vanguard Coalition shedding blues and taking steps to dissolve agreements with their former allies in DRF and Phoenix Federation.

We reached out to Triumvirate leadership and no comment was provided. This month has seen a series of leaks, moves, and rumors that seemed to indicate that Triumvirate was on the move and heading towards war. This was not unseen as the regions were starved for content and Vanguard line members appeared to be clamoring for war. Triumvirate’s issues with FCON seem to go back to last year when FCON retreated from the north (during World War Bee) and set up their new home in the south. There were a initial series of spats and scuffles between FCON and Triumvirate that was settled by DRF brokered negotiations and diplomatic agreements that brought peace to the south. The problem with peace is, line members become restless and eventually look to find someone to fight. After TEST moved into the South, prior content with the Stainwagon Coalition dried up and the content issue went from bad to worse.

As a result a series of events occurred in recent weeks that indicated that was about to change:

  1. Triumvirate allies began to complain that Triumvirate was breaking diplomatic agreements and a series of leadership leaks indicated that Triumvirate intended to reset it’s DRF and FCON ally’s and attack on or the other.
  2. Triumvirate leadership went on INN’s Meta Show and announced there would be a ‘friendly reset’ of most of their blues in the near future. Almost simultaneously FCOn and DRF leadership announced the formation of a agreement between them indicating that DRF, GemiCo, and Phoenix Federation were forming a new coalition with mutual defense agreements.
  3.  About 48 hours ago Garst Tyrell (Executor of Vanguard Coalition) sent an mail to diplomats from DRF, GemiCo, and others stating that Vanguard would be resetting them to neutral but had no intention of invading as long as they are “left alone” and withdrew from established diplomatic comm’s essentially cutting off diplomatic ties.
  4. At the same time Garst sent a separate Eve Mail to FCON Leadership stating that Vanguard was resetting them (FCON) and also dissolving all NIPs (non-invasion pacts). The reset dates for all parties were 0001hrs August 13th and occured a few hours ago.

It would seem from the Eve Mails that Triumvirate’s attempt here was to carve FCON off and avoid a larger conflict with DRF and GemiCo. However, EN24 was provided with the following statement by DRF Leadership:

We are saddened to see the rumors were true and that Triumvirate has chosen the route they have. We remain committed the honoring our agreements and will stand by and defend our allies

We also reached out to FCON leadership who then said a statement is forthcoming. We will publish that when provided.

As Summer ends it seems to bring conflict in New Eden and, this year, it looks like war will engulf the entire universe. In the North, Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition., and Guardians of the Galaxey are fighting the Imperium and TEST Alliance. It is significant to note that TEST allies and Legacy coalition partners Circle of Two are engaged in a fight with SOLAR Fleet and DRF Alliances over renter space that could end up playing a wider role in the current wars. With these conflicts, and multiple others, heating up it looks like no place is safe.


Sources and intel leaks indicate that this may be a larger operation that will see either the formation of a new coalition or co-operative agreement between Vanguard, Circle of Two, Stainwaggon, and Fraternity Alliance with the goal of hitting Phoenix Federation and DRF space. Triumvirate forces have already began re-enforcing Phoenix Federation structures and space.