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News Alert: Vanguard Terminates NIP with Phoenix Federation

August 12, 2017

Earlier today Eve News 24 has learned that Vanguard Coalition has reset the majority of it’s allies and cut all diplomatic ties with DRF/Gemico. It was rumored that they were doing the same with FCON led Phoenix Federation as well. The below Eve-Mail was sent out to Phoenix Federation Leadership notifying them that all NIP agreements were being rescinded. This may be of interest as Phoenix Federation recently announced (and verified by DRF leadership) that they would be aligned with DRF/Gemico as blues with a mutual defense pact. The dissolving of the NIPs between Vanguard and Phoenix Federation may be signal Triumvirates intention to invade PF space or could just be more of the “friendly content reset” that was reported on earlier. That said if it is a prelude to an invasion by Vanguard then they would likely be facing all of DRF and GemiCo. Eve News 24 is following this and will update as information becomes available.

It has been further reported that Triumvirate has anchored multiple Fortizar-Class Citadels in Detroid. This is significant as Detroid would be a strategic staging point for Triumvirate to attack either FCON or SOLAR. 


“Formal Notice of Termination of NIP Agreement with Vanguard Coalition” sent 2 hours ago

Gentlemen, Vanguard is formally terminating its NIP agreement with Phoenix Federation effective 26 hours from now, or 0001 EVE 13 AUG 2017, saturday night for US players. This move is part of our global standings reset to leave DRF as told to them over a month ago and provide more pvp opportunities for our members in the long run as EVE is stagnating and we dont want to be part of the cause of that. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Garst Tyrell

Executor Vanguard Coalition