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FCON and Phoenix Federation joining forces with DRF/Gemico

July 29, 2017

The following is an statement that we received from FCON and verified by DRF

We are happy to announce the FCON and Phoenix Federation are officially joining solar and friends, xix and friends in DRF!

The combination of an excellent long term working relationship, similar views on how groupings of larger alliances should function, and recent events have converged to make this an exciting and beneficial opportunity for us all. This triad of older eve alliances will have a leadership structure consisting of the exec from PF, Solar and XIX each with equal input in decision making. The arrangement will provide security and content while preserving breathing room for disparate alliance cultures.
I would like to emphasize that PF will continue to operate independently except when it comes to important combined military efforts. It does not mean we are at the beck and call of the other entities. We will not routinely send fleets to the other side of Eve for trivial objectives. But we WILL answer the call when it comes to matters of SOV and defend our friends, as they will do the same for us.

Solar has been our neighbor in Detorid and Feythabolis for many months now. We have found them to be reliable, consistent and trustworthy. FCON’s history with Gemico goes back many years and we owe them our gratitude as well as our respect. PF is growing rapidly in strength and will help fortify additional time zones not optimal for our Russian friends.
So why are we creating a blue donut? That is NOT the intention. Wicked Creek will be left to the wild and provide content….in addition to Catch and Curse. Most of the entities we are making blue from DRF are not close neighbors and therefore not a valued source of local pvp content. Detorid is a special case. Vanguard Alliance has fractured. Several groups were purged. Some went quietly….others went down with a fight. Manifesto has left Vanguard and friendly to Phoenix Federation but currently independent. HADES and TBC have joined PF and are currently rebuilding in PF space. Where they take final sov will depend on the coming days to weeks. Some of the entities currently blue will return to neutral after things in detorid settle down.

The region is in flux so be patient.

What do we gain? We gain powerful allies that will not scheme to micro manage us or lure away our talent and our corps. We gain the backing of the massive supers fleet of solar and xix. Combined fleet strength with ample sub cap support should give us room to expand and develop our supers and caps program as well! We will also benefit financially with additional resources and isk income. Our renting program will grow significantly and ideally we will be able to reduce or eliminate corp taxes.
In short, this new entity only strengthens and formalizes an already excellent working relationship with Solar and XiX. We have nothing but respect for our new partners and look forward to exciting times ahead! Stay tuned…