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Dreddit Deploying to Providence

August 22, 2015

On August 19, Dreddit Director Yolo Swagtron announced an upcoming deployment of the corporation to the Providence region. With the Imperium also deploying to the region as a way of testing theories and learning how the mechanics of the new Sovereignty warfare play out on a large scale, Providence looks to be an active region in the near future. In an interview, Yolo Swagtron mentioned the advantage of using deployments such as these to foster corporation-level activity and training for his members, and also said the following:

I am very excited to see the first Aegis-Sov war first hand. It will be very interesting to see how The Mittani’s clearly well-thought-out plans are executed, and how well they hold up to the reality of the system’s implementation.

We waited for Goons to make their move specifically so we could have as many potential targets as possible.

An interesting facet of this deployment is the roleplaying aspect that seems to be consistent in these announcements. Historically, Provi-Bloc, the primary residents of Providence, have been an Amarr-loyalist roleplaying organization. The Imperium utilized a roleplaying aspect in their announcement to deploy to Providence, citing Jamyl Sarum (who may or may not even be alive anymore) as a false Empress, and wishing to place Max Singularity, First of His Name, Pope of New Eden, [insert 37 additional titles here], on the Amarrian throne. In their deployment announcement, Dreddit cites Ke$ha Rose I as the true Empress, and a willingness to sway the opinions of Provi-Bloc members to see her as such. Dreddit’s announcement can be found here.