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Imperium Prepares for War on Providence

August 20, 2015

The Mittani, leader of the Imperium coalition called a full Imperium wide meeting on Mumble yesterday. During this meeting it was announced that invading Providence is going to happen sometime shortly after next week’s patch. Invading Providence, destroying hundreds of billions in IHUBs, and letting the region burn is the overall goal. The Imperium does not want to hold Providence, just set it ablaze and watch the fireworks. Roleplaying is also strongly encouraged.

This will be a test of Fozzie SOV mechanics and strategies for the coalition. Each alliance deploying with The Imperium will be assigned objectives and allowed to achieve those objectives in their own style. From this, adapting and adopting the best practices and methods of taking and fighting for SOV in the new mechanics will be developed. Doctrines, strategies, and differing methods of achieving the goals will be tested and studied.

SoundCloud Recording of Mittan’s Speech:

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This may revitalize some of the stagnation currently in Null sec, as with news of Imperium’s impending deployment, third parties from around Eve will deploy to take part. There is also the threat of people burning The Imperium’s home while they are deployed to Providence. This should liven up null sec and create content over the coming weeks.