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May Week 3 – The Super Capital Scrapheap

May 26, 2015

Welcome once again to this week’s super capital kills summary. You can find the previous week’s post here.

This report will include super kills which occurred between May 18th and May 24th.


19/05/15 – 4 Nyxs, 2 Aeons destroyed. – 146.4B ISK

2 Nyxs and 1 Aeon piloted by twitchums, Sootsia and Captain Price Cobalt from The Kadeshi [THOR] are destroyed by Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in the system of CNC-4V, Catch.

A link to the full article can be found here.


2 Nyxs and 1 Aeon piloted by Floppy Disk, Damol and Igor BG from SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] are destroyed by Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0], with support from Alternate Allegiance [ALTS], in the system of QY2Y-N, Oasa.

A link to the full article can be found here.


21/05/15 – 1 Aeon destroyed. – 28.5B ISK

An Aeon piloted by space trucker1041 of Common Sense Ltd [GORGA], Nulli Secunda [S2N] was destroyed in the system of Bimener, Derelik by Feign Disorder [FEIGN] who called in Pandemic Legion [-10.0] for support.


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RoCkEt X, leader of the [-10.0] #REKKINGCREW, provided me with the following:

The target cyno’d into bimener with a self destruct cyno, members of Feign Disorder warped to it and achieved initial tackle. A PL dude happened to be in the area and had a cyno, so we flash formed to assist them, pulling support both from our current staging system in curse and from #REKKINGCREW’s home in Derelik.

Credit for this kill goes entirely to the Feign Disorder guys who pinned it and quickly made the call for support.

At the current time of writing I have had no response from the pilot who lost the Aeon.


22/05/15 – 1 Nyx, 1 Erebus, 1 Hel destroyed. – 177.5B ISK

A Nyx piloted by La Merovingian of EVE Protection Agency [E P A], Bloodline [R H -] was destroyed in the system of GMLH-K, Catch by Pandemic Legion [-10.0].


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Fearless Sister, a member of [-10.0] who is a Sabre pilot on the killmail, provided me with the following:

I don’t really know much about the back story, apparently our guys had been hunting him for a while and he was being a dick in local a day before saying we couldn’t catch him.

The actual fight itself I was just 1 of about 30 dictors that joined fleet and sat on a titan waiting to jump in. He was probed once but managed to warp before we could get tackle. He was probed again and the prober managed to decloak him and this time we managed to get tackle. Think he warped to a poco @100.

Supers were called for and started burning there, dictors had to burn 7 or so jumps to get in system but the guy started self destruct and self destructed about 10s after I landed and whored.

The only reason I managed to get on him was because I had a fast warping dictor, there were about 30 other dictors that didn’t make it in time. I think at one point our supers pulled damage too and started repping him so more people could whore on the mail cos he was total shit fit.

At the current time of writing I have had no response from the pilot who lost the Nyx.


An Erebus piloted by Gort Nikto of a NPC corporation was destroyed in the system of Ahraghen, Aridia by members of #REKKINGRUSKI.


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3Better, member of #REKKINGRUSKI, provided me with the following:

Nothing special about this one. Halkbot and Sacred Badger found a capital target in perbhe. We wrote down his cynochars and all that stuff, while they were figuring what it is and where is it going he jumped to Ahraghen. Guys rushed there, but found only wreck of a cyno and empty local. They were trying to find the wreck by rewarping, but they failed. Soon after that the target logged in and turned out to be in an erebus which was extremely surprising. Rad1st launched core probes and was desperately trying getting scan result. Halkbot had the right type of probes in the launcher and got a couple perfect hits quickly warped, decloaked and pointed the erebus. The rest is absolutely clear.

At the current time of writing I have had no response from the pilot who lost the Erebus.

A few images from the killboard comments can be find here and here.


A Hel piloted by RIBERT of Bears Lives in these Caves [BLITC], Advent of Fate [CORD] was destroyed in the system of QRH-BF, The Spire by Triumvirate. [TRI].


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Garst Tyrell, CEO of the No.Mercy [.N-M.] from [TRI], provided me with this link to a failheap thread which I have quoted below:

Advent of Fate alliance is a small XXDeath pet that lives in Geminate and conducts mostly independent ops, but shows up to coalition fleets against TRI/SOLAR when it suits them. Recently they have been picking on IRC even to the point of dropping a bait pos and dropping SBUs in IRC’s home system of QRH in the spire. Previously we had hotdropped a small slowcat chimera fleet to crush their last attempt with a nightmare/rattlesnake fleet a couple weeks ago to assist IRC. They returned today with an ishtar fleet as SBUS were about to online.

Right before I came home from TRI brought an ishtar fleet to the IRC home system to help out which ended up in a battle of TRI vs ADVENT + S2N assisting in ishtars. I cant give specifics from the battle but I know TRI came out ahead on ships/isk eff but had to bail after losing our drones. We sped home to reship and I took over the fleet as ADVENT chilled in QRH harassing IRC and waiting for the SBUs to tick over. S2N’s remaining 40 man ishtar gang burned home 1j past our home system and was somehow surprised by TRI undocking rattlesnakes and trapping them with wall bubbles, killing another 10-15 or so of their cruisers on the way out. TCF/NOVA assisted with a smal ishtar gang that attempted to interdict them on the other side of the gate we bubbled them, but our snakes were too far off gate to pursue and we let them go.

Getting new intel from Supertwinky that ADVENT had deployed 2 hels + 1 wyvern with their 30 man ishtar gang to shoot the station in QRH while we interdicted nulli, we rageburned to a titan in range and jumped onto the hel as he came out of warp from his safepos to the station. Cynoing at 0 we continued to bridge dreads and reinforcements in while using our snakes to kill or force the ADVENT ishtar fleet to pull range. The other two supers warped out safely to the pos as they were far from the initial cyno on the hel. TCF/NOVA bridged in with us and added a bit of ishtar gang dps to help kill small stuff to make sure we could maintain tackle on the hel. It died and ADVENT possed up as we killed the SBUs for IRC and gave some bonus reps to their station.

The battle report is jumbled from multiple fights: http://kb.triumvirate-alliance.net/?…&kll_id=106418

EDIT: here’s a video from TRI dread + dictor POV of the hel kill [embedded below]

We moved home and stood down, before reforming ishtars to attempt to third party a Dead terrorists ( ) vs XIX fight over a timer in geminate. We arrived late to the party but killed the XIX fc and a few of his mates while they shot SBUs to remind them that hey, TRI is still here whether or not you choose to keep ignoring us.

A few other aborted fleet fights later we finished the eu tz by killing 3 troll SBUs dropped by nulli after they rage logged in uemon from losing another ishtar fleet to us. The war has its ups and downs but the last 48 hours is certainly been a good one for TRI

RIBERT, the Hel pilot, informed me that;

We were reinforcing the station, I warped to a POS and then back in. Just as I landed the order was given to warp out. In truth it was just bad timing from ourselves if I hadn’t warped off to make bookmarks I would have survived. Good drop by Tri wasn’t fit correctly but no fit would have saved me so no real regrets.

Video linked in Garst’s post above:


24/05/15 – 1 Avatar, 1 Aeon destroyed. – 141B ISK

An Avatar piloted by Amarrian Guardian of a NPC corporation, though she was part of the Catastrophic Operations [CAT0P], Get Off My Lawn [LAWN] just before the loss, was destroyed in the system of 1-2J4P, Delve by Confederation of xXPIZZAXx [PIZZA].


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Stephan Schneider from [PIZZA] provided me with the following;

I probed him because he didn’t jump before downtime. I squad warped then got socket closed on dictor and chased him around with a buzzard until he decided to take a gate where he was caught.

At the time of writing no response had been received from the pilot in question.

Stephan Schneider provided me with the following video:


An Aeon piloted by Tritogeneia Charante of Black Omega Security [OMEGA], Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] was destroyed in the system of Y-W6GF, Syndicate by Northern Coalition. [NC] and Black Legion. [MEN.] following the bait work of 404 Alliance Not Found [U-WOT].


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raknor bile, [MEN.] FC, provided me with the following information:

We got approached by some of the locals of syndicate asking if we want to be a batphone against goons. We obviously are super keen for this and we already had a fleet planned for that time so we just sat on the titan until tackle was acquired then we bridged and burned 20 jumps. We came across their rescue triage on route and bubbled it with our dictors while the rest of us burned to system. When we get in I am informed only the Aeon is out of the shields because AB prots are bad at bumping. Travis tells me a small Ishtar gang is killing all his dictors and at the same time lex is losing his shit because the Aeon is close to the shields. I warp down on to the Ishtars and force them off field, saving all our dictors and then take us to the Aeon while our MWDs let us bump him miles from the shield and BL save the day pretty much.

From this reddit thread [NC] FC Travis Mugrat stated that;

NCOT BR: Lex #AVRSE noticed some goons being silly with toys in Syndicate. He poked some brolos in the area to setup bait. Lunchtime. Everyone forms. Go through some WH. Lose some idiots on the way. Cyno goes up, supers jump in, dictors jump in system, but 2 supers warped off by the time we landed on the right cyno(2 were up). Caught 2nyx and aeon. Were fucking horrible at bumping w/ ab prots so both master race NYX burned inside the pos, we ganked the aeon a few lol fit triage and dreads, and then 07’d as SC, SMA, and some other shitty harpy fleet arrived.

At the time of writing no response has been received from the pilot in question.


This week the total value lost reaches 493.4 Billion ISK, approximately 35 Billion ISK short of the previous week. Instead of being primarily the killing field of #REKKINGRUSKI and [PIZZA], [-10.0] have been on 8 out of the 14 super capitals lost with a total ISK destroyed value of 198 Billion, just short of half the total. With just one week to go it will be interesting to see what the overall results will be for the month.

Next week we shall return with an update on the upcoming week’s Super Capital losses from across all regions of space.

Clearly as this is a new format please be kind and give your feedback in the comments below or contact me via [email protected] or via an in-game mail.