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HERO Earns A Reprieve From Black Legion, Or Has It?

May 19, 2015

The combined forces of Black Legion [MEN.] and Fountain Core have been pushing HERO forces further back into the outer areas of the Fountain Region. With the Constellations of Manticore, Centaur, Unicorn having fallen in the last few days to MEN, HERO is now cornered in to the outer regions of Fountain. With MEN. on one side, and the gateway to Delve where old friends of MEN. the Confederation of xXPIZZAXx [Pizza] live and nothing but the edge of the known universe at their back.

MEN. yesterday took a small capital force into one of the last remaining Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] systems left in Fountain 4-EP12 in an attempt to take it, but was ambushed by a Pandemic Legion [-10.0] strike force using wormholes to enter the system and destroy the capital fleet.

Shortly after this, reddit posts started appearing on the BRAVE Subreddit claiming that MEN. have ceased operations to take BRAVE’s Moons. However this didn’t dissuade HERO from pushing an attack in the system of MN5N-X which has seen a number of clashes between the two sides as they fight over a rare Dysprosium moon.

The two forces began fighting at 1am on the morning of the 19th with both sides trading ships in quick succession as the fleets moved themselves into position. Despite HERO outnumbering MEN. 186 ships to 117 – MEN. were able to apply more damage to HERO’s logistics which then in turn turned onto HERO’s battleships. With both HERO’s Logistics and Damage Dealing ability reduced they pulled back to regroup and re-form at which point nearly an hour after the fighting originally began HERO again pressed the attack, but the battle turned into a massacre of HERO Logistics as they pressed the attack. Despite this, HERO forces gained a second wind and a number of MEN. strategic cruisers fell in quick succession.

Despite HERO losing 121 ships, almost two thirds of the entire fleet in comparison to MEN.s 33 ships the actual ISK war in the fight was separated by less than 1bn ISK in MEN.’s favour.

Ultimately MEN. secured the field and HERO for the second time lost the fight for the Dysprosium moon of MN5N-X. The battle report can be found here.

While HERO appear to be forming larger numbers for each engagement. From a force of less than one hundred to almost two hundred ships in two weeks it still appears not to be enough to halt MEN.’s push into Fountain as more and more systems fall under their control. At time of writing this article MEN. have deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system of G95F-H in the constellation of Satyr which is held by the HERO alliance Flying Dangerously. It is clear MEN. are continuing their push into Fountain. HERO is now cut of from any easy access to low security space with only Jump Freighters now able to go in and out of the region safely without having to pass MEN. friendly space. MEN. have well and truly tightened their grip on the region, has a long term siege of HERO now begun? Or will MEN and Allies move in for a killing blow? Only time will tell.