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Black Legion. Loses 9 Supers and 1 Leviathan to Pandemic Legion

January 5, 2015

Yesterday Evening, Pandemic Legion successfully tackled and killed nine Black Legion. supers and one Leviathan.

To understand how this fight started we have to look back a couple weeks, specifically to the day a massive fight went down between Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition (click here for more info). As you can see in this battle report, Pandemic Legion lost one Ragnarok but killed a few dreadnoughts in return, including those owned by Black Legion. The size of that Battle was so big that Black Legion. had decided to start moving super capitals to within range, which, considering the recently introduced jump changes, constitutes a lot of travel time. After hours of moving, Black Legion. supers were in range of the fight but it had taken too long and PL already had the upper hand in the battle, so Elo Knight made the call to not jump in and instead look for safe harbor for their supercapitals.

Their shelter was located: Faspera. Now, this system looks normal from an outsider’s perspective but it’s not. Faspera was, until the Rhea patch, the Pandemic Legion fishing crews’s home. Active fishing crew members noticed this too and started to prepare their tactics, resulting in Black Legion. becoming entangled in the spiders web.

Back to Yesterday. One of the leaders of the fishing crew, RoCkEt X was going about his daily routine until he noticed some Black Legion. activity in his old home system. Quick to act, he logged in a few probers and hics. The wait began, but it didn’t take long for Black Legion. to log in. RoCKet X swiftly moved into action by launching probes and got a hit on a Titan, He warped to it while scanning out other targets and sure enough landed on the titan. However, just before he was able to established tackle, the Titan jumped out. While in warp he had successfully probed down a Leviathan and according to his most recent results it was still on its location, so he decided to give it a shot. He warped over, spotted the leviathan still in the same location and established tackle.

Now it was moment to act, so he pinged in the appropriate IRC channels. With these pings, other fishing crew members were notified, some of whom logged in their hic alts, and quickly warped over to the tackled Leviathan’s location. While this was going on, other PL FCs formed an Ishtar gang which included numerous hics and started to burn down to Faspera. Black Legion. had to do something and decided to use their supers in an attempt to save the titan. Using supercapitals in low sec is relatively safe because you can’t get bubbled; as long as you can clear hics, you are fine. However, even these supers where already too late because moments later the entire PL subcap fleet was on top of them.

Now it was time for BL. to make a decision: escalate or try to extract their forces. Knowing that PL had the form-up advantage, Elo Knight, whose Nyx was tackled as well, decided to go for the last option, because clearing hics in low sec is actually not particularly difficult. However, it seemed that the BL. supers had a low amount of fighters with them, basically making this option not really viable in hindsight. With no signs of BL. escalating, PL began forming their supers, who moments later successfully joined the battlefield. The Leviathan, who by then was already in half shields, was called out to be primary and moments later he was reduced to melted slag. Now PL started to focus on the remaining supers, which withered under the overwhelming damage. A few lucky BL. super capitals managed to warp off thanks to coordinating ECM bursts.

Zkillboard report