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Phoebe Pre-Game: Null-Sec Alliance Movements *Update 03/11/2014*

November 3, 2014

Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in process. I will consider all feed back, suggestions and Intel.

This article will look at all the rumoured as well as confirmed alliance movements happening before the Phoebe patch hits. This article is therefore a work in process and will be updated whenever there are new relevant rumours or facts. We will make sure to emphasize whether it is rumour or fact, but please note that all of the following is subject to change. Should you have any rumours or intel to share please mail me in game on Slevin-Kelevra. Any kind of proof along with this intel would be greatly appreciated. I will not post any names of intel sources; you will remain anonymous unless requested otherwise.

Matterall, one of the EN24 team, put this map together, with a rough depiction of how the predicted map of null sec should look post patch. It also includes areas of conflict along with which regions were bought and sold. *Update 03/11/2014*



Northern Coalition. + Northern Associates (Confirmed)

*Updated 30/10/2014*

NC. have made it clear that they will be looking at taking what is currently Initiative space. They have moved their assets into low sec, as well as spread strategic assets around New Eden. Expect them to attempt to hold their sov in the East, but should a large push by any entities come they will most likely not put much, if any, effort into keeping it.
Northern Coalition Consolidates assets in lowsec

Update 25/10/2014

Northern Associates has started seeing rapidly increasing distress among renter corps, who are starting to see that they will not be very safe post patch. A flurry of alliance mails have gone out with different groups attempting to form renter militias, and questioning their future.

People questioning their future

Attempt at forming renter militias

A reply from MissMary

Update 30/10/2014

Northern Coalition recent bought a large amount of CFC sov, primarily the region of Querious where they will look to make their new home along with a few other N3 Alliances for the foreseeable future.

Sov transfer

Goonswarm Federation (Confirmed) *Update 30/10/2014*

They have recently announced that they will no longer be interested in holding any of the current sov below Fountain. They will be looking to tighten up the spread of current CFC alliances into the North West. Expect them to look at deployments for content at a later stage while keeping their fortress in the North west.

Update 30/10/2014

Goonswarm have cut all ties with the majority of their Southern sov, selling off the two regions of Delve and Querious to N3. In doing so have they have left Period Basis completely unguarded, presumably no longer having any interest in it, allowing it to fall into the hands of others.

Sov transfer

Pandemic Legion (Confirmed) *Update 03/11/2014*

PL have already made a move to sell off half of their sov in the Drone Lands, they sold three regions to xXDeathXx for the price off three months’ rent, with a total somewhere around 150 Billion per region. Expect them to sell of more off their sov in the near future. Once they cut their ties with all their current sov and all current blues PL will be looking to go back to their previous existence as a mercenary alliance, taking payments for wars.
Brothers of Tangra sells the drone regions to Shadow of Death in a massive Sov Transfer.

Update 27/10/2014

As many might have heard, Pandemic Legion have officially reset all blues. The two biggest repercussions of this are that 1) PL can now engage  some N3 alliance capitals, whether they will be brave enough to actually do so is another question. 2) BOTLORD is it would seem gone, while this doesn’t matter much sov wise as PL are looking to cut sov ties, what it does mean is that PL can now engage CFC capitals anywhere in New Eden, again whether they are brave enough to do so, who knows.


It was revealed that I was partly wrong in my last update for PL. Officially Northern Coalition. and Northern Associates. are still set +10 towards PL and will remain so. All other N3 alliances have been set neutral.

Update 03/11/2014

Pandemic Legion have deployed to HLW-HP in Curse, this will be their staging system when the patch hits. It is unconfirmed who exactly they will be targeting, both the re-awaking Russian alliances as well as HERO coalition are possible targets for PL.

Darkness & The Kadeshi (Confirmed) *Update 30/10/2014*

These two have been put together as they are both currently rumoured to be under the leadership of Sort Dragon. Expect them to remain close if not eventually combine. They will both be looking to take Fountain and live there after the patch.

Update 25/10/2014

While they are rumoured to be looking at taking Fountain post patch, they are currently taking assets off the CFC in Delve. This could indicate their intention to move to Delve for the short term and base a push for Fountain from there. Or else move to Delve as a permanent home.

Activity in Delve

Update 27/10/2014

So it seems I wasn’t to far off now was I? Darkness and The Kadeshi will be sticking together as a unit, this unit they have affectionately taken to talking Darkeshi. As I said in my update on the 25th they will be going to Delve where they have already started taking assets.  We will wait and see where they look to find their content once in delve, and if they will look to play up north with the CFC.

Darkeshi. Is a thing

Update 30/10/2014

Along with NC. The Kadeshi and Darkness have bought a large amount of sov from the CFC in the region of Delve. Much like NC. they will look to make this region home for the future, working along side each other and NC.

Sov transfer

Black Legion. (Confirmed) *Update 03/11/2014*

Black Legion. will be looking to find content post patch. Living near the CFC for long periods of time will be unsustainable, especially with the CFC’s consolidation plan. Currently BL.’s plans are unknown; expect an update on this soon.

Update 27/10/2014

As you might have seen a Black legion alliance meeting happened yesterday, with the main topic of discussion being where to deploy. While its still remains undecided the two front runners are either Fountain Core or Venal. As many might know Venal is Black Legions home. Both locations will be with content against the CFC in mind, while content against other entities will still be possible. Once a location has been decided this post will be updated.

Black Legion meeting details

Update 30/10/2014

Black Legion has officially deployed back to their home system of K3JR-1 in Venal. This has always been considered their home system and seemed the best choice of deployment for a few months at least to see how Eve changes after the coming patch. They will be looking to find their content with the CFC. Sov is not off the table for Black Legion, depending how the changes play out.

Update 03/11/2014

Black Legion. have reset all standings with N3. Many N3 alliances were set blue as they fought along side Black Legion against the CFC in the North. Now that the deployment is over and the alliances have gone their separate ways there is no need for the friendly standings. This rest however will have very little effect, as the majority of N3 have moved back to the South, with the movement changes, N3 and Black Legion will have very little interaction for the near future.

Black Legion. reset N3.

Legion of xXDeathXx (Expected)

xXDeathXx have recently bought most of Pandemic Legion’s renter sov, they will also be getting more sov from N3 soon. Expect them to hunker down in the Drone Lands looking to both farm and rent it.

Nulli Secunda (Semi-Confirmed) *Update 03/11/2014*

Nulli Secunda will look to make a move for Delve after the patch. Expect NC. to spend the time taking it while Nulli continues to keep the CFC busy up North, until they eventually move to Delve and then hold it for the near future.

I have been informed that Nulli Secunda will in fact be living in Impass. I will look into this and update soon.

Update 03/11/2014

Nulli Secunda have deployed to 68FT-6 In Impass. They will look to defend the Eastern N3 sov as well as defend against any Russian incursions into the South-West.

Soviet-Union (Confirmed) *Update 03/11/2014*

Their motives currently remain a mystery. Their strength has grown very quickly, gaining many of the Russian corporations shed by other alliances. We expect them to actively fight HERO Coalition alongside Provi Bloc.

Update 24/10/2014

The regions of Impass and Esoteria have seen a lot of Soviet-Union activity, with them actively taking N3 POS’s from the alliances who are currently deployed up north. Could this be an indication of their interests post patch? We will be sure to keep an eye on it.

Soviet-Union taking POS’s

Update 25/10/2014

This move is seeming more and more likely as more intel streams in regarding Soviet-Union’s intentions to live in Impass and Esteria.

Update 03/11/2014

Soviet-Union will be fighting NC. along side Against ALL Authority after the patch. This was revealed in a leaked -A- Alliance Mail.

Brave Collective (Semi Confirmed) *Update 27/10/2014*

We expect them to continue the fight against Provi Bloc, whether not they will push for more sov, or look to move South and take the vacant N3 sov we will have to wait and see. If you have any information as to Brave’s plans please send it along!


Peace has come to the land with Brave and Provi signing a peace agreement. In doing so though they have raised a few questions, where will they look for content? Are brave counting on the Russians hatred of them for content? or are they happy to just hold their sov and farm like Provi? All will be revealed in due course

Signed Peace agreement and its details

Test Alliance Please Ignore (Unsure) *Update 27/10/2014*

Test have had their ups and downs as a member of  the HERO Coalition. Their intentions are currently unknown; expect an update when we have more details.

Update 27/10/2014

Test being part of HERO coalition will be affected much like Brave with the new peace treaty. Where will they look for content? And will they stick around with Brave? This is something I am trying to look into and get more details on. Expect updates soon(TM).

Peace treaty

The Initiative. (Some Fact as well as speculation)

The Initiative. have recently announced that they will be losing all of their sov. This will be a massive change for the alliance, who will either have to become a lot more dependant on the CFC as they look to move closer or look to go it on their own with their own deployments.

The Initiative’s Alliance Update

Razor Alliance (Expected)

While we do not have much intel on Razor, it seems their current plan is to deploy for Fountain.

The Gorgon Empire (Rumor) *Update 25/10/2014*

There are strong murmurs that Gorgon Empire will look to take over control of Scalding Pass, making it their home base of operation.

Update 25/10/2014

This move is also looking more and more likely as Gorgon Empire activity increases in Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek. They may be looking to take these regions should no defence be put up for them. There have been engagements in Scalding Pass between The Gorgon Empire and xXDeathXx, who may both want to take this region.

Scalding Pass Activity

Fraternity. (Rumor)

Fraternity are expected to make a move for Cobalt Edge, which is currently PL space. We could see combat break out over this region, although it is doubtful that PL will be fighting for it; it is more likely that Fraternity will go up against xXDeathXx for this region, although their current standings are blue things may become unpredictable if they both look to take the same space. They my end up living together in the Drone Lands.

Mordus Angels (Confirmed)

This is what I received directly from MASSADEATH, CEO MASS A DEATH a Mordus Angels Corp, and part of the Mordus Angels high command.

“MOA will be working in coordination with allies to Take C02 space, and probe the enemies defences after the patch. We will stay in Pure Blind area, and Harass the CFC and goons. Sov is not off the table, depending on how the post patch power projection works out and the SOV mechanics. We look forward to finally using our 80+ capital fleet that has collected dust. As always we are looking for like-minded groups to help attack the CFC and Goons in PB area. ”

Red Alliance (Rumor)

Red Alliance have shown large amounts of activity in the Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek and Curse regions. It seems likely that they will look to take these three regions along with possibly more surrounding regions as N3 looks focused to stay in the South West and will not put up much of an effort to hold their sov in the East post patch. It will be interesting to see if the Russian alliances unit in the East or come to blows over the regions that several alliances have show interest over.

Gentlemen’s.Club (Rumor) *Update 03/11/2014*

Gentlemen’s.Club had their alliance update released the other day, while it doesn’t indicate much it did indicate that the will be looking to stick with Nulli for the time being and that they will likely remain deployed with their sub caps at least through the patch. We will have to see if they continue to hit CFC targets not that Black Legion have deployed to Venal. We will also wait and see where they and like wise Nulli end up going before or after the patch hits.

Gentlemen’s.Club Alliance Update

*Update 03/11/2014*

Gentlemen’s.Club are rumored to be moving to Immensia, however this is unconfirmed at this time.

Triumvirate. (Confirmed) *New 03/11/2014*

Triumvirate. have deployed to Obe. They will look to use this as a staging system while they push into P3EN-E In Vale of the Silent. It is unclear whether their intention is to start taking sov, or just target the regions current inhabitants The Bastion. This region could be vulnerable as it is a fair distance away from the majority of the CFC who are currently in the North-West. This will be an interesting area of conflict post patch.

The Unthinkables (Rumor) *New 03/11/2014*

The Unthinkables have been rumored to currently be moving to LEM-I1 in The Kalevala Expanse. What their current motivations are remains unclear, however they too could be looking to tackle the vulnerable CFC space in the North East.

Against ALL Authority (Confirmed) *New 03/11/2014*

Against ALL Authority released an alliance mail the other day stating their intentions to take on N3 and specifically NC. in the South-West. They will be deploying Along side c0vern and Soviet-Union.

Against ALL Authority Alliance Mail


The patch hits tomorrow, and it looks like there are definitely interesting times ahead. Hopefully the changes bring new life to null sec, and spark conflicts through-out New Eden.