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Update on the Bombers Rebalance.

October 29, 2014

In a past dev post, CCP Fozzie opened the discussion on the Stealth Bomber rebalance. A few things were mentioned; for example changes on the decloaking mechanics and a few stats changes. If you want to read the original dev post, you can read it here fully.

Today, CCP Fozzie updated the EVE-O discussion with a summary of the current state of the proposed changes:

Hey everyone. Here are our latest updates to the plan.

Firstly and most significantly, the change to decloaking mechanics has been put on hold indefinitely. We are going to take some more time to work on the best way to have ships interact with cloakies and it’s very possible that our eventual changes will be significantly different than what we talked about earlier. For now, cloaked ships will not decloak each other.

We’re also going to be removing some of the earlier increase in signature radius and shifting it to a penalty on the bomb launcher itself. The T1 bomb launcher will add +10m signature radius and the T2 will add 12m.

We’re increasing the capacity of the T2 bomb launcher to 300m3.

The Focused Void Bomb will have an explosion radius of 5000m, 1000m more than originally proposed.

Both the new bomb and new interdiction probe will be made available exclusively in the Syndicate LP store.

The new interdiction probe will be delayed slightly as we’ve run into some graphical issues with it that we’ll need more time to properly fix.

We’ve sourced a lot of these changes from this thread, thanks to everyone who has been providing feedback.