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CoreBloodBrothers sends internal statement about The Null Deal

October 1, 2014

The text below is a statement made by CSM, Provi head FC, Corebloodbrothers. This statement was send out internally, but we were able to get our hands on it! To read more about Null Deal please read the following piece!

WOW, I am about to quit Provi and the CSM.

Words like hate are you serious. CCP has not announced one single thing, one change nor proposal and yet you all seem to think the sky is falling. Let alone any faith in me or other CSM members to have the best interest in EVE as a game. Good luck, flying in the providence that you love so dearly when EVE has no subscriptions anymore. Have you looked how many people are logged in? Have you subscribed all your alt accounts atm, or do you notice a few run out and don’t make a big difference anyway?

Of course these butt-lord monkeys have no real interest except keeping the game alive to support their habits, they can change the sandbox today as they made this horrible super-capital balanced blue queer donut. And now they make this letter? That’s hypocritical and even not fair to CCP, as the game isn’t broken atm, but they managed to break it.
Thanks for breaking it, and don’t have to balls to fix it and now bitch at CCP Games over it. (and yes you can quote this outside these forums)

BUT, I do agree and believe in most of the direction, I said last election when I didn’t make it, I would love to see SOV like this. Content driven, like our skirmishes with our neighbours, its the best EVE for me in two years. So that’s why my name wasn’t on there first. I wasn’t involved in making it, but I do support the direction. And I still do. If u want me to step down from CSM because you feel I don’t support Provi in this manner, then feel free to start a poll. And if you all want me to step down, then please vote step down.

And in that same vote then think how your vote will affect any influence on the process that’s coming. ‘Cause make no mistake, this is coming, and much more attached to this that these blocks don’t like. CCP Games has no love nor interest in BOTLORD or any of these Donuts, as they force them to take the blame for something these Donuts created. And now they [wish] to force the public opinion? “Look how we fucked over this game, boohoo, can you fix it for us, we all agree.” So, yes my name is on that cause I support a change in SOV towards occupancy or any freak combo and the drop in power projection.

Personally, occupancy for me is a sliding scale where timers don’t go away, but become less and fewer if your index drops or when someone beats you to that over a longer period of time. For me, there is still a timer to defend, just less and less EHP progressively. Timers, SBU are conflict drivers. This is EVE Online , you don’t want to win a system by mining it to death. You want pew-pew, not death by mining. For me a system not used at all falls back into NPC hands, quickly regained by anyone. The NPC seeding should be sub-caps stations only. No caps, maybe only JF docking.

With these so often mentioned, index rise would come dynamic moon mining. Variating asteroid belts (more and better true sec in them), better PI, jump bridge possibilities, higher SOV cost as you develop and utilise your system. So it’s not a region that has value, but the players living in it making it valuable. I typed one and a half years ago about cool down timers. Or EHP penalties on jumping caps, stacking per jump, decreasing mobility or with a risk, nerfing power projection, and paper rock scissors. Supers can’t engage battleships, or less easy, e-war, fewer reps, and so on.

Money should flow upwards, not downwards, and again alliance leaders play a role here.

N3, CFC and affiliated can agree on today that BOTLORD ends now. Supers are only used in block “super-cap using” blocks, and please lose as much of them. Our little fights with Brave (BNI), when shit didn’t go as planned got escalated several times with supers as an arrogant “fuck you” sign. They can agree on a lot of things offensive as they can now in the same accords. Our fight is a pvp-ers wet dream. 30-0 bill skirmishes with 3-4 parties per fight in a mayhem of sub-cap wrecks, EVE doesn’t get any better, as the DEVs said, we love nothing better then massive amounts of sub-cap blown up.

CCP Games cannot fix outside game agreements. No change [made] to EVE can one hundred percent take away the ability to fuck up Null Sec by actions or lack of them. So the current Null leaders agreement is again hypocritical, and they should now push on and use that same unity to unscrew their own head and create a content rich environment. With or without changes to SOV. If you mean business dear signers of that letter, then sit down again tonight or in jabber and help CCP Games and your players; the guys craving for content. You decide when you drop and what you drop, not CCP Games. You decide how much rent you charge, the word alone, yuk. Here is the space, I don’t exspect rent, use it to its full and max use, and I expect you to fight us, or go out and hit someone else. Goon renters invade HERO, NC. Pets hit Provi, makes nice newlines. TBH I don’t care. The people in charge of what is considered big blocks are smart people who can come up with 100 ways to unscrew this without having the need for new mechanics. No mechanic will break intention unless you go way past the point where its no fun anyway. In which case it can’t get the title “game” as games tend to be fun in order to work.

Back to Provi, you can scream at me, call me a traitor, and please start the vote, I will step down and leave. The idea of fearing you going to lose Sov to 10-500 neutrals is hilarious, even if they only need to grind two timers instead of five. They need to defeat military force, but less and with nerfed power projection. But instead of hiding under a rock, we could also aim for two CSM members next year, find allies that represent larger voting blocks like our Russian friends and aim at 3. My voting showed there is room for a second candidate. And if u don’t like me, I ll make sure ill support another candidate or two. But my advice would be, sit on the table, be a part of any inevitable change, adjust now as Provi always has done. NRDS is a concept as much as Butt-lords, in people’s minds and heads. We live this dream cause we want to and believe it.

I do believe in Provi as I invest a fuck ton of time in both Provi and the CSM because of your trust and votes. Don’t let Provi and don’t let me down now, the future will be different maybe but we stay the same hearts and minds.