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*Updated With Logs* CCP Foxfour: “It doesn’t exist.” No Revenant Killmail

September 9, 2014

A couple days ago we covered eve-bet.com’s Revenant kill event. A promotional public relations campaign set to get the word out about their site which worked to great effect. Thousands of players heard the call- jumping at the chance to destroy a rare Supercarrier Class Revenant and get their name on a shiny killmail.

Except that didn’t happen.

Part of eve-bet.com’s promotion was to give out PLEX to the community for showing up, a reward if you will for those that took part. It had conditions though, and those all depended upon a killmail which should have been generated, but wasn’t. Today on Reddit CCP Foxfour had this comment to say about the Revenant killmail:


EN24 got in touch with Dark Razer the pilot of the Revenant and he had this to say on behalf of eve-bet.com today:

Eve-Bet has not received any official word from CCP regarding the Revenant killmail being unreconstructable. What we will be doing is publicly releasing the Combat log from the Revenant Pilot. With this we hope to get the winners of the remaining 45 PLEX, and potentially generate some sort of KM. Eve-Bet is committed to giving out the rest of the prizes, and giving public recognition to all the pilots who attended the event.

Well there you have it. We will continue to keep you all updated and informed as more information comes in on this ongoing story.



A copy of the full combat log of the Revenant fight in Nisuwa has now been made available by Dark Razer and you can download the file (7.6 megs) here. It was also released with this statement:

We are working with some turbo-nerds on this in an effort to reconstruct a killmail & produce the winners of the remaining 45 plex. Please be patient with us space friends! We are committed to getting this right.