Abyssal SKINs Gila – Now Available!

This year’s EVE Vegas had CCP Rise presented the “Ship & Module Balance Panel”, to showcase what CCP has planned for the Winter Expansion and beyond. While we …

Crimson Harvest Live Event: 23 OCT – 5 NOV 2018

Oct. 23rd, The Crimson Harvest event returns, for the third year, with new sites, visuals and content! Run the gauntlet and engage in a new play experience to obtain a unique new …

Blue Tiger Skins Now Available In The New Eden Store!


We are happy to announce that the full range of Blue Tiger SKINs for Minmatar hulls is now available in the New Eden Store!
With today’s release, these 40 SKINs …

Dev Post: Designer SKINs to please your eyes

Designer SKINs to please your eyes

Greetings capsuleers!
Various designers across the universe have secured contracts to create new SKIN lines, meaning licensed Designer …

Video: Lets take a look at all the new skins!

Check out these new ship skins including the Marauder, A Redesigned Blackbird hull, Incursus and the Eagle / Onyx!

Blackbird hull

Incursus hull

Eagle and Onyx …