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Low Sec Rumble: The Battle of Jan

Jan system, Lonetrek region. On the 30th of October at 21:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed with Project.Mayhem. [16-13] over a tower in the system.
The tower …

Battle Report Round Up #6

The passing week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
21/10 Northern Coalition. versus RAZOR Alliance and …

Low Sec Rumble: The Hakonen Grinder

Disclaimer: Due to the number of fleets involved and the utter chaos of the fight, most of the fleet figures given here are estimates only.
Hakonen system, Lonetrek region. On the …

Venal: Skirmishing Continues Between Out of Sight. and Allies and the Imperium

MQFX-Q system, Venal region. On the 8th of July at 20:00 EVE Standard Time forces belonging to the the Imperiun fought Out of Sight. [OOS], Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Northern …

Leaks: RZR Military Update

RZR Military Smugdate
We have been heckled and trolled for years by the likes of Pandemic Legion and NCdot. On Monday, 27 January 2014, we answered the call and proved them …