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Leak: RZR Military update

December 20, 2013

Good Morning, Goats!

After our “Retreat-to-Tenal” weekend, it’s time for a war update.

READING LIST: I would like to pull out a few gems written by other people which I believe you should read…

1. This was written up by a Goon Diplo and posted in the recent CFC Diplomatic Update – Winter 2013 thread. This is how Razor is viewed by the rest of the CFC as a whole:

At the conclusion of the fountain war, Razor did not stay put for long and decided to deploy to Curse at the end of September. Undaunted by a bit of a rough start, they persisted and became involved in virtually every major fight in the area and in doing so, became the first CFC alliance to side with the fledgling Russian bloc in their conquest of the N3 hordes. Especially commendable is their continued capital efforts with Black Legion to try to stomp out the pest that are slowcats and further cementing their status as one of the most capital heavy CFC alliances.

2. My partner-in-fail, Imperian, posted this gem of a post in a recent thread in general discussion. This post was a culmination of his (and our) frustration with the grumbling, complaining and general whiny nature of some of our more special Razor members:

Do you guys realize that you are crying on a pretty damn high level?

Do you know why BlackLegion is the FOTM alliance? Not because they don’t have doctrine ships on alliance contracts. Not because they don’t have any SRP at all. Not because you get kicked from TS if you shit up their coms. Not because they don’t give a shit if you are two minutes late and leaves you home.

It’s because of their pilots which WANT TO help the FC being successful. The last time they fought in 9-8 they were in Maelstroms. They knew that they are going to get butt-fucked so they bridged back to Sendaya. Switched ships and were back in within 4 minutes after they bridged out.

The power to adapt is what is winning this game. Not the power to make sure that every member of this alliance has a golden pillow to sleep on. We have way better basic conditions than 95% of the other alliances. We got a 0.0 entrance as staging. Easy to get there. We got the space for making money at home. We got all ships on alliance contracts. We got JF service. Basically a RZR member doesn’t have to do anything but joining fleets and making ISK. But instead of being happy there is so much whine about having to be better than the average IRC member. I am not making this shit up. Join another alliance like PL or BL or Cartel or any other alliance that is good at PVP. They don’t give a shit about what you think. They will laugh at you and kick you if you cry like that on their coms / forum. But that’s not possible here in Razor because we are something like an all-handing-hand-community where your opinion counts and everyone should be happy.

So yeah, be happy while it lasts

Razor Alliance members have it good like you guys wouldn’t believe. We are working hard to make that even better day by day.

War Update

What is happening in this War?
The CFC has officially entered the war and is positioning themselves in G-0Q86. Razor will provide support for timers and assist in RF’ing from time to time. When required, we will use our growing capital fleet to drop on the ebil N3 Boot carrier blobs. If you have been quite lost as to what has happened the last few weeks, I suggest reading up on several stories:

– Nullsec Update: 12/5-12/8
– Nullsec Update: Week Of December 9th
– Solar Supercarrier Group Destroyed in 78R-PI
– GSF Outpost Egg Destroyed in Catch Ambush

Why is Razor still here?
Because we are in the best place in this game for Nullsec, fleet PvP.
We are here to kill N3. We are here to decisively and completely remove N3 from the South. If we can kill them in the process, all the better.

What are our future plans?
Right now, our plans include staying in Curse until it no longer makes sense for us to remain here. Our location could not be more ideal for logistics, access to empire and Titan/dread range. We leave when we (1) are not longer needed and (2) the PvP in the area dries up. Until then, we will continue the good fight.

Why aren’t we winning faster?
Because Drone Assist, boot Archons and extensive use of Supercapital power by the N3. N3 was only able to accomplish this because the CFC has yet to move down their supers/titan. It’s only a matter of time before N3 will think twice about dropping capitals on every timer. They can’t win the subcap fight, so they have chosen to go almost exclusively capital fleets. It has taken several weeks for us to counter this change, but it’s happening.

Other Notes
– The Russians have completed preparation for LR Dread fleets. Our combined numbers are growing.
– CFC & Razor have begun the push for Naglfars. Begin training Minmatar Dreadnaught 4 and Capital Projectiles 4. When you lose your next dread, order a Naglfar.
– Get a Dread (not a Phoenix). Insure it before major fights if you choose (the PLatinum Insurance + Alliance SRP pays for new Ship, fittings and a bit extra).
– Razor’s swap to Ishtars has been met with approval by the rest of our allies as it allows us to provide significant DPS to cover both capitals and friendly fleets.

Ship Fitting Updates: Ishtars
Yup, we added them. I’d like to turn your attention to the Ishtar thread (https://www.eve-razor.com/forum/index.php?topic=38645.0) where you will notice a distinct lack of reference to Vigils or any other shit ships. AB Hyena or AB Keres are the only acceptable ships outside of Interdictors/Interceptors for tackle. If you can’t fly any of the listed ships in this thread, whatever you do, don’t fly a Vigil. Thanks.

Skills Training Suggestions
Gallente Cruiser 5 (for Ishtar)
Heavy Assault Cruiser 4 -> 5
Sentry Drone Interfacing 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Electronic Attack Frigate 4 -> 5 (for Hyena/Keres)

Christmas Holidays
It might be quiet over the Christmas holidays as people will be out of town and hanging with family. There will still be plenty of fleets, but how active the war will be around Christmas remains to be seen.

Your Military Advisers Leaders,

Tib & Imperian

Feel free to discuss this update in the comment section below!