An Ode To Carebears

Hello, my name is Mirai Kautsuo and I’m an opinion piece writer and analyst of EVE industry and politics here at EN24. The thoughts and opinions written here are mine and not …

Bob’s Corner: Evesterdam CSM 11 Presentation

At Evesterdam, I gave a presentation about CSM 11.

Video: EVE Online October 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out this October 2016 Nullsec recap video made by Hendrick

Community: Broadcast 4 Reps Statement

Disclaimer: The following piece has been written by the Broadcast 4 Reps Organization in regards to the Olivia situation
The Spam 4 Heals organization has been built from the …

Announcement: EVE BET Website Closing

Due to the their website still being offline following a DDoS attack, we are posting this announcement from our long time sponsors and supporters EVE Bet on their behalf. It’s …