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Battle Report: Ostingele – The Battle of the Five Fleets

Ostingele system, Placid region. On the 22nd of November, 19:00 EVE Standard Time, five fleets clashed in the system, in a brawl that saw the destruction of three Carriers, …

Sunday Movie Day: Clear Skies 2

With Sunday Movie Day, we want to take a look back in the past and (re)watch our most favorite eve-related video ever, CLEAR SKIES 2!

Leaks: Drama between Marmite Collective and CODE

The following mail was submitted to us through our intel page and was confirmed by internal Marmite Collective members.
From: Tora Bushido
To: The Marmite Collective [MYM8], …

Rupert Foulmouth: 100-Proof Pod Juice

Many of EVE’s greatest moments are the result of incredible minds planning and executing complex plans. Amazing fleet doctrines and flawless logistical networks orchestrated in …

Leak: Sort Dragon’s Internal Alliance update related to TC0 Drama

The piece below was written by Sort Dragon, CEO of DARKNESS.
Last night was a long night and resulted in only about 3 hours sleep for me. Last night resulted in the loss of the …