Bob’s Corner: Evesterdam CSM 11 Presentation

At Evesterdam, I gave a presentation about CSM 11.

Video: EVE Online October 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out this October 2016 Nullsec recap video made by Hendrick

Community: Broadcast 4 Reps Statement

Disclaimer: The following piece has been written by the Broadcast 4 Reps Organization in regards to the Olivia situation
The Spam 4 Heals organization has been built from the …

Announcement: EVE BET Website Closing

Due to the their website still being offline following a DDoS attack, we are posting this announcement from our long time sponsors and supporters EVE Bet on their behalf. It’s …

Devblog: Rosada Dawn Pink SKINs Now Available In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness!

We are delighted to announce that “Rosada Dawn” SKINs are now available for a limited time in the New Eden Store, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this …