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Submission: TLC Escalations dropped by LZHX/HK

Last night was time to fill up the SRP wallet once again, so plexing started late EUTZ.
First site went off without a hitch, but when First Triage was in warp to the second site …

Submission: the new siege against Freeport 1 and the liberation of Freeport 2

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted by Coelomate, who is a member of Phoebe Freeport Republic. Please bare in mind that statements made in the following article are …

EVENT: Santa Spirit event tonight! Compete for presents!

EvEnt system: Ghesis II – Inherent Implants Biotech Production
I hope to see you all there
NEWS FLASH: CCP is donating 20 Plex, and 10 pirate faction Rookie ship …

Sunday Movie Night: Clear Skies 3

With Sunday Movie Day, we want to take a look back in the past and (re)watch our most favorite eve-related video ever, CLEAR SKIES 3!

Esoteria heating up this winter

The fight between N3 and the Russians in the south is heating up, frequency of fights is increasing, and the use of heavy assets more commonplace.
Today saw the use of a …