Showcase: Check out the new Rupture hull model.

As announced in the dev blog last week, there is going to be a new Rupture base hull model coming to an EVE Online near you. Several players have made videos showcasing the new …

Watch This: CSM Podcast

We received this video which is a podcast of current CSM members discussing what the current CSM is up to.
Apothne – Pandemic Legion
Jin’Taan – CVA
Aryth …

Honesty Not Always The best Policy – Keepstar 3D-CQU Death

Submission submitted by Knerf of Burning Napalm

Ignorance Could Have Been Bliss
NCdot and PL leadership were blissfully unaware of a Provi Keepstar being anchored with just over …

Watch This: The Discourse – Rogue Swarm Alert

ARC Studio has released its latest broadcast covering CONCORD’s recent request for capsuleer help in combating the latest threat to New Eden.

Three more Rogue Swarm …

Battle Report: Clash over FCON Fortizar in 5H-SM2

The following piece is a battle account written by the Phoenix Federation Network side.
13.06.2017 . 5H-SM2, Wicked Creek, FCON Fortizar “Finally”
18:00 EVE Time: It’s …