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News Alert: Co2/TEST Diplomatic Logs released

August 24, 2017

Eve News 24 received the following logs between Dran Arcana and GigX. It appears to detail Dran’s (Legacy Coalition and TEST’s Head Diplomat) trying to resolve a conflict between Legacy Coalition Member Circle of Two and Solar/FCON/DRF.

Multiple statements from the alliances involved are expected to be forthcoming and will be published as we receive them.

[11:35 AM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: are you around?
[11:35 AM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: we really need to talk
[12:17 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I can save you guys from the DRF, but you guys have to shoot tri and stop your aggression against solar
[12:22 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: Judge is busy and can’t really deal with this right now
[12:42 PM] [CO2] gigX: Did I ask you to save me from DRF?
[12:44 PM] [CO2] gigX: Maybe you should start looking for your memory
[12:44 PM] [CO2] gigX: when we came here
[12:45 PM] [CO2] gigX: We agree that you will participate against Solar
[12:48 PM] [CO2] gigX: And both alliances will have 2 region
[12:48 PM] [CO2] gigX: one for themself and one for renting
[12:48 PM] [CO2] gigX: now you changing again and again deals
[12:55 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im not gonna shoot TRI
[12:55 PM] [CO2] gigX: and Im not gonna stop aggression against solar
[12:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: And next time if someone from TEST want to talk with me directly
[12:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: That can be Sapporo
[12:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: because he is alliance leader like me
[12:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: not some dick suckers
[1:10 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: Judge and I agreed to shoot solar if they broke the deal
[1:10 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: they didn’t
[1:10 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you did
[1:11 PM] [CO2] gigX: Fuck off and read what I told you above
[1:11 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I will relay to sapporo as requested
[1:11 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: may I share with him this conversation?
[1:11 PM] [CO2] gigX: You can even post on reddit
[1:11 PM] [CO2] gigX: dont give a shit
[1:17 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I really don’t want to get in a reddit pissing match with co2, it really won’t paint you guys in a good light with how many agreements you guys have broken
[1:17 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you guys are our allies, and I’m trying to help you guys from getting evicted
[1:17 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: even if TEST stays out of the fights, you guys might lose anyway
[1:33 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you guys knew that we were supposed to shoot TRI if they attacked FCON
[1:34 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and you guys even gave us permission to stay out of the SOLAR conflict if you guys broke the deal
[1:34 PM] [CO2] gigX: Is that some new bullshit
[1:34 PM] [CO2] gigX: new deal that you made without saying anything
[1:34 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I won’t share the logs, but feel free to ask judge about it
[1:34 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: a few days before you blued tri he and I talked about our deal with xix
[1:34 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: he knew
[1:35 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: whether or not he told you
[1:35 PM] [CO2] gigX: Like you told us about deal with goons
[1:35 PM] [CO2] gigX: deal with xix
[1:35 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and as far as not shooting solar
[1:35 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: scroll up
[1:35 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: it’s in this channel
[1:35 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: [1:54 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TEST is not ok with that
[1:54 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: PL and goons will jump on the chance
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: are we allies?
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TEST does not want to fight another war right now
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and you have the power to make that happen
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: then dont get involved
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: thats it
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: you guys are safe
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: and I will be safe when I clear russian shit around me
[1:57 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I don’t want to abandon you as an ally, but we do not have the resources to fight both goons/pl and tri/xix and support you
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you’re really putting me in a difficult position
[1:59 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you’re our allies, so I’m not going to try and tell you what to do. all I can do is try and convince you why I think this is a bad decision, and tell you that TEST cannot support you in this
[2:05 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and to be clear, if you hit wings, you will be fighting tri/xix/vanguard/fcon/phoneixfed
[2:05 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and you will be doing that on your own
[1:36 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: like, you can’t tell us we don’t have to shoot solar and then get mad when we don’t shoot solar
[1:36 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and you can’t tell me you didn’t know about our deal with xix because judge and I talked about it
[1:36 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I told him what would happen if you threw in with TRI
[1:36 PM] [CO2] gigX: You are just coward
[1:37 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: whatever I am, I’m a man of my word
[1:37 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: smart, dumb, good, bad
[1:37 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I said I was going to do something
[1:37 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: so I’m obligated to do it
[1:38 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TEST is not willing to throw away agreements and our integrity for a tactical advantage on the battlefield
[1:40 PM] [CO2] gigX: Maybe you can sell all that shit to Sapporo,pgl and vily
[1:41 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I don’t want to sell anything
[1:41 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I want to save my allies from putting me in a position where I can’t help them
[1:42 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I’ve been trying for weeks to get in a position where I can save you guys
[1:42 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I can finally do that, all you have to do is honor your agreement with solar and stop fighting DRF
[1:42 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and throw in with us against tri
[1:46 PM] [CO2] gigX: I give enough time to UAXDeath to think about this
[1:47 PM] [CO2] gigX: he never respond after that
[1:47 PM] [CO2] gigX: Maybe TRI is bad, but they are not cowards
[1:47 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you guys have plenty of avenues to talk to XIX, there are plenty of people that can make deals on uax’s behalf
[1:48 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I’ve offered those avenues to judge, even offered myself as a middleman to broker terms again
[1:48 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: but if you guys are going to just spit in the face of deals that TEST had to stand behind to get signed in the first place I can’t stand behind you
[1:48 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you understand that right?
[1:50 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im trying to understand what you planing to do here
[1:50 PM] [CO2] gigX: You giving me reasons and other bullshit
[1:51 PM] [CO2] gigX: so I can reset you?
[1:51 PM] [CO2] gigX: That will be more easy for you to do whatever you want?
[1:51 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I don’t want to reset
[1:51 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I want you to let me help you
[1:52 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I want to keep legacy together, and stop you from getting evicted by the DRF
[1:52 PM] [CO2] gigX: Sure
[1:52 PM] [CO2] gigX: Fight against DRF
[1:52 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I can’t fight against the DRF without breaking agreements that were signed and judge knew were in place before you shot TRI
[1:52 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: err
[1:53 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: threw in with tri
[1:53 PM] [CO2] gigX: I have agreement with TRI
[1:53 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im not gonna turn on them
[1:53 PM] [CO2] gigX: And Im tired of this DRF RMT shit around
[1:53 PM] [CO2] gigX: DRF belongs in Drone Region
[1:53 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you have agreements with us, and solar, and fcon you don’t seem to have any issues with turning on either of us
[1:53 PM] [CO2] gigX: not in Angel space
[1:54 PM] [CO2] gigX: I dont have agreement with solar or fcon
[1:54 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im gonna burn them
[1:54 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you did have an agreement with solar
[1:54 PM] [CO2] gigX: even if thats gonna cost my entire alliance
[1:54 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I brokered it!
[1:54 PM] [CO2] gigX: I dont give a shit
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: dude
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: like
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: what am I supposed to do here?
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you’re painting me in a corner
[1:55 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I’m not willing to go back on my word to support allies going back on their word
[1:55 PM] [CO2] gigX: Do like you were doing before
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: if solar had shot first, I could have backed you
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: Be blue with entire eve
[1:56 PM] [CO2] gigX: and bend the knee
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I could have convinced people that deals were no longer relevant in the context that their members were breaking deals
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: but in this instance
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you’re the bad guy
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you are in the wrong
[1:56 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: objectively
[1:57 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I can’t throw in with you
[1:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: Thats why I told you on begining to fuck off
[1:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: but you dont understand
[1:57 PM] [CO2] gigX: you cant manipulate me
[1:57 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I think it’s you that don’t understand
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: if it was just you against solar we could have stayed out of it
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and we did
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: we were under no obligation to help solar, even if they were in the right
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: but we were obligated to help the DRF against TRI
[1:58 PM] [CO2] gigX: They called XIX
[1:58 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and judge knew that
[1:58 PM] [CO2] gigX: They involved FCON
[1:58 PM] [CO2] gigX: I sided with TRI
[1:58 PM] [CO2] gigX: and PGL told me to talk with TRI
[1:59 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I told judge before you guys threw in that if you shot FCON or sided with TRI I couldn’t help you
[1:59 PM] [CO2] gigX: and fight together against DRF
[1:59 PM] [CO2] gigX: ask PGL
[2:00 PM] [CO2] gigX: and now you want me to throw TRI under bus
[2:00 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: your conversation with pgl was before we were obligated to shoot TRI
[2:01 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and I tried to tell judge that
[2:02 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TRI was absolutely an option against the DRF that could have helped you where we couldn’t. but you hadn’t thrown in with them, they decided to attack FCON (which are both of our allies btw) and that changed the game a lot
[2:02 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TRI shooting the DRF is one thing
[2:02 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TRI shooting FCON who actively puts fleets in catch defending our allies is another
[2:02 PM] [CO2] gigX: Tomorrow CO2 is doing full deployment
[2:02 PM] [CO2] gigX: against FCON
[2:03 PM] [CO2] gigX: in Tenerifis
[2:03 PM] [CO2] gigX: I warned FCON to stay away from this
[2:03 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TRI attacked FCON
[2:03 PM] [CO2] gigX: but after few days they were proud to say that they joining DRF
[2:03 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: how can they stay away from getting attacked
[2:04 PM] [CO2] gigX: stay away from SOLAR things
[2:04 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: how does that stop them from getting attacked by TRI?
[2:04 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TRI and solar aren’t allies anymore
[2:06 PM] [CO2] gigX: “we were obligated to shoot TRI”
[2:06 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: yeah, the thing that sort dragon leaked to reddit remember
[2:06 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im not reading reddit
[2:06 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: TEST got a deployment in MTO, in return the DRF got our pledge to support them against TRI and their allies if they attacked first
[2:07 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: it was kind of burried in a sort dragon madpost but that’s more or less what it was
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: If TRI atack DRF
[2:07 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: or FCON
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: TRI didnt atack DRF
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: oh no
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: cmon
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: now fcon to
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: you are funny guy
[2:07 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: FCON was specifically in the agreement, even before they joined the DRF
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: just creating new shit
[2:07 PM] [CO2] gigX: Im done talking with you
[2:08 PM] [CO2] gigX: fly safe
[2:08 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: dude, this is not new information
[2:08 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and even if it were, FCON was in the DRF when TRI attacked
[2:08 PM] [CO2] gigX: dont give a shit
[2:08 PM] [CO2] gigX: And FCON is gonna die
[2:08 PM] [CO2] gigX: they will be evicted
[2:08 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: why are you so hellbent to evict your allies?
[2:08 PM] [CO2] gigX: because they are shit
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: because they tried to get help when someone bigger tried to evict them?
[2:09 PM] [CO2] gigX: FCON are not my allies
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you did that with us up north remember?
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: asked for help from someone bigger to try and fight panfam
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: there’s no shame in having allies
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: everyone is bigger than someone else
[2:09 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and smaller than someone else
[2:10 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: allies and politics are how you stay alive
[2:10 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: and part of that is being true to your word so people trust you
[2:11 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: I don’t want a reset, but if you want to do it to shoot our allies cleanly we can do that
[2:12 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: how long do you want?
[2:12 PM] [CO2] gigX: how long what?
[2:12 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: before we reset
[2:13 PM] [CO2] gigX: Like I said
[2:13 PM] [CO2] gigX: I was right
[2:13 PM] [CO2] gigX: you want me to do reset so you can be good guy
[2:14 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: you asked me for it
[2:14 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: do you not want to do it anymore?
[2:14 PM] [CO2] gigX: and then you can continue sucking xix dick
[2:14 PM] [CO2] gigX: go fuckyourself retard
[2:14 PM] [CO2] gigX: peace of shit
[2:15 PM] [TEST] Dran Arcana: …does that mean now?