Showcase: Disaster hits Legacy Co. in Wicked Creek

On Sunday we live blogged for about 4 hours what ended up being the second most massive (in term of ship losses) fight ever in EVE Online.
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PSA: DDoS Attack on Tranquility

Today EVE Online’s tranquility server suffered a DDoS attack causing mass disconnect to capsuleers. Be advised to take proper actions to avoid accidental loss of …

The Panic Podcast: Episode 4, The Return

Message me in-game if you want to submit topics to talk about in the next episode or guest on it.
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* LIVE BLOG * EVE Online Fanfest 2018 Closing Ceremony

All good things come to an end, sadly. Still here we are. The closing ceremony to EVE Online’s 2018 Fanfest. Let’s see what surprises CCP Games have saved for the …

* LIVE BLOG * Structures Presentation

This is the first of two live blogs I’ll be running, without further ado, the live blog for the structures presentation:
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