2017-06-15 13:50
By CCP Falcon

After thorough investigation and discussion with the Council of Stellar Management, the decision has been made to declare “Ghost Training” …

PSA: Fanfest Pacifier & Enforcer Distribution Complete!

We’re happy to announce that the Pacifier and Enforcer class CONCORD hulls have now been distributed as part of the Fanfest 2017 ticket purchase rewards.

Those pilots …

[ News ] Rogue Swarm Alert Declared by CONCORD as Hostile Drones Invade

YULAI – CONCORD has declared a cluster-wide “Rogue Swarm Alert”, as reports continue to come in from across New Eden of multiple major infestations of rogue …

PSA: Patch Notes for today’s release.

Patch notes for June 2017 release
Released on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Features & Changes


Respawn cooldowns have been added to Nullsec Asteroid Cluster …

Clarification: Skill Queue Issues – 06/09

After a script was run yesterday to address an issue with Ghost Training, we received a number of reports that some pilots had noticed their skill queues had been paused and their …