Triglavians are becoming core to EVE Online game play and future features. Their technology maybe used to power the next stage of Upwell structures, FLEX. While a reddit post stated “Jump Gates & Cyno Beacons will now require abyssal drops“, reviewing the link, only Ansiblex Jump Gates currently require them (on SISI). Is this a leak of possible lore for the new structures?

Wall of Text Inbound

Component X, a module require to build the new Ansiblex Jump Gates takes materials from Abssyal Deadspace. The following chart is taken from the data collected by on SISI and is subject to change.

Blueprint Name Old BP Data New BP Data Raw Diff
36961 – Ansiblex Jump Gate Blueprint BP Price: 12,000,000,000 ISK
Build Time: 6 days, 22:40:00
Copy:480000 ME:41000 TE:41000 Limit:2x
1x Structure Storage Bay
1x Structure Electromagnetic Sensor
1x Structure Advertisement Nexus
2x Structure Construction Parts
4x Structure Acceleration Coils
Outpost Construction I
1x Ansiblex Jump Gate (35841)
BP Price: 12,000,000,000 ISK
Build Time: 10 days, 10:00:00
Copy:720000 ME:60000 TE:60000 Limit:2x
1x Structure Storage Bay
1x Structure Electromagnetic Sensor
1x Structure Advertisement Nexus
2x Component X
3x Structure Acceleration Coils
4x Structure Construction Parts
Outpost Construction I
1x Ansiblex Jump Gate (35841)
BP Price: 12,000,000,000 ISK
Build Time: 610 days, 22:410:00:00
Copy:48720000 ME:4160000 TE:4160000 Limit:2x
1x 21951
1x 36956
1x 36958
2x 21947
4x 3695
3x 36957
4x 2194
3400 I
1x 35841
49721 – Component X Blueprint No blueprint entry found. BP Price: 200,000,000 ISK
Build Time: 1 day, 0:00:00
Copy:69120 ME:21000 TE:21000 Limit:7x
10x Covert Research Tools
20x Crystalline Isogen-10
25x Recursive Computing Module
100x Zero-Point Condensate
4000x Megacyte
7000x Zydrine
10000x Nocxium
80000x Isogen
90000x Mexallon
400000x Pyerite
800000x Tritanium
Industry V
1x Component X (49720)
BP Price: 200,000,000 ISK
Build Time: 1 day, 0:00:00
Copy:69120 ME:21000 TE:21000 Limit:7x
10x 33577
20x 47975
25x 2871
100x 48112
4000x 40
7000x 39
10000x 38
80000x 37
90000x 36
400000x 35
800000x 34
3380 V
1x 49720

Community Reaction

The community is just now learning about Component X material requirements, but a vocal group has shown support for this “limit” factor to be added, as it will push more traffic through Abssyal Deadspace or keep the price of the Ansiblex Jump Gates high enough that Alliances would want to defend them. Ansiblex Jump Gates are planned to be limited to NullSec. Still some in the Eve community are pushing for even more restriction through ISK.

CCP while you are adding abyssal materials to new jump gates – please consider creating only 2 run BPC for them available in LP store. No BPO. – StainGuy

Closing Thoughts

Should Component X actually be a requirement in the final release, it would be poor of CCP not to wrap the lore of the new Ansiblex Jump Gates with the discovery of Triglavian technology. I think it would be amazing, and lend a hand in explaining why there is some many Precursor ship types compared to the other non-empire factions.

My only hope is that the drop rate for those bits increases, since building abyssal related items require so much of the materials as it is. Also component X doesn’t require that much.. some people are just being drama queens about it.


While I would have to agree the requirements for Component X aren’t crazy high, with 4 more ships requiring the same material it will increase the price. Are you excited to see this cross connection and CCP push more NullSec to PVE?



After investigating more into the Hoboleaks data, a Community Reaction Section was added.



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