On Saturday, November 4th, Ashterothi – host of the Hydrostatic podcast – is holding an open roundtable on factional warfare. The meeting will start at 21:00 EVE time on a dedicated Discord server. As with previous roundtables on new player experience and wardecs, Ashterothi has committed to record and stream the discussion. CSM Jin’taan handled the announcement:

As some of you might be aware I’ve been talking with various members of the FW community recently to try and get a handle on the problems faced by it, and looking at what ‘little things’ i.e. Non fundamental changes we may be able to bring to the attention of CCP that would improve the gameplay experience for veteran and new players alike. Building on from this @ashterothi has decided to host a roundtable at 21:00 on the 4th of November (this coming Saturday), where you’ll be free to directly talk to me and bring up the topics near and dear to your heart. For those of you at Evesterdam (like myself), don’t feel left out as there will be plenty of time for you to corner me over a pint (or pipe) and chat there. This is of course not intended to be a be-all end-all of FW discussion and I look forwards to seeing what conversations this roundtable will spark within the community, about the place of lowsec in the ecosystem of EVE, and will be listening intently to everything I can.

FW is an interesting beast, a hive of small gangs and site grinding and really excellent salvage opportunities. When people speak of lowsec content, FW is often what comes to mind. Improving it could make a serious dent in the ‘neglected lowsec’ conversation.

Even though this is the third in a series of roundtable discussions, the timing doesn’t seem coincidental. The past week saw CCP downsize the bulk of its Community Team. It’s clear that well-involved players are stepping up to support the community and make it feel heard. If my childhood had one litany, it was ‘if you see a need, fill it’ – and Ashterothi and Jin’taan appear to be doing just that.

Jenne Exupery is a low-wattage independent who dabbles in shipping, salvage, trade, exploration, and nearly victimless heists. He can usually be found bumming around Derelik and Domain under one name or another. Preferred contact method: in-game mail to Jenne Exupery of Manticore-Horizon Shipping [MANHO].

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