Yesterday Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] anchored its first Keepstar in the system of D-PNP9 solidifying their position within the Esoteria region and sending a clear message of their intentions to anyone who may challenge them for the region.


Test Alliance fleet commander ProGodLegend took the chance address the troops, the first address to the alliance since the start of the southern war three months ago.


Progodlegend addressed over 750 attending members of the alliance recapping the past three months and congratulating the alliance for their efforts in ensuring the campaign was a success.

Progodlegend recapped the Tribute war that saw Circle of Two removed from their space and explained the decision to leave Vale and move with Circle of Two to the south. Progodlegend explained that if Test Alliance was to compete with other allianced they needed room to expand and build their own Super Capital fleet, something they couldn’t do while in Vale.

In order to compete with the capital superpowers of New Eden (naming Goonswarm Federation, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition) they needed to significantly increase their ability to field capitals. But even then Progodlegend stressed that even swelling the ranks of their capital fleet may not be enough.

To this end, Test Alliance will begin its own ‘Manhatten Project’ and build their own super-weapon – a Dreadnaught cache so massive it will require all members to contribute. The entire project needs to be completed in one month with operations beginning immediately after the SOTA.

Picture by reddit user Phoenix Fox

With the winter war for the south now over, Test Alliance and their allies in the area are now in a race against time. Their goal being to build a powerful force with which to defend their new homes. The anchoring of this keepstar gives them a secure position within the region and is an important first step in achieving their goal, but with both friend and foe alike watching only time will tell if Test will succeed.

Credit – Feature image from Johann Landier

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