Previously covered were the reason for the coup by Benju and the side of corporations who were kicked from INFAMOUS when this all began.  Below are links to these stories so you can get caught up on the happening in Catch prior to today.

J3B Abandons Line Members & Ignites Civil War

INFAMOUS COUP: The Other Side Of The Coin

Black Aces and xHELLonEARTHx have deployed to HY-RWO and effectively cut off INFAMOUS from an entire side of Catch resulting in billions in kills over the last few days.  This has caused dissention in the ranks of INFAMOUS as players are frustrated by the fact their staging system is constantly camped and capsuleers are picked off.  There have been multiple cases reported to me of some players being let go by the aforementioned corps because of past friendships.  The new renter corporation Infamous Partners has also been targeted by these two corporations.  Roaming fleets have intensified within Catch resulting in multiple carrier kills over the past few days.  Both Black Aces and xHELLonEARTHx have been called terrorists by INFAMOUS members for using tactics such as camping jump bridges and cloaky camping systems around Catch.  As these corporations have not yet formed a new alliance they have not yet engaged in open sov warfare via entosis fleets, but I can only expect this to be inevitable.  The inability for INFAMOUS to fight a pirate style attack only continues to chip away at an already unstable alliance.  Looking at the respective killboards the pirate style attacks are looking very effective with Black Aces and xHELLonEARTH in a considerable lead of the ISK war.

Rumor has it INFAMOUS will be reset by -A- soon, however I was unable to confirm if this is true.  With -A- aligned with Soviet Union and SU’s backing of both Black Aces and xHELLonEARTHx we will probably see continued fighting in the region for weeks to come.  As of this time INFAMOUS has abandoned all territory in Querious as it quickly came under siege by Dangerous Voltage and Broski North following the coup.  Another development is the recent departure of An My from INFAMOUS for reasons unknown.  I have reached out to Seronea the CEO of An My, but have yet to get a response.  Word is other corporations will soon follow in their footsteps while some are waiting to see how things shake out.  Cracks have formed and some say it is only a matter of time now before things fall apart completely.  With the increased problems it seems only a matter of time before Immensea sov owned by INFAMOUS comes under siege by someone.  If this happens they will be getting hit on all sides and will most likely cause issues with renters currently living in the area.


At the time of this writing a new alliance called Swords of Damocles has been formed and tomorrow will contain various corporations loyal to forces opposing the coup.  According to General Gree there is an interesting historic story behind the choice of this name giving great meaning to what is being done now.  With this information I did a bit of digging to shed some light on this.  The following is sourced from

According to the story, Damocles was pandering to Dionysius, his king, and exclaimed to him that he was truly fortunate as a great man of power and authority, surrounded by magnificence. Dionysius then offered to switch places with Damocles so that Damocles could taste that very fortune firsthand. Damocles quickly and eagerly accepted the king’s proposal. Damocles sat down in the king’s throne surrounded by every luxury, but Dionysius arranged that a huge sword should hang above the throne, held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse’s tail. Damocles finally begged the king that he be allowed to depart because he no longer wanted to be so fortunate, realizing that with great fortune and power comes also great danger.

King Dionysius effectively conveyed the sense of constant fear in which a person with great power may live. Cicero used this story as the last in a series of contrasting examples for reaching the conclusion he had been moving towards in this fifth Disputation, in which the theme is that virtue is sufficient for living a happy life. Cicero asks, “Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”

The sword of Damocles is frequently used in allusion to this tale, epitomizing the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. More generally, it is used to denote the sense of foreboding engendered by a precarious situation, especially one in which the onset of tragedy is restrained only by a delicate trigger or chance. Shakespeare’s Henry IV expands on this theme: “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”; compare the Hellenistic and Roman imagery connected with the insecurity offered by Tyche and Fortuna.

In the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer refers to the sword of Damocles, which the knight describes to hang over Conquest. When the knight describes the three temples, he also pays special attention to the paintings, noticing one on the walls of the temple of Mars, “Above, where seated in his tower, /I saw Conquest depicted in his power/ There was a sharpened sword above his head / That hung there by the thinnest simple thread.”

The phrase has also come to be used in describing any situation infused with a sense of impending doom, especially when the peril is visible and close at hand—regardless of whether the victim is in a position of power. The American president John F. Kennedy compared the omnipresent threat of nuclear annihilation to a sword of Damocles hanging over the people of the world. Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev wanted the Tsar Bomba to “hang like the sword of Damocles over the imperialists’ heads”.

Woodcut images of the sword of Damocles as an emblem appear in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century European books of devices, with moralizing couplets or quatrains, with the import METUS EST PLENUS TYRANNIS (literally, “Fear is plentiful for tyrants”, i.e., “A tyrant’s fear is complete fear” — as it is the tyrant’s place to sit daily under the sword). In Hollar, Wenceslaus (n.d.), Emblemata Nova, London, a small vignette shows Damocles under a canopy of state, at the festive table, with Dionysius seated nearby; the etching, with its clear political moral, was later used to illustrate Hobbes, Thomas (1651), Philosophicall Rudiments concerning Government and Society, London.

By taking this name the new alliance, Swords of Damocles, clearly states they are here to oppress the tyranny of Benju and liberate Catch from those who have wronged the Swords of Damocles.  They clearly state they are in fact the sword looming over INFAMOUS just waiting to strike.  This of course is just my opinion as a writer, but recent events strongly backup my opinion.  What will the future hold for Catch?  Right now no one really knows for certain, but all eyes will be watching this disaster to continue to unfold.  My next article will be reaching back out to INFAMOUS for more details on what is going on internally and hear their side of the past few days of events.

As always if you would like for me to fly with you for a day or have a great story you need told always feel free to reach out to me via in game eve-mail.

Good Hunting,

Sunbeam Diesel


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