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New ‘Bootstrapper’ Launcher Planned for October 5th Beta Release

October 2, 2015

CSM minutes released gave us some tantalising hints that a new launcher was being worked on. Matterall covered this in his article just over a week ago. Only a few days after CCP FoxFour presented the work in progress launcher with its work in progress name ‘Bootstrapper’ at Evesterdam, which you can watch below.


The new launcher contains many features that the eve community has been asking for some time including

  • Batch launching of multiple Accounts
  • Automatic saving of account details
  • Pre-saved settings profiles for Graphics, audio, UI, Chat Channels and Overview
  • The ability to join any servers from the same launcher

Earlier today the update site for Eve Online was updated indicating that the Beta Version of the new launcher will be available from October 5th* bringing this new feature far sooner than probably anyone anticipated.

*Please note that this may be a provisional date and could possibly be changed at any time.