As shown in previous articles found here and here, PVP in lowsec still remains to be a constant part of New Eden even if it doesn’t quite reach the scale of the engagements in nullsec. However this fight appears to be one of the largest in the area of recent times with 29 carriers fielded and approximately 35 billion ISK destroyed as explained below.

The main parties involved are Dead Terrorists [IKILU] along with allies Already Disbanded [AD] against That Escalated Quickly. [M8WTF] and The Periphery [RIFT] with a variety of other parties involved including Snuffed Out [B B C] who were called in to support the [M8WTF] side for this particular fight.


As previously stated the main fight which took place in the system of Kourmonen, a lowsec faction warfare system in The Bleak Lands, resulted in the loss of approximately 35 billion ISK in total so I contacted both sides to determine what caused the hostilities. As explained below by Letelio Denmun of [IKILU] and Annah Kitheran of [RIFT] who are both well known figures in their respective alliances.

Letelio Denmun – IKILU
This engagement commenced over one our R32 moons in Kourmonen that had been put into reinforcement by That Escalated Quickly [M8WTF] and The Periphery [RIFT] the night before. Given that this occurred in our primetime only two jumps away from our home system of Siseide we attempted to engage M8WTF’s T3/Absolution fleet (approx 30) with our own T3 fleet (approx 40) whilst they were actually reinforcing the tower. Nonetheless, the arrival of RIFT’s T3 fleet (around 20) on the side of M8WTF took us by surprise and we had to withdraw, taking noticeable losses in the process. M8WTF and RIFT completed their reinforcing of the tower whilst M8WTF fleet commanders, smug as ever, assured us that we would lose the moon when it came out around the same time the following day and that we had better start ‘bat phoning’ accordingly.

Annah Kitheran – RIFT
It all started on Sunday evening. Everything was pretty quiet and out of the blue I got a convo from hydro9 asking if we fancied helping them set up a fight with Dead Terrorists. Seeing as we had nothing else going on I put out a ping for numbers and got 15 odd bored alliance mates ready to roll and on comp. Hydro picked a small moon in Kourmonen to reinforce to see if we could bait out a response from [IKILU]. He warped his portion of the fleet to the moon and began RFing it. We hadn’t seen much sign of a response before the tower entered reinforced and it was decided to linger on gate for a few minutes to see if anything happened. Sure enough Siseide started springing to life and [IKILU] set up on their titan in a T3 fleet (hydro’s fleet were a mix of HACs and T3s with some T1 cruiser flying newbies) which outnumbered the guys on gate in Kourmonen.
We therefore elected to undock and burn at this point to make sure we could support as quickly as possible. Numbers were relatively even, but the dps from the T3s was pretty hefty compared to our more mixed fleet so a lone triage carrier was dropped along with a couple of bhaalgorns. [IKILU] counterdropped a revelation which was soon neuted out. With the dreadnaught capped out and the reps on [IKILU]’s T3s breaking they disengaged as best they could and told us “just wait for the timer.”
We decided at this point we were going to blueball the timer as we’d only RFed it for the gf anyhow and we’d been sated. About two hours later we changed our mind. We started prepping our caps for an epic timer fight and we let our pilots know we were coming back for round 2.

Clearly even though both of these reports do not entirely add up it does explain the reason for the fight which took place the day later which this article is focussed on. The most noticeable kill of this particular initial engagement, as mentioned by Annah Kithern, was the sole Revelation dropped by [IKILU] as shown, with the full battle report found here. This engagement resulted in a total loss of approximately 13 billion ISK which is just under a third of the following fight.


Click for Killmail


Once again I approached both Letelio and Annah to explain in detail how the engagement progressed as detailed below.

Letelio Denmun – IKILU
The following night, shortly before the POS was due to exit reinforcement it became apparent that [M8WTF] and [RIFT] were forming T3s and Archons on a relatively large scale (we expected their fleet to exceed 50). Excited at the prospect of a large engagement we started forming a T3 fleet of our own, also with the support of a sizeable number of Archons and large enough, we hoped, to face [M8WTF], [RIFT] and whoever else they had invited to the party. Just as the [M8WTF] and [RIFT] sub-capital fleets departed for Kourmonen, where our sub-capitals were already waiting, we got word that the dreaded inhabitants of Sujarento [B B C] were also heading towards Kourmonen with a sizable T3/Guardian fleet of their own (approx 50). Unsure as to whether Snuffed Out were coming in as a genuine third party or had been bat phoned by [M8WTF] we decided to remain on the tower, come what may. That said we did accelerate our plan somewhat by jumping in our Archons early, sacrificing the element of surprise, such that they could be positioned on the shield edge of the friendly tower prior to the engagement.

A few minutes after our tower came out of reinforce (around 20:30) [M8WTF], [RIFT] and assorted others, warped their sub-capital fleets into our T3/Archon fleet, positioned just outside the POS shield, and jumped in around half a dozen triage and non-triage Archons. The engagement commenced with the [M8WTF]/[RIFT] fleet losing around a dozen Strategic Cruisers and their first Triage whilst killing relatively little of our fleet. About ten minutes in, however, the [B B C] fleet landed on grid and things began to turn south as it became apparent that they were indeed on the side of [M8WTF]/[RIFT]. With our Archons already under substantial Neuting & EWAR pressure, the extra DPS of the [B B C] fleet took effect and we began to lose our own T3s, and one carrier, in quick succession. At this point it became apparent that the fight was un-winnable, however, we decided to stick at it for a few minutes insofar as we were still breaking enemy Strategic Cruisers and Guardians, even if we were losing them at a slightly faster rate.

A few minutes and a dozen loses later on each side, it seemed as if our second triage was all but exhausted and the enemy ships were beginning to withstand our diminished DPS. At this point the call was given for our entire fleet to make its way back inside the temporary haven of the POS shield before promptly jumping/warping to safety. Unfortunately two more brave Carriers never made it which, coupled with the two downed triage, added to our overall losses substantially.

Annah Kitheran – RIFT
Monday evening came around and we formed up the fleet, [RIFT] had a mad scramble for pantheon pilots in the ranks and successfully scraped enough together. The timer came round and [IKILU] undocked 23 archons and approximately 50 T3s. We had approximately 60 in fleet with only 9 capitals between us. After a lot of careful consideration we elected to move to go all in and (in true Kitheran style) I forgot to bring a cyno ship in the [RIFT] fleet which delayed us a few minutes.
All things corrected we warped in on the POS in the subcaps, lit cyno and went all in. After that it got a touch dicey. Our reps were heavily damped and unable to lock many of the broadcasts and our pantheon simply couldn’t lock fast enough to counteract the incoming dps. We held field as well as we could and waited for our support to arrive from Black Rise hoping it would turn the tide. Our first triage went down and the lossmails accelerated, shortly after however [B B C] landed on field and with our dps on the [IKILU] triage carriers and theirs on the hostile subcaps the tide swung very quickly. [IKILU] elected to duck back into the shield with their 19 surviving capitals and the remainder of the T3s. An attempt was made to burn the tower down before they could escape but they spotted the move and bailed their fleet with the POS tower dipping into low armour. We finished off the carriers held outside the shields and then mopped up and went home.
All in all was an interesting fight and our guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Massive shout out to Hunlight Faithus from [B B C] for bringing the hammer. Shout out for hydro9 for sorting the timer in the first place and FCing

Both parties clearly followed the same style of fleet composition with the strategic cruiser being the ship of choice with Archons, both triage and pantheon fit, in support. However, one brought larger Archon numbers and less sub capital ships in response to the greater sub capital numbers and less Archon support. The T3 fleet comp was also used by [B B C] showing it’s common nature in the lowsec PVP arena. In comparison the currently go-to fleet comp of nullsec warfare is the Ishtar which is highly versatile but better used in greater numbers compared to the larger tank and more committal armor fleet.

The timeline of events explained by both Letelio and Annah is confirmed by the losses shown below:

Initial triage Archon lost by [M8WTF] and allies.


Click for Killmail

Final carrier lost by [IKILU] and allies.


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Destruction of the [IKILU] POS where the hostilities began.


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It looks like both sides enjoyed the fight even though the bulk of the losses were to the [IKILU] side I imagine there will be further engagements in the future in an attempt to swing it the other way. It also clearly shows that not all fights in the lowsec arena are either simply a super gank or a low ISK value brawl.

Both sides provided their personal view of the fight via different killboard links below:

Letelio – Here.

Annah – Here.

Thanks to both of the above for submitting their individual reports.

Video posted in the comment section below.

[If you have any comments or intel you would like to provide please contact me at [email protected] or via an in-game mail]


  1. Chronoxi

    Tower taken back within 36 hours. Was a good fight indeed. However, my favorite part is that a certain someone was claiming to have organized and FC’d this. But here we have Annah saying it was hydro9, not other said individual. Hmmm….

    March 11, 2015 at 16:24 Reply
    1. We wanted a fight so we hit the tower. It wasnt to actually take that moon but to have an amazing fight. And we got just that.

      GFs to everyone, i was sorry to have missed the second round myself but i have seen the video we recorded and it looked awesome.

      And yes, Hydro9 is to blame for these fights happening. 😛

      March 11, 2015 at 16:35 Reply
      1. Bawk Bawkbagawk

        “didnt want that tower anyway”

        March 11, 2015 at 22:23 Reply
        1. Chicken soup

          They didnt though. It was worthless, the only reason they reinforced it was because it was a small and it would lure out DT and it worked. Do you even read the article before shitposting?

          March 11, 2015 at 22:28 Reply
          1. Bawk Bawkbagawk

            it was a joke, pull the stick out.

            March 12, 2015 at 01:01
        2. Gaan Cathal

          That would be a valid response if [M8WTF] had attempted to defend the new tower at all and lost. They didn’t, it was (fairly blatantly) a push for an engagement, not for a moon.

          March 12, 2015 at 00:52 Reply
    1. kek.

      Ending it the moment they start losing archons. Gotta save that face DT 🙂

      March 11, 2015 at 22:09 Reply

        I’d have to say, that I was disappointed as well on that part. I really wanted to hear Jericho rage at the loss of a carrier, his pod, and his fleet. For those collectors out there in New Eden, I have a slightly used Jericho corpse for sale. My EN24 Lotto winnings have finally depleted, and I’m looking for a nice ISK return. Just contact me with bids for AD’s CEO. Love ya Jericho, I’m expecting to be primaried first instead of EvilBarty next time!! LoL

        March 12, 2015 at 08:30 Reply
        1. Jericho Stormcloud

          lol 🙂 There is no rage over lossing carriers in a fight like that. but for being called primaried next time you have to talk to the Target caller prob Citri or pmc!

          March 12, 2015 at 09:14 Reply
          1. Gaan Cathal

            [ 2015.03.09 21:24:08 ] Morvinn > Jericho StormCloud > yea well to bad sunny boy if yu want a blop you will get one next time :p

            [ 2015.03.09 21:26:17 ] Morvinn > Jericho StormCloud > well im done playing nice and only bring Us if you want to bring friends cuz you can’t fight a lone we will do the same.. i hear PL still have shit in Amamake and SC is not to far away…so go RF the next one now you have a fleet…

            No raeg there at all. It’s perfectly calm and rational to stamp your feet and yell about how you’ve got a cousin who’s a bouncer and does brazilian ju-jitsu AND he was a navy seal!

            March 13, 2015 at 18:21
  2. Zetrick

    Hi mum!

    March 11, 2015 at 17:44 Reply
  3. Gaan Cathal <- At least none of the DT pilots are butthurt at all….

    March 11, 2015 at 18:34 Reply
    1. Gaan Cathal

      Sorry, AD pilots.

      March 11, 2015 at 18:35 Reply
  4. TNT

    I just read all three articles and I have to say it’s nice to see some action going on in not only low sec, but those regions specifically. Those are regions I’ve considered dead for years. It might be time for a deployment from 00 to join in on some of the low sec brawls. Nice write ups Amy!

    March 12, 2015 at 05:41 Reply
    1. Amymuffmuff

      Thanks for the comment.

      As long as these fights keep happening I shall continue to write about them.

      March 12, 2015 at 08:49 Reply
    2. YAY

      You should move out here, DT and friends still think fishing with a neutral Thanatos off gate is cutting edge.

      March 12, 2015 at 14:28 Reply
  5. Local observer

    With 23 Archons and 50 odd T3s on field DT and AD should have had no real problem winning that encounter.

    Have to ask yourself about the future of any Alliance that brings overwhelming force to save a small tower of dubious value, somehow can’t manage the job then runs to the killboards and whines about it.

    To add to any confidence issue you may have the doctoring of the battle report provided by Letelio Denmun for this article (adding every kill for an hour either side of the actual battle in a well known FW hotspot plus adding every entity involved in those non-relevant kills to his opponents side) not only is this spin doctoring of the most crude and blatant stripe but also denotes more than a little desperation when faced with the incontrovertible proof of his peoples inability to win a fight even when fielding a deck massively stacked in their favour.

    March 12, 2015 at 14:26 Reply
    1. Observer of the local Observer

      As said many times in the previous posts.

      NOTHING WAS ABOUT THE TOWER, and you are obviously so fail you don’t understand the fight and why DT had to withdraw… -.-


      March 12, 2015 at 14:50 Reply
      1. YFT

        Oh my word, Local Observer must have nailed it spot on for you to be whining and bitching about that post so much and so quick!

        So is the failscade on the cards already after only losing two massively over shipped fights over two nights to the locals?

        March 12, 2015 at 16:08 Reply
      2. Local Observer

        A gratifyingly frenzied and desperate reply, I must have hit very close to home.

        Of course it isn’t about the tower the issue is DT’s alliance exec statement that there is no one in the local area that can stand up to his alliance so don’t even try.

        You lost approx 11.5 bill including a dread when some locals put a tower int RF for shits and giggles (which looking at the battle reports is yet another encounter you shouldn’t have lost) then you compounded the error by trying to bring overwhelming and intimidating force to bear in order to intimidate the same locals into not fighting or to make it a quick slaughter and you couldn’t even get the job done then.

        Let us face the facts. The only reason DT and AD are in the Kourm area is because they cannot compete in the maelstrom of Black Rise, they are never going to be Shadow Cartel no matter how much they bow and scrape for SC’s favour they haven’t got what it takes to be quarter of the entity Snuff Box is hell lets be honest here they couldn’t even make it to the same level as Overload Everything which is a far more attainable target than either of the other two.

        March 12, 2015 at 16:30 Reply
        1. DT_Member

          You really are bitter about something.

          DT was an entity that was known for being the pirates in hagilur. But we got involved in a campaign last year with Shadow Cartel and scum to kill blobbing scrubs that called themselves DNAC. most alliances and corporations that were in DNAC have since failcascaded or merged into us. Our success in that campaign saw DT grow in numbers and excellence which basically changed our fleets of around 20 into what you see today which is 50+ tech 3s and 20 slow cats from pilots that are, mostly, highly skilled and experienced.

          With that growth, the standard day to day life in the hagilur area was no longer sufficient to sustain us and thus we moved to the sisiede area. In the time there we have seized a number of valuable resources and gotten a number of good fights on the way. Most pilots in DT only care about getting good fights as our previous campaign saw us taking on fleets outnumbering our own and coming out on top by a large margin. Such a fight can be seen here:


          When we face the prospect of getting a good fight, we deploy in force. Any other alliance might have abandoned the r32 moon as soon as snuff was scouted coming to aid their enemy with greater numbers than their own fleet and, indeed, better excellence on the side of snuff. We weren’t even on field when we knew snuff was coming, so acting like we were trying to intimidate you is simply more whining on your part.

          In the end we walked away from the fight with a loss, but still a very positive attitude in that we got a very decent engagement (albeit mostly from snuff and not from the scrubs that batphoned them).

          I’m honestly incredibly confused by the reaction we’re getting from TEQ and Rift regarding this engagement as I have never seen so much whine and smug from a single engagement where they themselves had little impact on the outcome of the fight, all you did was set it up for snuff to come in.

          You’ve accused us of blobbing (when we’re the defenders and we knew you were bringing more than us?), you accuse us of always batphoning Shadow Cartel when we didn’t for this fight despite still knowing the snuff was coming and that we were outnumbered and then go on to making snarky remarks about not attaining the level of some other entities in the game.

          In the end, all I see is someone who’s bitter that an entity that has always lived near and in this area has managed to outgrow and out perform you. And most alliances that I’ve seen over the past 8 years I’ve played EVE that adopt this attitude of whining and batphoning, when something isn’t going how they want it to, soon failcascade.

          March 13, 2015 at 05:10 Reply
          1. wendigo

            Honestly I think its DTs arrogance and reliance on numbers over ability that really po’s most folk round here.

            March 13, 2015 at 08:45
          2. vorduu'kek

            So let me get this straight, your alliance moved from an area of low activity to an area of LOWER activity in order to get good fights.

            Hummmm, makes sense……..not.

            March 13, 2015 at 09:03
          3. Local Observer

            Are you sure you want to quote this battle report :
   as an example of your ability?

            As far as I can see apart from it being almost six months old and having the sam the dubious timing of the one used in the article above and again in a major FW system thus very possibly hoovering up a number of random and unrelated kills in its totals it doesn’t actually sho you doing a great deal.

            Looking more closely it seems that you brought 12 men to a 70 man fleet (17%) to save one of your own corps towers with (oh look how strange) Shadow Cartel in their Navpoc doctrine doing most of the heavy lifting against what I will admit was a numerically superior T1 (faction, yes I know) cruiser fleet.

            In summary your example of a good fight is one where someone else do the majority of the work for you. I wonder if that is why DAWS and R1OT split from you and formed their own alliance? How long can you expect them to hold your hand before they find fresher and more interesting pastures?

            Oh and any comment on why you have lost over thirty pilots in the last three days? It could just be the natural drift of pilots but the numbers are a bit high for that surely?

            March 13, 2015 at 09:32
          4. Gaan Cathal

            Leaving asides the fact that your battle report pads our numbers up from 106 to 186 (why -did- you feel the need to do that? the tools are available to correctly assign third parties, as we’ve demonstrated).

            Is your argument really that RIFT/M8WTF failed hard when we engaged your 61 Subcaps + 21 Carriers with 46 Subcaps and 9 Carriers and then -you- failed to actually break us in the ten minutes of shooting you got before Snuff engaged (times extracted from the evf report) with 51 subcaps? You had ample time to neuter our threat and force Snuff to bail or jump into an unwinnable engagement.

            Having seen perfectly civil GF-related discussion about this battle between RIFT/DT players I’m gonna go right ahead and take your accusation of widespread butthurt-at-winning on our part.

            The fact is you had every opportunity to win this fight. You had Capital supremacy and a ten minute window in which our fleet was divided.

            This is in contrast to the previous day where you only fought RIFT/M8WTF with fairly even numbers (despite your accusation that we only engage in blobbing/batphoning) and suffered a far more excusable loss given our superior rep capability.

            March 13, 2015 at 17:23
          5. Gaan Cathal

            Ahem. “I’m gonna go right ahead and take your accusation of widespread butthurt-at-winning on our part with a pinch of salt.” *

            March 13, 2015 at 17:24
          6. I can of course only speak for M8WTF but when have we been whining over these engagements? We havent. We instigated them in the first place. They were good fights and i can honestly say we both enjoyed and learned alot from the 2nd round.

            And when have we accused you of batphoning shadow cartel? Never to my knowledge because we simply havent fought you and SC at the same time yet. No reason to accuse you of that then right?

            So i am going to have to call this really silly and weak propaganda from your side. Maybe this is what your leaders tell you on TS but its simply not true.

            I also find it slightly amusing that you refer to us as scrubs when we beat you in any 1:1 engagement we have. But hey its the internet, you can write whatever you want. Unfortunatly for you, i have the kill reports to back me up.

            Unlike DT/AD we prefer quality over quantity and we are having a blast 🙂

            March 15, 2015 at 00:35


    or in plain English


    March 13, 2015 at 14:17 Reply
  7. Foxstar Damaskeenus

    This makes me want to play eve. Internet connection soon!

    March 15, 2015 at 00:41 Reply

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