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Southern Federation Titan Reimbursed by CCP Games

September 19, 2014

After NCDOT killed southern Federation’s avatar using the “titan bump exploit” Stainwagon decided to held a meeting in which they told all their super / titan pilots to stay logged off until CCP did something. Today all Stainwagon super and titan pilots can be relieved because CCP Games did take action on this matter and reimburse the Avatar pilot.

Elazar Keon, Current Head of the Stainwagon coalition said the following when i approached him for a response:

After a few weeks of back and forth petitioning, a public statement announced in our SOTC, and escalating from GM to GM, I am extremely pleased that CCP not only recognized the fact that the titan bowling exploit exists and have attempted to make a quick fix for it, but they have also met our demands and replaced Graham Jackson’s avatar. Stainwagon will be logging our titans back in now.

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