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Exploit: Starbase Titan Bumping!

September 11, 2014

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of alliances bumping titans out of hostile POSes. Below is a video made by kcolorr documenting how the exploit works using their own titans.



To summarize what we just saw:

  • A titan is close to the edge of the POS Shields
  • You put your in-cyno near the edge where the hostile titan is
  • You bridge in a massive blob of supers (Enough to have one spawn in the pos)
  • Hostile titan gets ejected from the pos by your friendly titan
  • Then you can freely doomsday the titan to death since he can’t do anything for 60 seconds. (If he was bridging or he can freely jump out)


Basically how this exploit works is due to the server ticks on Tranquility. Most people can probably piece it together fairly easily, but what is essentially going on is:

  1. You light a cyno and the supers jump.
  2. They server registers where the supers spawn after exiting tunnel.
  3. Then the server checks to see if the supers have spawned inside an enemy POS or a structure like a station or gate. The server also checks for a valid POS password if the super has spawned inside the shields.
  4. After the check, the server ejects the super from where it spawned because no two entities can take up the same space at the same time.


CCP once already stated the following about this Exploit:

Bumping ships, that are located within password protected starbase force-fields, out of the force-field from outside without having the correct password or corporation/alliance permissions as configured in the tower settings, is considered an exploit.

Attempts to bypass the game mechanics of starbase force-fields are fully visible in server logs to CCP Games’ staff and will result in appropriate action taken against the involved user accounts as per the EVE Online Suspension and Ban Policy from here on.

Pro tip:

In order to prevent problems with ships being bumped out of a starbase force-field from inside, by accident or by intention by players with legitimate access, owners are advised to park them in Ship Maintenance Arrays. X-Large Ship Maintenance Arrays were made available without the need for sovereignty with the Odyssey expansion so this option should be available to everyone.

Some alliances have already stated they will avoid using titans until CCP manages to come up with a solution to this exploit being used to kill titans in POSes.

What do you think about this exploit? Let me know in the comment section below!