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Titan Cyno Bumping coming to an end in Oceanus.

September 18, 2014

The titan/cyno bumping “exploit” gave a lot to talk about during the last month, in case you aren’t acquainted with the details you can read our previous article on the matter here. Yesterday, CCP Fozzie announced a change regarding the cyno mechanics to reduce the likelihood of players being able to take advantage of this loophole.

Hello everyone.
In our upcoming Oceanus release we are planning to make a change to the rules surrounding the way Cynos and Starbases interact. These new rules will help mitigate the issues surrounding jumping capitals sometimes colliding with ships inside a starbase forcefield.

Currently you can light cynosural beacons as long as you are outside the forcefield. After this change, cynos will not be lightable within 25km of the forcefield edge. If for any reason a cyno is active within 25km of a forcefield (if the cyno was lit before the password was entered for instance) then any ships jumping to that cyno will appear within 5km of a point that is a minimum of 25km from the forcefield (instead of appearing around the cyno).

At the same time we will also be increasing the minimum distance that Jump Bridges and Cyno Generator Arrays may be anchored from the forcefield to 25km. The maximum distance away from the control tower that any structure can be anchored will be increased to 55km/60km/65km for small/medium/large starbases respectively. Any existing Jump Bridge and Cyno Generator Array structures will be automatically pushed away from their starbase’s forcefield until they are 25km away.

This change does increase the risk involved in cynoing to starbases in some situations, but in our opinion this added risk is both acceptable and desirable.

[ Original Dev Post ]

What isn’t mentioned on the dev post is how this change opens the door to plenty of “fuck ups” from transitioning players. Not to mention how it is going to make hot dropping and bubbling a POS shield-hugging fleet a bit more difficult, as well as making all existing jump bridge and cyno gen bookmarks invalid.

So tell us what do you think of this change and if the titan bumping issue should warrant such a change. For the time being, I will be preparing to update my bookmarks.