Amidst the turmoil which has wracked the formerly stalwart southern coalition known as StainWagon since the collapse of Russian alliance Darkness of Despair,  Against ALL Authorities began a surprise deployment to the Curse region on Monday the 31st of March.

According to Black Aces director and FC Shadowandlight, the low-key deployment to the system of Jorund in Curse  is intended as a means of providing Against ALL Authorities the ability to “fight from a position of strength” and in order to facilitate joint operations with allies including RAZOR Alliance, Goonswarm Federation’s Freedom Squad and The Afterlife. (one of the reformed halves of Darkness of Despair; the other being Southern Federation). Other objectives of the deployment include increasing fleet participation numbers and allowing greater flexibility in the scope of Against ALL Authorities’ military operations in dealing with adversaries such as the H.E.R.O. and N3/PL blocs.

When questioned as to whether the deployment amounted to abandoning Against ALL Authorities’ sovereign space, Shadowandlight replied that his alliance intends to continue as a sovereignty-holding alliance and will continue to contest “any and all timers that are tenable.” As prime architect of the deployment, he reiterated his commitment to corporations continuing to rent from Against ALL Authorities, emphasising that Catch will continue to be patrolled by the remaining StainWagon entities (Against ALL Authorities, The Afterlife, Southern Federation, SOLAR FLEET and C0VEN, amongst others).

At the time of writing, Against ALL Authorities is continuing the move to their new base of operations in Jorund. EveNews24 has confirmed that there are the usual signs of activity indicating a deployment, including ultra-frequent jump freighter and carrier sightings.

  • Katherine Wolfisheim

    When a sovereignity falls, another one takes its place. Let’s see how things develop hereafter.

    • who

      yea and the n3 are all about no blue doughnuts….looks like they are more a threat than the cfc

      • Katherine Wolfisheim

        Threat is such a subjective term. What about those that are part of N3, its allies or co-operators?

      • anonymous

        You do know that the CFC more than doubles our numbers right?

        • Ogast

          You do know you hold more systems right?

          • Chris

            Numbers > systems. It’s the numbers you can pull in a fight that determine your strength. Not the amount of space you have.

          • Ogast

            Yes true but he was referring to blue doughnuts. Which I believe is also to do with sov as well as numbers/allies am I not correct..?

          • Chris

            ehhh, kinda.

            When I refer to the “blue doughnut” I refer to the lack of potential targets. So under that definition, CFC are a much bigger culprit.

            Hell, if they had the balls to “stab N3 in the heart until they die” like they said they would, chances are we would be looking at a much more literal blue doughnut as well.

          • Ogast

            Fair enough. I can understand that.

            In regards to not having the balls to stab n3 until they die, from what I heard/was told. The cfc does not want to make the current state of doughnut change from 3 sides to 2 sides, as this would make eve boring and stagnant more so than we already see.

            All I can say is bring on the northen vs southern cfc ‘hunger games’.

          • Chris

            Then why did they say that then? What was the point of hellcamping a station for a week, “deadzoning” it, then packing up and leaving. I know Mittens says things in an effort to beat the war drums, but the effort was there for awhile.

            If I were one of the people who wasted their time at that station I would have been pissed that we didn’t finish the job.

            Maybe they really were feeling threatened about all the little fish poking at their home systems. I dunno.

          • Ogast

            I cant speak for their motives and intentions bud. I’m not in any position of power.

            We can only speculate on such things sadly.

          • Chris

            Yeah, wasn’t exactly a question aimed any anyone in particular.

          • anonymous

            I look at it as which side has the most number of people on it since that is how wars are won. Had the CFC wanted they could have taken all of our space and frankly there was not much we could do about it because of how badly we were outnumbered.

          • Ogast

            Personally, I think that we could have ground sbus all the way up to drone regions rather simply. However, I would have said once we got to the drone regions it would have been back to siege fleet to grind. Rather than supers as everything would be relatively close to your stagings/home systems. Thus making it a hell of a lot harder to take the sov without being dropped on and in that case your smaller numbers could merrily slow/stop us with ease.

  • random dude

    “Against ALL Authorities, emphasising that Catch will continue to be patrolled by the remaining StainWagon entities”

    funny, it looks abbanded to me

  • GG

    1.april … oh wait!


    ISO firesales, will have my spy pickup in any catch station. ty

  • Deltaguy

    quote taken directly from -a- corp mail, The thing that makes this quote lulz is no ones going to hellcamp fucking stain. I hope these retards dont think this.

    “Looks like we are shacking up with Razor athough its nt official yet. The Reason being is that N3 have promised to Hell Camp us in Stain”

    • dichzor

      Given that lgk station did get hellcamped last… 2? 3? times -A- got evicted from Catch. Its a reasonable assumption, imo.

    • Chris

      Whoever does decide to hellcamp an NPC station is literally retarded.

  • Lüt

    Wow there’s an FC not even Elo Knight would headshot…

  • Provi Miner

    Yeah catch is gone 🙁 ah well -A- wasn’t as good a neighbor this time around. Hopefully Hero can fill that gap.

  • N3_Grunt
    • Ciaphas Cyne

      i guess n3 knows alot about evacs? howd that one go for you in 0-w?

      • N3_Grunt

        Pretty good actually. Most, if not all, got out. The hellcamp was a joke.

        • Ciaphas Cyne

          aw really? thats a shame. not that i care if goons take ur shit, i dont. i just want camping stations to be a viable tactic.

          • N3_Grunt

            It actually is, but there was a difference between 0-W and for example R3P0.

            0-W: We had multiple systems to jump to after the hellcamp and to set new stage. We did not have all assets in 0-W either, as it was a staging system. Most assets consisted of carriers with combat ships. Of course some stuff is locked out, but nothing spectacular.

            R3P0: Solar’s last defence. They have everything they owned in that station. Not all was going to get out due to the sheer amount of it. It just did not fit in the JF’s/Carriers. Neither did they have any friendly stations in jumprange to restage from, we removed all sov prior to the hellcamp. That way it is much harder to remove your shit, you have nowhere to go. Especially since R3P0 was in deep null.

  • -A- is Shit

    Ahhh Curse, where all alliances go to die

    • riverini

      you fucking… hahaha you stole my line!!!

      • Testicle

        Hey guys Syndicate is the place where alliances go to die 😀

        • Toshi

          Someone needs to tell Evoke that.

  • Dave from Razor

    Is the curse of being part of _a_ not enough?

  • Sarcasm.

    “the formerly stalwart southern coalition known as StainWagon.”
    That was sarcasm right?

  • I call it EVAC

    Calling it a deployment is just to disguise the fact that they evacuate Catch before the total collapse…

    • Fire truck

      No it’s a deployment! They just happen to be taking everything with them.

  • Jaime Gomes

    The humiliation continues.

  • Barkaway

    Soo are they gonna die now? I mean, usually they move to Stain and come back after some time, guess they are tired for realz now^^

  • en24 LIES

    yeah….this publication could call it what it is…WHICH IS AN evac. yOU HAD TO FAIL TROLL ATTEMPT “aPRIL fOOL” YESTERDAY. sTART TELLING THE TRUTH.

    • garandras


  • derp

    Am I banned? No? Okay, -A- is shit.

  • Sad Panda

    Its sad cause N3/PL lose 60+ titans and the Ruskies still fail to hold any sov.

  • alex jabez

    So theyre deploying to a regiin that was in bridge range, to fight hostiles that were already in bridge range… i dont understand how _a_ doesnt own all of null. #iswearitsnotanevacipromise

  • Kicker

    What do you guys think about Against All Authorities? Good / bad null sec alliance?

    • Chris

      Is this a serious question?

      The -A- is shit meme holds a lot of truth.

      • Kicker

        Yeah it was serious question. I’d like to join some EU alliance / corp which is now staged in Curse. 😀

        • Chris

          I don’t know much about the current alliances in curse, but you do not want to join -A-

    • lolz

      With Shadowandlight at helm……bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    • riverini

      -A- is shit… not bcz I really think it is shit, but rather to be popular!


      • Chris

        You can’t even downvote.

        Stupid disqis

    • Washi_Meisei

      This is not the -A- you are looking for. That -A- has long died out.
      -A- used to be a strong pvp alliance that would chase out ones roaming into their space. All can be heard now is the sound of crickets.
      When the PL/HBC steam roller came smashing in, what was -A- died. The -A- today is nothing more than just the name. They have not recovered from the destruction caused by PL/HBC. They have been trying to rebuild ever since. Joining their old friends Solar Fleet into this silly war has only hurt -A- even more.
      Loved flying against -A- as they would form fleets just to fight. Unlike others who either run away or try and form a counter fleet, so they can go back to ratting.
      Sorry guys the only thing left for -A- is the disband button.

      • spurty

        So TEST and PL broke the -A- toy?

        Once more, success at a price guys!!

        Hope the people emerge from the shadows of the entity formally known as ‘a pvp alliance’ .. I think

        • Washi_Meisei

          Yeah -A- is broken. They’ve been trying to rebuild that alliance since they lost their space to PL/HBC. And doesn’t look like they are having much luck. Hard for them to pvp when they are sitting in station ship spinning.

  • Shadowandlight

    Here’s the full chat log, in interest of full disclosure (I’m sure some things were left out due to limited space and time) –

  • -A- is shit

    -A- is shit.

  • Scott L

    Deploying to the rear, so that Goon minions will protect you? Brilliant!
    The man behind this masterful plan is a certified Genius!

  • Run Forrest Run