And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
They were, those people, a kind of solution.

      – C.P. Cavafy – Waiting for the Barbarians

The word ‘barbarian’ was coined, to the best of our knowledge, by the Mycenaean Greeks.  It is an onomatopoeic word, intended to reflect the sound of barbarian-speak as the Greeks perceived it.  Seems Agamemnon and his lot found the speech of non-Greeks to be coarse, guttural and rather silly; they mocked it as sounding like” Bar, bar, bar”.   It was pretty funny at the time, or
at least everybody who spoke Greek thought so.  And they all had a good laugh at the expense of these benighted outsiders.  Mind, the joke lost a little of its jolly when the bar-barians sacked Pylos and the other Mycenaean citadels sometime around 1200 BCE.  

Who the barbarians are has always been largely a matter of perspective. It is an exclusionary word, intended to draw a distinction between persons outside a group and persons inside a group.  In particular, the word is loaded to underscore the relative superiority of the insiders and, especially, the inferiority of the outsiders.

To Goonswarm, we are all barbarians.  

And that’s a bit ironic since, upon a time, Goonswarm itself was viewed as a bunch of pubbie barbarians; their tactics at the time depending on overwhelming the enemy with a mass of inexpensive ships flown by inexperienced pilots.  But, as they say, the only constant is change.  Band of Brothers (BoB), nullsec’s major power of those early days is no more, laid low by the very barbarians they scorned.  And now Goonswarm sits in the seat of empire, enjoying a degree of hegemony unseen in nullsec since the founding of New Eden.

Indeed, Goonswarm has completely rewritten the character of nullsec and the playbook for holding and extending sovereignty here.  Wherever Goonswarm and its proxies in the ClusterFuck Coalition (CFC) hold sway, nullsec is a relatively risk free place where the living is easy.   Warsare imposed on others and are fought elsewhere, allowing ISK to be easily harvested and flow without interruption in to the imperial coffers. As CFC member Razor Alliance’s leadership recently pointed out to its membership, it “… doesn’t have to do anything but joining fleets and making ISK”.  

Having ‘won EVE’, one would think Goonswarm’s leadership could rest easily ‘pon their starry beds.  Alas, one can do anything with bayonets but sit on them.  And. for
some reason, empires tend to evidence a strange compulsion toward controlling populations for whom they historically express contempt.  As in life, so in EVE.  For Goonswarm, the elimination of meaningful threat is no longer the point.   All barbarians (i.e., non-Goons) must be either be domesticated or eradicated. 

Thus the empire assembles a vast host and marches south in all its strength.  The wolves of the south wait for them, and sharpen their knives the while. 

We are all barbarians. It’s only a matter of whether or not you’re wearing Goonswarm’s collar.  That is the narrow choice before free nullsec.  You can be Goonswarm’s dog, or you can be a wolf.  But you can’t be both.

Choose well, my friends.

– Mord Fiddle

About the Author: Mord Fiddle’s writings are an invitation to high tea in a world of rave parties. His readers gather at for thoughtful analysis, daring prose, deep insights, and Mord’s tendency to use words not writ nor spoken conversationally since Middle English went out of fashion.

  • StMick

    Haha – Let the angry goon rage responses commence!

    • Lawful-Insanity

      Like BOB all entitys will eventually be unseated. When the old northern coalition was once seen as unbeatable. The small entitys that werent a threat solo, finaly put bs aside and together killed nc off. In n3 they say are no better then goons. I disagree with that. For instace if n3 wins. Ncdot will reset a vast majority if there blue list. So they dont have to jump four regions for goodd fights. Say what u want cfc. But everyday more are joining in the anti cfc side. This war is fun. Keep bringing it.

      • I think you will find the NC fell on the blade of its very own Vuk ‘RMT’ Lau and his desire to not have a mortgage, not that I can blame the guy if I could pay for a house with money stolen from internet space nerds I’d be hard pressed to resist 🙂

        • Robo

          Instead you do exactly that for CFCs inner circle. GOOD GAME mofo!

      • You obviously weren’t there.

        The old NC died because it built and sold all of the titans and supers that eventually evicted them to the Russian Alliances that evicted them, then they got into a pissing contest with the Russians and talked shit after losing said contest. This resulted in a multi region invasion of space that is not easily defended by a coalition like the old NC where every member did their own thing until they felt they needed help to win. When they all tried to batphone each other at the same time they realized how deep the pile of shit we were standing in was and instead of fighting they packed and bailed while they still could.

      • s

        They wont reset shit because that would upset their rental income.
        N3 are worse than the CFC.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    so… TEST has sov again…

    • pubbie

      And again they’ve lost it

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        FW is srs business. too occupied to defend sov.

  • Huh?

    Was this a recruitment thingy?

  • Alison King

    Or you could be a My little pony And be in cva

  • Renegade8169

    Outstanding—while you cast this in an archaic manner your
    point is never the less valid. Well put
    indeed. Now don’t misunderstand me, I
    don’t necessarily blame the Mittani for what he is doing, while I may not like
    his methodology I understand that he is doing what he feels will best secure
    the life of his empire for as long as possible.
    It will like all other fall at some point, just like IT alliance most
    probably. In that war Goons didn’t
    really beat them though it was a spectacular hell camp in fountain, ultimately
    it was internal divisiveness that tore apart the coalition. While I truly hope “my” side recovers from
    the recent setbacks in Immensea (great job btw goons, taking advantage of the
    incursion that was set perfectly during the Christmas holiday break) I still
    have a feeling that the ultimate demise of goonies will be by their own hand.

  • LaN3ister

    Good, North will remember for a long time, what happens when they march on the South

    • -A- dies and Maka cries?

      • Ming Tso

        Maka is too busy baiting fleets of supers to their destruction, casually dding carriers off of enemy undocks and scooping fighter bombers in supercapitals parked in enemy staging systems to be crying -at all-. Maka is like the definition of The Smugmobile at this point.

        • grunt

          yea i hate it when he doesn’t let us whore first on the km before dding :p

    • yeah you go ge the north lol

      If you attack them in the North all you will do is make them happy. Up north they have these things call Cyno jammers, they make pushing the slowcat instant win button pretty much impossible because to push the button you have to win the sub cap fight, and while you may have dunked every cap fleet the goons have undocked, they have done the same to every subcap fleet you undock. So if you really want to go fight in their space remember carefully, that is exactly what mittens wants. He would absolutely love getting to fight in domi fleets under jammers. And I cant wait until you start crying about their domi fleets as hard as they cry about your slow cat fleets.

  • Joshua Blue

    “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done : and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

  • Bla

    More tears to drink 😀

  • sometimes I think, do people know this is just a game?

  • Messiah Complex

    Amusing as it is, the grand narrative is unnecessary. One side makes war against the other because shooting things is fun.

  • Fart in a wineglass

    I think I speak for everyone when I post this video.

  • Teehee

    You can be Goonswarm’s dog, or you can be a PL bitch. But you can’t be both.

    Choose well, my friends.

    • N3 Grunt

      NCDot is the dominant force in N3/PL, at least as much as PL. Tired of hearing the goon created concept that PL runs the show, as it is not true. NCDot is the true leader of the show

      • Cloora

        I’d say NC. and PL are pretty equal in the relationship

      • Reticent Toad

        PL runs the show. Stop kidding yourself. NCDot pissed away their good FCs prior to leaving the north and are now getting dunked on a regular basis. There were plenty of fights there where NCdot were outnumbered heavy and still dunked their opponents. Now…. Goons are begging you to keep this a subcap affair, it isn’t even close.

        • wut

          are you fucked up? because i cant even read that shit

          • Reticent Toad

            Spoken like an N3 tard…. Keep getting dunked by CFC

          • slo

            U mad bro

          • Reticent Toad

            Of course. Wasn’t that clear in my initial crying?

        • Robo

          What have you been smoking crystal meth?

        • 200 Drakes is somewhat less painful than 200 broken Domi’s, but I think it’s completely fair to say PL and NC. are not really on the same level in terms of active Fcs and general organisation. Generally it’s PL doing the rescue work in that relationship and well ATM N3 appears useless without full time PL dick holding and of them Kadeshi appears the most solo capable.

          • Reticent Toad

            Thank you for a good post here. I agree with you as well. The shiptypes were different then but Goons were throwing caps around a lot more than they have been now as well. A lot of these scrubs (posting) are in two categories; 1.) New dudes that know nothing or 2.) Failures that got picked on a lot (DICE members for example). Either way, NCdot used to have really good FCs and would not be failing it up by losing 60+ T3s regularly to Goons.

          • Robo

            Clueless as usual, wouldn’t expect anything less from you sir.

          • <3

      • SaTaN

        Its no secret on who runs the show if you knew anything about the command structure in NC. or PL.

        For those that don’t know its like this.

        The active and willing FC is the guy that runs the show, its true for PL and true for NC. For instance right now Manny is very active and he is going to continue running the show till he gets burnt out/busy IRL at which point someone else will step up. On the other hand NC. is the exact same way Vince got back 2 days ago(one of the reasons for a fresh hard push) and took the reigns from Travis who is visiting family for the holidays.

        Far as what to attack next, how to defend this, etc.. It happens all day long in the FC briefing room (both coms) the active FC’s are constantly consulting on what to do next and jointly make a decision.

        Some find it hard to conceive that decisions can be made rationally by people working together, rather than some egotistical maniac at the helm making rash decisions on his own while isk trading.

      • History

        and yet the coaliton is even called N3/PL by its own members. wasnt that long ago that PL was hotdropping nulli out of boredom… i dont want cfc to succeed but ive been watching the rest of eve piss on each other for years, why should i expect these grown men to stop acting like children now.

    • IWuzThere

      I like being a PL bitch, because that way I get fukt doggy style the way I like it.

  • Reti

    Ironically, Goonswarm is doing for its people the very things that everybody wants for their people… If you really wanted to be ‘winning eve’ you should join them since they got it all worked out already.

    Eve war is not about making 0.0 free, its about having fun. Its fun to be the rebel, the freedom fighter, they guy fighting against all odds. And it is even more fun to see the Empire crumble. Without Goons, there is nothing to fight against, no huge empire to take down, no ‘bad guy’ Mittani to fight against.

    But lets be real, this is about fun, not freedom, not oppression, and its certainly not about making your Eve life easy. Because if it was about those things you would just join the CFC.

    Have fun!

    • unknown

      have fun killing structures in stealth bombers

    • guest

      “Eve war is not about making 0.0 free, its about having fun.”

      You are completely deluded regarding the nature of wars.

  • lol

    “their tactics at the time depending on overwhelming the enemy with a mass of inexpensive ships flown by inexperienced pilots. ”

    no.. that didn’t change

  • maid

    I like how this text states CFC members are slaves and will be put down if they want to be something more than a dog.