“This week in Nullsec” is a a semi-weekly article that will be released Thursdays and Mondays. The article will recap all things Nullsec from the past 3-4 days, from Sov changes to Failcascades, we’ll keep you updated!

Monday November 25th, 2013

Insidious Empire continued their efforts up north in The Kalevala Expanse region against Gentlemen’s Agreement and Fidelas Constans. So far Insidious Empire have been able to liberate 12 systems from Gentlemen’s agreement, this brings Gentlemen’s Agreement down to only 3 systems in The Kalevala Expanse. It is yet to be seen if Insidious Empire will return the systems to Northern Coalition. control or if Insidious Empire will keep the systems for themselves.

– The system of G-AOTH which had previously been held by N3 alliance Mildly Intoxicated was captured by .-A-., .-A-. now have control of 94 systems out of 108 in Catch, giving them control of over 87% of catch.

Omist continues to fall to DARKNESS. who have so far has been able to take 7 systems in the region. This region is mainly composed of Northern associates. (N3 renting alliance) and Echoes of Nowhere (an industry alliance that produces for N3). The Kadeshi also has several systems in this region and are ramping up their war time participation to oppose DARKNESS.’s incursion into Omist.

Red alliance joined the war 13 days ago, so far they have deployed down south to Scalding Pass and have begun retaking systems which were taken from them back in december last year by N3, so far Red alliance has 4 systems out of 81 systems in the region, giving them control of about 5% systems in the region.

Razor took control over the K212-A System in Scalding pass, it is yet to be seen if the CFC intend to deploy to this system, it is also yet to be seen if Razor intend to redeploy up north to help out Fidelas Constans and Gentlemen’s Agreement against Insidious Empire who have been steadily beating back the CFC alliances in their previous encounters.

– After Why So Super SeriOUs (Why so Serious industry alliance) was hijacked by a pair of Goonswarm Federation spies, Corporation Aerodyne Collective made a new alliance called “WHY so DERP’D,” so far they have taken back control of 12 systems, and 3/4 of the previous alliance’s outposts.

Against ALL Authorities leader Alhana Starbreeze stepped down due to wanting to spend more time in real life and appointed Lahari in his place. Lahari is the CEO of Novatech Armada, a 100 man english speaking corporation in Against all authorities, Novatech Armada joined in october 2012 just before the winter that would see AAA lose 4/5 of their members and all of their sov. The fact that Novatech Armada stayed around despite the signs of weakness in the alliance can only show how committed Lahari is to .-A-. Novatech Armada is a primarily English speaking corporation (Lahari does speak Russian as well) and so this is the first time in .-A-.’s history when they have had a leader from an English speaking Background.

– The system of E1F-LK came under attack in the US timezone from combined CFC and DTF (Stainwagon + Black legion + Solar Fleet) forces late on Monday night. Despite being heavily into the US timezone Darkness of Despair still managed to form respectable numbers.

Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Red alliance took 4E-EZS in Scalding pass, increasing their hold to 5 systems out of 81, this increased their regional control to 6%.

– A Solar fleet Nyx while solo dropping an Archon got caught in a well laid trap by PL/N3 forces, the Nyx died and served a harsh lesson for the pilot (Playfull snail): Don’t solo drop unless your Wixy.

Northern Associates. continue to bleed systems. 6-KPAB in Scalding_Pass, KR8-27 in Omist and PX-IHN in Etherium_Reach all fell today. CFC alliance Circle Of Two gained control of the C3I-D5 and 01B-88 systems in Perrigen Falls. Nulli Secunda lost control of the QBZO-R system in Etherium_Reach. WHY so DERP’D gained control over 3-QNM4 and TFPT-U, 2 systems that Why So Super Seri0Us had control over before the spies took control.

Wednesday November 27th, 2013

Red alliance continue to take systems in Scalding pass, today’s target of choice? 6-KPAB. This brings Red alliance up to 6 systems in the region. Red alliance weren’t the only ones who took Sovereignty off the N3 today though. The CFC alliance Fidelas Constans took the systems PX-IHN and QBZO-R in the Etherium Reach region, this brings the total number of systems under control by Fidelas Constans up to 3 in the region. However it was not all losses for N3 today, Insidious Empire continued to recapture systems in The Kalevala Expanse and so F48K-D and 1-KCSA for the time being are back in N3 hands. The Kadeshi took the system KR8-27 in today. Northern Associates. had lost the system yesterday.

– Wednesday saw the 1st titan of this war and the 2nd titan of this month died. Unfortunately the Leviathan did not die in glorious combat defending its homeland with its life but rather to a N3 trap. Andi279 had cyno’d in on a “Dc’d Archon” to driveby Doomsday it, an N3 HIC in the next system got a point on the titan at which point the Archon pilot logged back in, lit a cyno, and S2N supers jumped in.
Killmail found here

– Early wednesday morning while the Russians were asleep N3/PL took their supercap fleet out for a drive and proceeded to kill every defensive SBU in Impass, it seems N3 has finally woken up and after a month on the defensive could be looking to go on the offensive.


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      1. N3 WarHQ

        I guess its easy to forget that most if Impass is reinforced. We reinforced 10 station systems in total, so i guess it was more then just sbu:s right.

        November 28, 2013 at 12:29 Reply
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          I’ll rephrase: the morale boost one can get after shooting some structures, still good on ya.

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            Don’t be mad.

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      So wrong, on so many levels. First, “MAKE PEACE NOW” is a rather poor battlecry. Second, “fear us” cos we kill sbu’s with supers, but cannot into subcaps, is a rather poor argument. Third, what the hell was your warmachine doing the first 4 weeks of this war? Resting on its perch? Lovely plumage, the norwegian blue…

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