Nulli Secunda just killed a DARKNESS. Leviathan. Yesterday the N3 coalition already mananged to bait a Solar Nyx so the Nulli FC Decided to secretly try again. Omist has seen much activity of DARKNESS. lately because they are slowly trying to capture sov. Omist is a region that is far away from the N3 staging point so DARKNESS. was left alone giving them a great opportunity to field supers / titans to reinforce the systems.

Nulli Noticed that a large portion of DARKNESS. supers are in range of Omist and so they decided to start fishing. A Bait carrier w was send to KR8-27 where a enemy TCU was onlining. The bait carrier warped to the onlining TCU and started attacking it but then DC’d.

After Logging back in he found himself tackled by a couple of subcap ships. suddenly a cyno went up off grid and sure enough the titan landed at 0. This was the moment were the Nulli FC had been waiting for. The Nulli FC ordered a HIC to jump in from the adjacent system and he warp to the Bait carrier. The Hic followed instructions and quickly got his point on the Titan. Then it was time to get into action. Supers were already sitting 1 jump out of system so the Bait carrier quickly lit his cyno. The Nulli supers jumped to the Bait Carrier. Quickly 2 ghostriding archons (carriers with Hics inside) got a point on the Titan as well. The Leviathan had no cap anymore because of the neuting power that came from the supers so it took not more than minutes to secure the kill.


Chat logs from the Titan pilots main:
STRVE weboide: I didn’t warp
STRVE weboide: I got cyno’d
STRVE weboide: I died defending the motherland

My chat with the Leviathan Pilot
Andi279 > wanted a ragnarok anyway
Andi279 > I don’t really care tbh
Andi279 > shit happens mate
Bobmon > what did they use for tackle?
Andi279 > lol…no idea
Andi279 > they just said carrier logged of and pointed so I jumped in
Andi279 > he logs back in and surprise
Andi279 > kudos to n3 tho
Andi279 > it was well played
Andi279 > wanted to refit to cap reps so I could put it on our forums as a srp logi
Andi279 > lol the guy who told me to jump is freaking out lol
Bobmon > why?
Andi279 > he’s just pissed at himself
Andi279 > sent me all his isk
Andi279 > I was like….I don’t want your pity bitch


  • DarthChris00

    Andi279 > sent me all his isk
    Andi279 > I was like….I don’t want your pity bitch

    i’ll take it!

  • Simon pieman

    The titan pilot seems a bit of a dick, nice catch nulli.

    • nothing new here


    • Dumbledore

      I disagree. He lost it like a chief and came to forums to crap on the usual commentators. What I don’t like is that he stole from us our fun by not bitching, whining, or blubbering about it.

      • nothing new here

        Don’t listen to this guy. I’m a total dick.

      • N3 WarHQ

        But we all know that deep down his feeling like shit right now and that still makes it fun

        • nothing new here

          Deep down I am feeling like shit…a French guy in a hictor pointed me, that makes me want to slit wrists

          • The Observer


  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

    If theres any isk left… can i has it?

  • mercfromabove

    the tides of war are changing. Join n3 now and reap the benefits of success

    • nothing new here

      I want those firework launcher back by the way

    • Elazar Keon

      mercfromabove carebear get dunked nobody likes you

      • mercfromabove

        Hey elazar 😀 Nice to see you still play the game, what do you do now? I heard your running a renter alliance or something..

  • Dumbledore

    The titan owner said: “first darkness super not to die while ratting. I’m on top of the world”


    • N3 WarHQ

      man.. that’s a burn bro lol

    • nothing new here

      I’d like to thank my CEO for this moment, he has been here for me ever since I realised I wanted to welp a titan in combat. He has been extremely supportive of my dream. thanks Keon.

      • Bob

        Funny how that muppet keeps quiet when you guys loose a titan but whenever someone else loses a carrier or super it’s like he’s been fucked up the ass with a red hot poker.

    • sadleric

      One moment I’m sitting here reading the comments picturing a guy ratting with a missile supercapital; next thing I know I’m on my back in the bathroom in a cold sweat. No idea what just happened.

  • cpt solano

    looked like bait. the disconnect proved to be the downfall of the dark caps. “he cant be bait of he is offline” i was wrong. let the hazing begin.

    • Kirk Otsito

      You got the Titan killed Solano? HAHHAHAHAA

      • Elazar Keon

        yes… he did <3 <3 <3

  • Mircea

    lol, you want to upgrade from a jump drake to a recon titan? Bro, bro, get a real titan next time for us to kill. Thank you!

  • nothing new here

    I can’t wait the US trolls to log in, these EU scum bore me

  • Kudos to the pilot for using his titan. Congrats to Nulli for the kill!

  • Robo

    Nulli hogging the Titan kill 🙁 I vant some Rus Titan milk to sate my appetite, it’s only a matter of time until the next Rus rmting/botting super dies or cfc scrub Titan gets killed at POS or jump in. Bide out time and wait… Muhahahahahahahaaaaa (anticlimax laugh)

    • nothing new here

      Rus titan milk? Geography is not your strongest skill sir, last time I checked Australia was still in Australia

      • The Observer

        …wtf are you talking about?

        • nothing new here

          Anything to distract me from what happened….a French guy in a hictor pointed me. I feel violated

          • The Observer

            …I know that feel, bro.

  • Titshit

    STRVE weboide looks like a cool dude though.

  • Gr4vity

    I heard the bait carrier pilot yelled “YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOO” before jump in KR8

    • nothing new here

      those my exact words too

  • Northern Vet

    Lol we might be loosing space (arbeit very slowly) but were not going quietly and you guys still have like 340+ systems and 220+ stations to burn through.

    I reckon the Russians thought once we started loosing systems we would just give up and not fight back and let them take all there space back without defending anything. We have lost some systems though one look at dotlan and you can tell, around half of them however are being taken back a few days later by friendly parties

    • banned username

      tl;dr “not winning fast enough”. now who else has said that mantra….

      • homeless peasant

        Difference is that we are taking back the systems that we are slowly losing 🙂

        • banned username

          yea… lets even go recently to fountain. you dont remember the flip flop of stations and chants like we keep seeing here?
          anyways i guess the CFC will have a whole new batch of renters soon. should be fun fun fun.

    • Soulxlight

      You don’t seem to follow wars in eve because this is how it usually goes . . . in the beginning.

      This is how it goes :

      1.) Slow back and fourth flips and counterflips

      2.) Pressure mounts, one side starts to lose heart, maybe a big loss, or whatever. Bad propaganda gets throw out, and someone on that team wants to save face and leaves. Maybe a leader or one of the key alliances.

      3.) Pressure continues to mount usually internal drama develops between leaders of some of the leading coalition leaders. Organization maybe still exist at this point but numbers start to slip and only all out CTAs will produce anywhere near start of the war numbers.

      4.) One or two members start to lose participation dramatically across all timers. Numbers across the coalition fall and internal drama reaches an all time high . . . anything can cause a complete cascade at this point be it a big loss or whatever.

      5.) Coalition gets well below 50% of beginning of the war fleet participation. Directors of coalition corps will usually pick this moment to defect or completely leave stealing whatever they can. Fringe elements will already have jumped ship. Core coalition members will be looking to cut losses, war is officially lost and only the most hardcore are showing up to die during timers.

      6.) War is lost

  • Duh

    STRVE weboide: I died defending the motherland o7

  • Andrew Metzger

    Andi279 > I don’t really care tbh


    Andi279 > wanted a ragnarok anyway
    Andi279 > I was like….I don’t want your pity bitch

    You should get an erebus, that way in the future when someone shoves it up your ass you might be a little less bitter.

    • nothing new here

      Butt plugs mate, butt plugs

  • spectre1111

    no killmail?

    • neon

      The killmail is behind the link with the text “Killmail”. You click it to open.

      • spectre1111

        k. thx, just wasnt in evekill so i was wondering.

  • igotthisyo

    Another Titan down minutes ago, Erebus, by Shadow Cartel.

  • yetas Gregory

    The new depth regarding Sirenic armor throughout Runescape

  • NotTheMittani

    Always good to see a titan get blown up

  • cub Herbert

    cool sreen shot!!
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