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Kirith Kodachi: Team Un-Building

My reaction when the dev blog about industrial rentable teams in the Cruis industry revamp was released was tepid at best:

Overall, I’m disappointed. When I saw teams were coming into things from the second dev blog I had more of an image from World of Tanks where you get inexperienced tank …

CFC Victory in a Post-Phoebe World

Last weekend NCDOT, Darkness. and Kadeshi pulled back into defensive positions. The excursions into Fountain have stopped on a large scale, and the CFC can now legitimately claim to have successfully defended their borders both in the North and the South.
The Darkness and Kadeshi forces moved into …

N3 Alliances Defend 0-O6XF in Esoteria

In the late EU timezone on the 18th December 2014 a large fight went down between members of the N3 coalition, the Russian alliances of Against ALL Authorities, The Afterlife, C0VEN and Soviet Union and the ClusterFuck Coalition.

The N3 fleet consisted of  T3’s, Logi support and assorted …

Dev Blog: Holidays Greetings From Team Security! – 2014 In Numbers

Holiday greetings from Team Security!
It has been quite an eventful year and we look forward to another one starting soon. As the end of December draws near, it is the perfect time for a re-cap on how things have progressed this year and what we’re planning for the future.
Policy …

Coming to EVE Online in the Proteus Release on January 13th and a Status Update on Sovereignty

Even as most of the EVE Online team is preparing for the holidays, we are still working our with limited bandwidth to get you a few things in our January release. Here’s an outline of the features coming to EVE Online in the Proteus release and an update on where we are with our work on changes …

CSM 10 Candidates Answering Your Questions on WarpToZero Forums

Opening merely 16 days ago, the WarpToZero forums have been a great success with well over 500 posts by nearly 300 members.
With this burgeoning growth in mind we have offered to host the CSM 10 candidates and give them a platform from which they can give all members of the EvE community a …

Dev post: [Proteus - January] Recon ships

Hello again o/
Finally, finally, Recons. I know you guys have been asking for a long time now so even though timing was pretty tight with vacations coming up I want to get this class in for January.
We had a few big goals with Recons:

Give Combat Recons something to make them stand out as a unique …

Dev Blog: Happy Holidays From CCP!

Once again it’s that time of the year and holiday season is upon us!
As 2014 draws to a close, a look back over the events of the previous twelve months makes it very easy to see that this has been another amazing year for the EVE community.
From the surprise success of The Camel Empire in …

Submission: TLC Escalations dropped by LZHX/HK

Last night was time to fill up the SRP wallet once again, so plexing started late EUTZ.
First site went off without a hitch, but when First Triage was in warp to the second site a new sig popped up.
Carrier was called to go into triage anyway while the sig was being scanned down. Dreads and …

CVA Loses two Aeons to Shadow Cartel

This Afternoon Curatores Veritatis Alliance lost two Aeons to the hands of Shadow Cartel.
To find out what happened to these two CVA Aeons, I started to ask around in some channels. Sure enough, I got in contact with Paquito, who is a long time member of Shadow Cartel and also the pilot behind the …

EVE Essentials: How to Make an Instant Undock Bookmark

In this video you will learn how to make an instant undock bookmark. An instant undock bookmark allows you to instantly warp off the station undock. This is beneficial to those who do not wish to be attacked, ship scanned, or cargo scanned while aligning for their next warp. An instant undock …

PSA: So, this just happened.

This is indeed one long desired clean up, up until now if someone used a character name for a trial account, that name became reserved unless the character was biomassed. This was a pain in the ass and unfair in some sense for nickname conscious players.

So, there you have it, what are you …

Dev Post: Introducing the three ships of Fanfest 2015

Greetings thirsty space friends near and far,
Negotiations between CCP and the Quafe Company regarding sponsorship for EVE Fanfest 2015 have reached a conclusion and our friends at Quafe headquarters have committed to a tribute of three branded ship skins for each capsuleer attending the annual …

Submission: 10 Reasons to Play EVE Online

MagnasisEVE‘s 10 reasons to why he loves EVE

Dev Blog: Industry & Teams – The Removal of Teams

Greetings Industrialists!

As part of the industry-focused Crius release earlier this year, a feature was added to supplement industrial gameplay called Teams. This mechanic allows you to hire teams of specialist non-player character (NPC) workers to boost your industry jobs in various …

Dev Blog: Download on Demand client for EVE Online

Sometime early next year we will change the way we deploy the EVE Online client. The primary driver for this change is to get people into the game quicker – both new players, downloading a trial for the first time and existing players patching after major updates. We're …

Propaganda: Snowglobe…? – Brave Newbies vs PL in HED-GP

Get Into the holiday spirit and welp some

R3P0-Z Has Fallen, Two Year Deadzone Ends

When PL (Pandemic Legion) defeated Solar Fleet and seized control of the Drone Regions, it was rumored that possibly trillions of isk worth of Solar assets were locked in R3P0-Z. To add further insult to injury, PL created and transferred the system to a four-man alt alliance for sovereignty …

Submission: the new siege against Freeport 1 and the liberation of Freeport 2

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted by Coelomate, who is a member of Phoebe Freeport Republic. Please bare in mind that statements made in the following article are his and do not reflect EN24’s.
When last we spoke, Phoebe Freeport Republic – with help from The 99 Alliance, …

NCdot Titan Downed by Soul Takers and Shadow Cartel

Recently, titan pilot Ved Run left his home in Vox Populi. to join Kenshin., a member of the NCdot alliance, and faced the monumental task of moving his arsenal 17 jumps to Querious, NCdot’s Headquarters. With the new jump fatigue introduced in the the Phoebe patch, moving his Nyx and Moros down …

The Initiative capture N3 station in XS-K10 Immensea

In the early morning of the 13th of December, 2014, The Initiative. managed to capture a station in the N3 stronghold of Immensea, taking it from the Northern Coalition. renter alliance, Northern Associates.
Northern Coalition., who have recently withdrawn their super capital fleet from their …

EVENT: Santa Spirit event tonight! Compete for presents!

EvEnt system: Ghesis II – Inherent Implants Biotech Production
I hope to see you all there
NEWS FLASH: CCP is donating 20 Plex, and 10 pirate faction Rookie ship codes to the EvEnt.
“we now return you to the normal post”
greetings all,
I realize that it’s only 6 …