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Brave Collective Lose 34 Billion in a Wormhole

Last night saw the Brave Collective wormhole corporation Dropbears Anonymous to a well-planned log off trap by Hard knocks Inc. and E X P L O S I O N. The trap had been in planning for a few days, after a Dropbears fleet had been seen killing POS modules in a wormhole. This wormhole is …

Dev Blog: Trials and Tribulations

Hello capsuleers! As some of you may have heard already from CCP FoxFour's presentation at EVE Vegas, Team Size Matters will be releasing a number of improvements for trial accounts in the Phoebe release on November 4th. This blog will go into detail regarding what we're actually changing …

Coming soon: dual renting

People making bets about the future of Nullsec after Phoebe agree in one thing: the rental empires will fall. This is most probably true. However they implicitly assume that renting itself will fall and renters have to run. This is completely wrong.
Pirates and other small PvP groups are not the …

Phoebe Pre-Game: Null-Sec Alliance Movements *Update Oct 24th*

Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in process. I will consider all feed back, suggestions and Intel.
This article will look at all the rumoured as well as confirmed alliance movements happening before the Phoebe patch hits. This article is therefore a work in process and will be …

EN24 Lottery – Winners Announced!

Yes, it happened, All 2500 tickets were sold! For everybody that donated after the last ticket was sold I will be making sure that you get a refund.
The list of ticket numbers

We will use Chribba’s Dice to get the winning numbers which you can view here
The Process
We use a two step process, …

Watch This: Sensor Overlay 2.0 Video Demonstration

Hey EN24 denizens! I uploaded a video today in which I demonstrate how the new sensor overlay features work. The release date of this particular set of changes has yet to be announced, but I assume CCP Games will try to include it in the Phoebe

SOLAR Super Down By N3 Supers

With Northern Coalition. reinforcing large swathes of Querious with the pending changes slated to arrive with Phoebe, the local residents of the Initiative and Get Off My Lawn have been steadily evacuating northwards to rejoin much of the CFC in a more defensible position. The Russian alliance …

Comedy KM: Thanatos Carrier Killed By Mining Fleet!

Around 1830 EvE time on the 23rd October 2014, a Thanatos Carrier belonging to Thorncord, CEO of the BOX of PANDORA, was destroyed in wormhole space by a small group of mining ships, including 2 Coveters, 15 Ventures and a couple of industrials.

As you can see, the Thanatos is not exactly fit to …

Marlona’s Sky: Locking Onto Your Story

Take a moment and think about your favorite epic film battle. The one where even after watching it many times – you still are at the edge of your seat. Perhaps it was the spaceship fleet battle from ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ that you grew up with. Maybe …

Target Caller: All Along the Watchtower

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view. While all the women came and went, barefoot servants too. Outside in the cold distance, a wildcat did growl. Two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl.” – The venerable Mr. Hendrix
Oh, how I do love this new six-week release …

Goons ganking in high sec (again)

Over the few weeks a group of Goonswarm Federation pilots of the Bat Country corporation, along with members of Never Ignorant Gettin’ Goals Accomplished [TUPAC] and some other Goonswarm Federation pilots have been engaging in a war on freighters.
Since the 7th October 2014, a total of 48 …

Watch This: Item Multi-Sell in action!

Here is a video demonstrating the MultiSell window coming in the Phoebe release. It gives a person the ability to create multiple sell orders at the same time. It’s a big time saver for those who need to liquidate a large number of items at

SOLD OUT: Join the EN24 Lotto and Win a Super Carrier! And other great prizes.

EVE News24 has been pushing the envelope in bringing the best possible coverage of EVE Online News. During past months we have been giving away ships to our readers consistently, now we feel confident of our ability to run and execute EVE Online lotteries.
As we had hinted in a …

Leaks: The Initiative. Alliance Update

I just received the official alliance update of The Initiative. These intented to be read by internal alliances members only so take it with a grain of salt!
TD:LR = INIT. will not be defending Querious and will be moving to a new area. Sister Bliss email:
Leadership Update #26, 22/10/2014 …