First Keepstar dies in Nalvula

The anchoring of a Keepstar in Nalvula by Project.Mayhem saw the system become a hotbed of activity, as pilots from all across New Eden flocked into the system to take part in attempting to destroy it….and succeeding.
The Keepstar was defended by a Machariel fleet fielded by Project.Mayhem, with …

War In Delve: Imperium inches forward as PGL rages

The war in Delve continues. After their initial invasion saw the Imperium (along with their new allies LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-]) start claiming systems from the Delve residents (also know as Delve Core). The ‘north’ of the region home to the League of Unaligned Master …

Devpost: [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks

Hey folks! As we first mentioned at Fanfest this year, we have a visual revamp in the works for Mining Barges and Exhumers (along with many other ships) to continue improving EVE’s amazing visuals.
This pass on the barges allowed the art team to fulfill a long-standing request from the game …

Counterpoint to Capri’s Critique

This is a response to Capri Sun KraftFoods, a fellow alliance mate in Psychotic Tendencies. He made a post that’s generating quite a bit of a discussion on reddit.
The over all greater discussion is well exemplified in some of the comments as well as the piece itself of course. Here’s a …

My Eve: The Other Null Sec

Editor’s Note: This article is a submission to EN24 from a guest author and does not necessarily reflect EN24’s opinions or positions.
Bren Genzan is a veteran pilot from Open University of Celestial Hardship [0UCH], established in 2009. An irrelevant corporation in irrelevant space …

Battle report: A Tribute to the Titan Gods.

Since the departure of the Imperium in the north, the former members of the Money Badger Coalition have begun to settle down in to conquered space and relationships and ties between the old allies have begun to dissolve. This includes very public tensions surfacing between a number of groups.
This …

Join the Team: EN24 Staff Openings (EDITORS AND WRITERS)

Hey guys, riverini here. We had a terrific last month at EN24, and we are looking to keep the pace, for this we are making an open call for writers!
Here is the lowdown:
We are looking for writers interested in expanding their in-game experience by playing internet space boats journalists. …

Submission: Dronelands Update

One of my in-game names is Dirk Stetille, and I was until recently a senior member and leading FC of a Malpais alliance called Badfellas Inc. Badfellas are a subsidiary of Northern Coalition. and responsible for the initial reactions to sovereignty assaults within Malpais, as well as the defence …

DevBlog: Caedes and Rabisu [ATXIV Prize Ships]

Hey folks. We revealed the models and first pass of bonuses for the two new Alliance Tournament prize ships in CCP Logibro’s recent dev blog, and it’s been great to hear from a lot of players drooling over these so far.
These ships will be given to the top teams of the 14th Alliance …

Video: The Zkill Guide To The Nighthawk

A Nighthawk guide made by rhiload!

Customer Support: Past, Present and Future

It’s been around a year since EVE Online’s Customer Support Team last published a dev blog and so we felt it was time for an update. This blog is all about Customer Support and as such it will not include any game content or release information. With that being said let’s talk about …

The CSM Podcast Ep.1 ft Jin’taan, Xenuria & MrHyde113

The first episode of Apothne‘s CSM Podcast featuring Jin’taan, Xenuria &

Video: Sacrilege – Solo PvP

The following video was made by Cosmo Blink,

War In Delve: Conflict Slows, Imperium Gains Ground and Test Deploy

As of the 8th of August the Imperium had taken 24 systems in the region. The League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY] had lost all but one system T-J6HT. Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE] had lost nine of their fifteen systems in less than a week. Things were looking somewhat bleak for the residents of …

Honorable Third Party: The Escalation Dysfunction

Honorable Third Party is a Black Ops focused entity with old roots in the cloaky NPSI community and has terrorized sov residence through Providence and the surrounding area for years. Plenty of entities like to hunt in Providence due to its high population and relative easy access from empire …

PSA: Awareness 101! Reported Phishing Attempts Against EVE Online Accounts!

(click to enlarge)

We have recently been made aware of a phishing scam that is currently targeting EVE Online players.

As can be seen from the image above, emails are being sent to members of the community that contain links that lead to a bogus version of the EVE Online Single Sign On …

Video: Baby’s First Vindicator Roam

jack viciate first time flying something bigger than a cruiser,

Low Sec Rumble, Clash in Metropolis

Early on August 11th, at 10:30 Eve Time, in the system of Hagilur Dead Terrorists forces clashed with those belonging to The Drunk and Disorderly, Nothing Sus and Bastards of Anarchy in what quickly escalated into a capital brawl.
Moving around in their new home, the newly formed alliance The …

The Roving Warbands’ Guide to Entosising for Fun and Profit

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted to us by: SavenJerent. Statements made in this article are that of the author and do not reflect those of EN24
I read numerous articles, read copious blogs and listen to many podcasts regarding large-scale PVP that occurrs throughout New Eden; the …

The Zkill Guide to the nightmare

A Nightmare guide made by rhiload!

War In Delve: Reinforcements to deploy to Delve as the Imperium Advances

The systems in the northern area of Delve as of the 1/8 including the 3 systems captured by the Imperium that day.

Just one week has passed since the Imperium launched a full scale invasion of the northern area of Delve and have been making steady progress through the region. The first line of …

Op Ed: Goonswarm Federation conquers Delve, what’s next?

Editor’s Note: What follows is a speculative piece on what scenarios could the largest and most powerful entity in EVE Online could find itself in the coming weeks, enjoy.
What happens after the remnants of “The Imperium” seize Delve? With the political landscape looking very blue at home …

INFAMOUS COUP: Cracks Form & Shots Fired

Previously covered were the reason for the coup by Benju and the side of corporations who were kicked from INFAMOUS when this all began.  Below are links to these stories so you can get caught up on the happening in Catch prior to today.
J3B Abandons Line Members & Ignites Civil War

The Zkill Guide to Rhiload

The Zkill Guide video series by Rhiload has gained huge popularity since the series began 6 weeks ago with its witty and relevant commentary. Packed full of satire, memes, and narrated via a text to speech program – this series is not only entertaining, but also very informative for any …

CCP Confirms: Using ECM Bursts To Break Citadel Tether is an Exploit

Hot on the heels of a Goonswarm Avatar reportedly being lost due to the exploit in question, CCP Falcon released a statement regarding the “ECM Burst un-tether exploit” in a post on the Eve community page this morning.
We have recently been made aware of an unintended use of game …