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Lex Arson: An Interview

Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU], an alliance based in Placid, has once again reformed. As a newer player, with only around 7 months of experience, I had no idea who TISHU were, and what they represented in the complex political scene of EVE Online. Over the weekend I sat down with Lex Arson, CEO of …

DevBlog: Tranquility Tech III

On behalf of the Operations Team, and with blog writing music blasting on full (Skálmöld), I am privileged to be telling you about a huge project called  Tranquility Tech III, which we plan to complete by early 2016.
The project is called TQ Tech III (TQ is short for “Tranquility”, the live …

Bombers Bar: Whale Hunting

Bombers Bar is an NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) group which specializes in the operation of Stealth Bombers. One of its main activities in recent times has been hunting ratting Carriers in Null Security space. Also referred to as Whale Hunting, Bombers Bar has been able to inflict severe damage …

Wallet API Scams Banned

One of the most widely accepted practices of EvE is scamming. Indeed, a common phrase among eve players is ‘Send me ISK and I’ll double it.’ Trade hubs are rife with scams, most of which are usually tolerated to some degree. Scammers however usually come up with interesting and …

Catch on Fire: Huge Brawl in U-QVWD over Northern Coalition. Super Capitals

Disclaimer: All figures reported in this article are approximations only, due to the fact this battle occurred during and following YPW-M4 and involved many of the same participants, with much confusion present on the field.
U-QVWD system, Catch region. On the 12th of October at 20:30 EVE Standard …

War in Insmother: Super Capital Fight in YPW-M4

Dislcaimer: All figures reported here are approximations only due to multiple re-shipping, the presence of multiple fleets and killboards still synchronizing.
YPW-M4 system, Insmother region. On the 12th of October at 18:40 EVE Standard Time, Red Menace Coalition (RMC) forces clashed with Drone …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Vey

Vey system, Placid region. On the 11th of October at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] forces engaged Spectre Fleet in the system in a bloody brawl.
The battle began after Spectre Fleet assembled a 110 Hurricane Fleet Issue Battlecruiser fleet. The force made its way to the W-4NUU system …

Spectre Fleet Forms New Alliance

Spectre Fleet, a Not Purple Shoot It (or NPSI) organisation has been leading the way in running open fleets since January 2014. Originally conceptualised by co-founders Jayne Fillon and Nonnak Sverin to fill a gap in the open fleet community. At the time the most prominent open fleet community was …

Low Sec Rumble: Ambush in Vevelonel

Vevelonel system, Solitude region. In the early hours of the 11th of October, a Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] fleet was ambushed by forces belonging to Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and DropBear Sanctuary [-DROP].
DropBear Sanctuary had been harassed by Psychotic Tendencies. before. Looking for allies, …

Low Sec Rumble: Pandemonium in Agoze

Agoze system, Placid region. On the 10th of October at 20:00 EVE Standard Time, Pandemic Legion [-10.0], Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Horde [REKTD] forces clashed with Spectre Fleet in the system.
The battle began after Spectre Fleet formed up a large Battlecruiser fleet in the Stacmon …

Battle Report Round Up #4

The passing week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
3/10 Paisti Syndicate versus Drone Regions Federation
Paisti Syndicate [PSY] continues to fight against the Drone Regions Federation (DRF) in the LXQ2-T system in …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #16

Apologies for this week’s round up being a little late! But it’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube and EOC.tv to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community has to offer. So here we

#EVE_NT Collides Round 1 – Hard Knocks vs Shadow Cartel Preview

#EVE_NT Collides opening weekend is upon us with the first match Sunday 11th of October at 19:00 UTC which can be watched via one of the following methods:
The Official #EVE_NT Collides website 
The Twitch Streaming website
Or via the EOC.tv website
This month’s opening match will be …

STAFF: Looking for writers

We are opening spots in the EN24 team. If you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar.
– Skype access.
– Free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online experience.
– Wish to earn some Iskies.
– Open minded view on current political events
– …

Opinion: NPE vs Free SP part 2.

As you may have known already, after the Vanguard expansion newly created characters receive 400.000 skillpoints, eight times more than the old 50.000. I critiqued that adjustment in my previous article, before the update. Now that some time has passed I want to revisit that change and compare …

Leaks: Gentlemen’s.Club Alliance Update

Another day, Another leak! This time showing you the Gentlemen’s.Club update
From: SSLink
Critical – Read ASAP For the last few months I have seen things steadily heading this direction, and have been unable to invest the time and energy to actually do much about it. However, my …

Tech 3 Destroyers and the eclipse of Assault Frigates

Until the release of the Rhea expansion in December, 2014, the best small-hull class ships for damage application in EVE Online were the T2 Assault Frigates (AFs), or arguably the pirate and faction frigates with similar capabilities. With Rhea, and the successive releases (Tiamat, Carnyx, …

Scanning Intensifies!

Intel is the key to the victory, be it in saving your small gas-huffing Venture in a Wormhole or in giant null-sec fights over untold riches. Probeing and D-scanning have come a long way from their first iterations, not only did they go through minor tweaks, like better UI, but major ones as …

EVE Valkyrie: Comic mini-series!

EVE was games from geeks to the geeks. There is no doubt about that, spaceships, heavy emphasis on lore and a very complicated mechanics that needed a passion and dedication to understand. During game lifetime CCP provided us with all the things, that geeks love. Awesome trailers, superb Fanfests, …

VIDEO: Ailok Konem – The Monster

Ailok Konem has submitted an amazing solo pvp video! I loved it and I hope you do

EN24 Podcast, ep.25 – Capital Ships

EN24’s podcast releases another episode. In this episode we review the history, symbolism, and future of Capital ships: Titans and Super Carriers (formerly known as Mother ships). We also catch up with Iron Armada after their evacuation from null-sec, and the departure of two corporations from …


With EVE Vegas only a couple of weeks away and close to being sold out, we’re now happy to be able to give you all a preview of the schedule for presentations and roundtables.
While this program is still subject to change, here’s a quick outline of what you can expect at EVE …

Deklein Blues: Imperium Forces Suffer a Heavy Blow in II-5O9

II-5O9 system, Deklein region. On the morning of the 7th of October at 7:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces lost no less than an Aeon Supercarrier and 4 other Carriers to a Pandemic Legion [-10.0] fleet in the system.
Pandemic Legion has been terrorizing the north of New Eden for the past few …