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Pandemic Legion Kill Revenant!

This morning one of the rarest ships in EVE, a Revenant, died at the hands of Pandemic Legion.
The ship was piloted by Ingeneer of Prelium Ultima alliance who are primarily seen around Impass, as shown by the loss taking place in the system of 6E-MOW. The story started earlier this week, when PL …

Leak: New Skins!

Caprisunkraftfoods on Reddit has linked a massive list of leaked skins.
I’m particularly partial to the amazing Khanid & Sarum Amarrian ship skins, while some of the other races’ ships are quite lackluster. Take the Aeon skins for example; both of these are things I could see myself …

Dev Blog: Balance Changes Coming In Scylla

Howdy Ishtar lovers

Although us balance-oriented folks have been very busy working on things like the NPE and Sov (!?), we took some time aside to put together a high-impact pass for Scylla (March 24) and I want to tell you about it!

As always, we are reading your feedback, monitoring …

Event Wyvern Destroyed

As explained at the bottom of this post the Wyvern, piloted by Jaguar Warrior of Northern Coalition. [NC], was part of this event and was killed on Sunday 24th February by a primarily Brave Collective [BRAVE] force.
I caught up with the Knerf, the pilot of the super and host …

The o7 Show: CCP Rise swings the nerf bat, “phase 2″ teasers and much much more!

The o7 show was aired this evening at 2000 Eve time and there were some great announcements and some really interesting stuff on show in CCP’s flagship live dev blog. In the following article we will run through the main announcements that were featured.
UI Modernization: New Ship Icons

How about a little consideration

Kill mails. You know ‘em. You love ‘em. You want ‘em! For a great many people in EVE it is all about the Killboard. We will race across New Eden with complete abandon for the chance to get in on a juicy capital kill mail. We will frantically unplug implants to keep them off of someone …

Peering Into the Bottom of the Bucket

New Eden has never been in danger of running short on villains. In fact, depending on one’s point of view, just about everyone is a villain. “My side is good, their side is evil”, seems to be at the heart of much of EVE political thought. It is likely a simple fact of the human …

Leviathan Down in Black Rise

Super capital wrecks have been strewn across low- & null-sec since Phoebe and this month has been no exception. To add to the current tally of 9 supers and 2 titans which have died as of February, another titan joins the scrap heap of eviscerated dreams.
The Leviathan-class titan was destroyed …

Dev Blog: UI Modernization – Icon Strategy

Fellow capsuleers,

EVE developers have been quite busy in the past few weeks working on gameplay features, which is good because that‘s what they are supposed to do! But concurrently, various members of these teams have also been working on a cross-disciplinary project called EVE UI …

Eve Online Tengu and Ishtar supremacy at an end?

Around 5pm this evening a screenshot was posted on multiple platforms by JEFFRAIDER, CSMX candidate and member of Pandemic Legion, purportedly showing an upcoming change to the Tengu Strategic Cruiser. According to sources, the information was leaked from the CCP private test server, Chaos.
Chaos …

**UPDATED** DRAMA: Spaceship Samurai Rogue Director drops SOV and resets HERO Coalition.

UPDATED on 25th February 2015 @ 20:30 EvE time.
This morning around 08:30 EvE time Spaceship Samurai (HONOR) dropped their SOV in CB4-Q2 due to an unpaid bill.
This is a knock on effect from the issues that HONOR had earlier in the week when a rogue director, Cpt Disturbed, started dropping SOV, …

Bob’s Corner: My Votes for CSM X

Today, the voting started for CSM 10 and I wanted to show you guys the list of names, I will be supporting myself. Here we go:
1. Bobmon
2. Sion Kumitomo
3. Sort Dragon
4. Manfred Sidious
5. Xander Phoena
6. Bam Stroker
7. Tora Bushido
8. CoreBloodBrothers
9. Gorga
10.  Endie von Posts
11. Sugar …

Nyx Rekked in Derelik

Earlier today, a Nyx was destroyed in the Mahnagh system of the Derelik region.
The Nyx was piloted by SeyMeyEr who is presently part of a starter corporation after reportedly being unsubscribed for the past year. However prior to this he was a member of the 0utbreak corporation in Outbreak [OB.] …

Seraph IX Basarab: Wise up Goblin!

So I was sent a link to Gevlon Goblin’s blog recently and to my surprise, Goblin’s gone on a rant, not about Grr Goons, but about me. By all means go ahead and read it yourselves. (you’re welcome for the website hits Goblin)
Alright, gone through all that? Good. So the TLDR of his …

Pandemic Legion Loses Aeon AND F4R2-Q Station Timer

In the early morning of the 24th February 2015 the station timer for F4R2-Q came out of reinforced and Pandemic Legion, as with any timer they are determined to win, dropped their super-capital fleet to ensure the strategic victory.
In all Pandemic Legion dropped 10 of their super-carriers along …

**UPDATED** Circle-Of-Two take down Russian Station and TCU in 0-U2M4.

Recently Circle of Two has been waging war in the Perrigen Falls region of EvE.
On the evening of the 21st February 2015 the Circle of Two alliance formed up in a large 100+ man Ishtar fleet and got ready to attack a station and TCU belonging to the Absolution Alliance in 0-U2M4. Along with their …

CSM X – Full Candidate List Published

A few days ago, CCP Falcon released a Dev Blog announcing the final approved candidates for this years Council of Stellar Management, a full 3 days earlier than anticipated.
In his post he explains:

In total we have 77 (edit now 76) approved candidates that are viewable here for your …

Democracy in Eve Part One: Why does it not work?

With announcements about changes to SOV just around the corner (March 20th is the most popular guess right now) we can expect to see a greater number of entities in null sec by the year’s end. This presents an opportunity for many ‘old ways’ to make a comeback, over the course of this series …

The Small Things: Drifters and Circadian Seekers, Concord Ships for Players and More!

Welcome to the fifth article in an ongoing series on EN24 where we will be looking at the ‘small things’ that might not make a full EN24 article but are either funny or interesting enough to share anyway!
We here at EN24 will be running one of these articles once a week after scouring the …

N3 and CFC clash in Aridia

NCDOT, Darkness. and The Kadeshi, as N3 for the Delve area, gathered just after downtime to attack a Dysprosium moon (R64) POS in Aridia (Ajna system). The CFC, having granted support to LowSechnaya Sholupen, were there to help stop them, and stop them they did.
The CFC Ishtars (50-60) sat inside …

Northern Coalition. Departures Part Deux

Recently it was announced on the alliance forums of Northern Coalition. that another corporation will be leaving for pastures new.
Following on from Kenshin. leaving earlier this month HAX have now announced their departure with INZi, operations director of HAX, posting the following on the …

New Super, Dead super!

Today yet another Supercapital was destroyed in the lowsec region of Aridia. This time in the system of Kenahehab.
The Aeon was piloted by Lothar Midhaven of Hashashin Cartel [HASH]
I caught up with Lothar to determine how it happened and according to him he “bought it about 3 hours earlier …

Wyvern Event

As detailed in this post the Bounty: Dead or Alive event is now live!
Burning Napalm, member of Northern Coalition. alliance have started escorting a prisoner between jails on behalf of the Caldari Nation.
There is a 1 billion ISK bounty to be paid to whoever can get the final blow on the prisoner …