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PSA: EVE Online – July 10th Release Patch Notes

July 8, 2018

Patch Notes For July 2018 Release 1.0

Released on Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Features & Changes

Abyssal Deadspace:

  • Abyss loot drops have been updated to be more rewarding at all tiers.
  • Triglavian Survey data appears much more frequently.
  • Gravid and Unstable Mutaplasmids are slightly more common in tier 3 pockets.
  • Tier 4 and 5 filaments drop chance slightly reduced.
  • Compact and Scoped Entropic Disintegrator variations now drop as 1 run blueprints rather than completed modules.



  • Drone Bandwidth increased to 25m3 (was 0).
  • Drone Bay increased to 50m3 (was 0).


  • Max Velocity reduced to 300 (was 328).


  • Minmatar Frigate Skill bonus (per level) changed to 5% Small Projectile Turret rate of fire (was 5% Small Projectile Turret damage).


  • Removed the Duel Wager system.


  • Missile level of detail and impact effect loading have been optimized for improved client performance.


  • Added Noferatu Mutaplasmids
  • Added Cap Battery Mutaplasmids


  • You can no longer place a wager when challenging other capsuleers to a duel.
  • The standings penalty for podkilling a player in an NPC corp has been reduced significantly.
  • Station monuments from the Outpost conversion are now showing the appropriate alliance logos. FYI: The descriptions for the monuments are still being finalized and will be updated in a later patch.

Science & Industry:

  • A notification is now sent to the installer of an industry job in an Upwell structure, if the industry job has been paused or cancelled as the service module was offlined or removed.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the loading of blueprints in the industry window.


  • Replaced the "Fighters" certificate in the masteries of Force Auxiliaries with a new "All Drones" certificate.
  • Added new certificate: 'Resource Harvesting, Core'. It has the same skills as the 'Resource Harvesting' certificate but with the Ice harvesting removed.
  • The Venture now uses the new 'Resource Harvesting, Core' certificate instead the standard 'Resource Harvesting' certificate.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Structure Under Attack mails/notifications are now only sent once a structures shield drops below 95%
  • It is now possible to assemble T3 cruisers while being in control of an Upwell structure.
  • In high/low security space, scooping an unanchored structure that does not belong to your own corp is now considered a suspect act. It will require you to set your safety accordingly, and will trigger a suspect timer.
  • Salvaged materials have been added to the wrecks left behind by faction Fortizars.
  • Faction starbase module blueprint do no longer drop from exploration sites.
  • Increased the reprocessing output of deprecated moon mining modules, assembly arrays and research labs.

User Interface:

  • It is now possible to add Festival Launchers to a ship or Upwell structure through the fitting simulation.
  • Removed the "Station Gain", "Station Loss" and "Freeport Station" options from the map filters.
  • The "Bounty Office" icon has been removed from the station services panel, as it is not really related to stations – it can be found through the Neocom.
  • Asset safety wraps are now showing in the own search filter in the corporation asset search.
  • Added an option to the map to view asset safety wraps for the corporation, if they have been delivered to a station.
  • Mail notifications are now showing the portrait of the mail sender (instead of the receiver).

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where the hard-point limit of a T3 cruiser could be bypassed by refitting in space.
  • An Unscripted Standup Focused Warp Disruptor no longer prevents a ship from using a Micro Jump Drive.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ship's to get stuck in the pre-warp state after being moved by a Micro Jump Field Generator.
  • Remote hull repairer effects are now properly impacted by remote repair impedance.
  • It is again possible to trash impounded items from a corporation office from a remote location.
  • Improved the fetching of information from the server for the contracts search to no longer cause "Slow Down!" warnings.
  • Mindflood and Sooth Sayer Boosters can now affect Ancillary Armor Repair modules.
  • Fixed the mission "The Missing Convoy" so it can be completed without issue
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to activate Abyssal Filaments within 1000km of a Sun.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to cloak in Abyssal space.
  • U4-Q2V IX – Asteroid Belt 1: Fixed the location of asteroids so that they are closer to the warp-in location of the belt.

Audio & Graphics:

  • Fixed banners showing up on the Vendetta when applying the IGC SKIN.
  • Corrected a transparency Issue caused by overlapping layers of hair in the character creator.
  • Adjusted the textures on the Draccous Fortizar model.
  • Disabled the spawning of GPU particles on a cloaked ship.
  • Fixed warning error displayed when activating the Covert Cynosural Field.
  • Fixed space scene not being rendered from the Outside View after leaving Character Customization.
  • Fixed visibility of the Imperial Fighter NPC.
  • Corrected faction look for the Serpentis and Angel Sentry guns.
  • Removed spammed warning message when warping.
  • Customs Office orbit ring has been removed from the Planetary View.
  • Adjusted the blood pattern used on the 'Bloody Hands' skin for the Tempest hull.
  • Added Audio for the Enforcer warping animations.
  • Corrected an issue with the icon for the male Exploration suit.


  • Fixed an issue where the camera would jerk suddenly when entering warp with Dynamic Camera Movement enabled.

Planetary Production:

  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to submit changes in Planetary Production when stopping and amending an extraction process.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to remove extractor heads using Ctrl+Click while an extraction program was running.
  • Fixed an issue where Extractor Heads were hard to see on bright backgrounds.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Fixed a problem, which blocked probe scanning after docking at an Upwell structure, while a scan was analyzing.
  • Warping to an Upwell structure at range is now working as expected (it did not work properly with a custom default warp range and warping to an offgrid structure without docking rights).


  • Fixed an issue that caused that bug report submission to fail when entered from a Japanese localized client.
  • Fixed a rare bug, which could cause a ship to become stuck after jumping into a system, where the last other player just jumped out.
  • Fixed a very rare bug, which caused the character to "teleport" to a station or structure when accepting a contract or when a receiving a ship in the delivery hangar of an Upwell structure.

Text & Descriptions:

  • Updated the description for the mobile depot with the correct deployment restrictions.
  • Standard Upwell structures will no longer display faction name on 3D preview window.
  • Updated the traits tab of Entosis Links as remote assistance is no longer blocked for all ship types.
  • Fixed various punctuation and grammar issues.
  • Updated the descriptions of Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer Rigs to mention their warp speed acceleration increase.
  • References to Starkmanir Rebellion on items reconciled with canonical timeline.
  • Flavor texts added to various event items, NPCs and other objects.

User Interface:

  • Simulation: The sensor strength bonus of entosis links is now shown correctly.
  • Simulation: Capital Emergency Hull Energizers no longer show as 100% damaged.
  • Simulation: Dragging a simulated fighter from bay to launch tube now correctly loads the fighter.
  • Simulation: Fixed an issue where command burst modules would use PG and CPU when offline.
  • Simulation: Fixed an issue where a simulated ship could end up with an extremely high velocity.
  • Simulation: Fixed an issue where the scroll bar of the Hull & Fits tab could be obscured by the resize window handle.
  • 'Low Friction Nozzle Joints' and 'Polycarbon Enginge Housing' rigs now use the same inertia attributes in the comparison window.
  • The Multifit option no longer appears in the "Fitting Management window while in space (as this option is not available in space anyway)
  • Correcting the tooltip for Structure Fighter Bays.
  • Fixed an issue where links in corp bulletins would not correctly count towards the character limit and could cause editing of the bulletin to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where containers in corporate asset safety wraps would appear in all divisions in the inventory tree.
  • Structure Browser: Fixed an issue where structures would be filtered out when selecting "Re-customization" in the service filter drop down.
  • Dragging characters into a fleet when you do not have the ability to invite no longer gives a misleading error message about squad sizes.
  • The sovereignty index UI (either through show info on the system or through the infrastructure hub window) is now showing how much the current level is above level 5 if it exceeds it.
  • The region filter for corporations assets is now populated properly for offices (and similar) in Upwell structures.
  • Fixed an issue, which caused the module buttons in the HUD to get stuck in "deactivating" state, while the module is not deactivating. This happened when spam-clicking the button too fast (especially during server lag or on bad internet connections).
  • Bookmarks for destroyed structures no longer display structure related options in their right click menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would jerk suddenly when entering warp with Dynamic Camera Movement enabled