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Northern Conflict Observatory #4 – Withdrawals and Continuing Battle

April 29, 2018

This is your weekly briefing on the northern conflict between Guardians of the Galaxy and the Imperium.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Do you have a view on this conflict? Send them to Hugh Caswakk#2639 on Discord. Every perspective has value.

Doxxing Controversy Closed

The Kenshin doxxing controversy came to a close this week. On the 23rd, Kenshin CEO Vlade Randal noted that Kenshin members had been harassed due to the scandal. There were concerns that the situation would escalate.

However, on the 24th, GOTG coalition leader Sort Dragon brought the matter to a close. In a post on /r/Eve, he reaffirmed that Kenshin was in the middle of some soul-searching. He further made a call that we should step back and remember that some lines should not be crossed by the community. This position was met with widespread acclaim.

Ongoing Conflict in DO6H-Q

On the 25th, Imperium and northern forces clashed in the GOTG staging system of DO6H-Q. The fight was over two Imperium Raitarus anchored in the system. GOTG and allies brought a carrier fleet and several different subcapital fleets, totaling 575 ships.

The Imperium had two fleets – 1 Ishtar, and 1 Cerberus, totaling 355 ships. They were assisted by TEST with a 93 pilot Cerberus fleet. Total losses for the north stand at 60bn ISK, versus Imperium + TEST losses of 24bn ISK.

On the 28th, there was another battle in DO6H-Q. This was a smaller affair with a 63 man Imperium Ishtar fleet vs a 76 man GOTG Eagle fleet. GOTG suffered 10bn ISK in losses, vs 200m ISK lost by the Imperium.

INIT Deploys North

EN24 understands that on the 27th, The Initiative. fully deployed to fight GOTG. Although their fleets have assisted GSF forces on a regular basis, this deployment will increase their presence in the war zone.

In particular, they possess a strong capital and supercapital fleet. This will supplement existing GSF Special Interest Group stockpiles.

DARKNESS. SOTA – GOTG Plans Withdrawal from Fade and Pure Blind; Message of Solidarity

On the 28th, Sort Dragon held a wide-ranging State of the Alliance address to his alliance, DARKNESS. In it, he announced that GOTG as a whole planned to withdraw from the regions of Fade and Pure Blind. GOTG was left both regions by Pandemic Horde and lacks the numbers to effectively defend them.

This withdrawal will be phased, and GOTG intends to hold stations in both regions until their conversion into faction Fortizars on June 5th. Commentators have noted that this is a sensible defensive move.

Further, he noted that GOTG was at war and that DARKNESS. had to stand in support of allies. The alliance should not be deceived, he told them, by /r/Eve. Instead, they should understand the facts on the ground.

Black Legion Moves to Support GOTG

On the 27th, it was revealed that Black Legion was deploying their entire force to support GOTG. Comprising principally of the corp Origin, led by famed FC Elo Knight, they bring a substantial capital and super fleet to the fight.

It is rumored that Black Legion was paid a substantial sum to do this. That may be the case, and it does fit with past precedent. However, the full facts have yet to be revealed.

EN24 will keep you updated as events continue to unfold.


Featured image credit: Razorien