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Is TEST Moving North?

January 18, 2018

Hello, my name is Hugh Caswakk and I’m a writer and political analyst for EN24. The thoughs and speculation written here are mine and not meant to represent anyone else’s.

With the Imperium’s decision to re-escalate the smoldering conflict in the north, some commentators are now wondering whether TEST will be joining the effort on the side of the Imperium. After all, we’ve known for a while that TEST and the Imperium have partnered on key operations. They share a common – if sometimes rancorous – history, and an interest in opposing northern advances. TEST have already been aiding Provi-bloc against the ongoing Pandemic Legion invasion.

So, it is not out of the question to ask whether some larger changes are afoot.

There are some bits of evidence to consider. Firstly, is the fact that TEST had recently reset a large number of DRF alliances. When asked to comment, Dran Arcana (Head Diplomat of TEST), explained that it was a logistical move with prior approval from DRF command, saying that TEST:

“mutually consolidated the standings to like 25 of the biggest alliances fighting in the areas of the war TEST is [in]. That was I don’t have to want to kill myself keeping up with their new renters or whatever.”

Whilst this makes a lot of sense, it may also be an effort to streamline foreign relations and untangle messy agreements and obligations, between TEST and the DRF, in preparation of a full TEST deployment north with the Imperium. The agreements, negotiated with TEST by ex-DRF head Diplomat Jay Maricadie, created some sticky situations that ended up having both TEST and GOTG forces on the field and unable to shoot each other as both entities (while hostile to each other) were on the field supporting DRF operations against Triumvirate. These diplomatic agreements also likely put the DRF in a bit of a situation as the DRF has long and historical ties as well as intertwined rental empires with the northern alliances (PL, NC, & GOTG).  Therefore, if TEST does decide to move, they can do so without feeling obligated to defend the DRF against their (TEST)allies and avoid having to work along side alliances they are openly hostile with(i.e.GOTG).

Secondly, is the fact that TEST has deployed north before(last year) and over the last 12 months have began and more oftern working/siding with the Imperium. In July, they(TEST) deployed and sent significant forces to fight GOTG for around two months –and co-operated with the Imperium, who had also deployed north, in their attacks on Northern Coalition. Moreover, we know that they supported Imperium forces during ‘Judgement Day’ by providing logistical support and blue standings to the Imperium. In recent days, and shortly after the reset, TEST forces destroyed a Northern Coalition fortizar in Curse at the same time Northern Coalition forces were fighting alongside GOTG and Pandemic Horde, against the Imperium, in the defense of the 9-4RP2 Keepstar owned by Pandemic Horde.

This all suggests that they have the doctrine and communication capability to do joint operations far from their home region. Ultimately the fortizar fell and the keepstar lived. While it may be coincidental that it was TEST who showed up to kill the fortizar while the Imperium focused on the Horde keepstar this certainly seems to be another coordinated effort between the Imperium and TEST.

I am not TEST High Command, and so cannot be certain in any speculation of this issue. However, preliminary diplomatic steps and prior joint co-ordination seem to point towards the possibility of TEST deploying en masse in support of the Imperium on it’s attacks against the north.