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Perspective: Inside the Siege of Providence

January 15, 2018

riverini’s note: This article’s redaction has been edited to improve its readability, thanks to Claire for the support.

Disclaimer: The writer of this piece is of CVA origin. This piece is designed to be an opinion and no view expressed here is that of Evenews24 and expressly the author.

War has descended on Providence.

Northern Providence has been under attack, over the last several weeks, by pilots from Pandemic Legion (PL). Following announcements by CCP that stations are to become valuable faction Fortizars, and owned by whoever controls the station at the time, PL has been mobilizing forces to the south for a possible invasion. Providence has been preparing, and now it seems the invasion has begun.

Pandemic Legion, along with Northern Coalition. (NC) and Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG), have started their assault on the Sovereignty of Providence, with PL wresting control of G-5EN2 from Sev3rance (-7-). Their success possibly inspiring another longtime enemy to attack as well; Honorable Third Party (HTP) has, after a long struggle, finally taken control of Y-MPWL from Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). It is unclear at this time if HTP are working with NC, PL, and GOTG, or if HTP are simply using the attacks as a cover for their own invasion.

What we do know, is that War has fallen on Providence. Constant offensive and defensive fleets have not hurt the morale of line pilots, and industry remains strong as well in spite of the attempted sabotage of Black Ops droppers. Our main question is, “How long before these northern aggressors realize that Providence will remain in our hands?”.

Providence fleets have scored blood against PL, and its allies, costing them billions of Isk; morale skyrockets every time the famous hit-and-run attacks of Provi-Bloc takes down a dreadnought or destroys a fleet. Earlier this week, on January 11th, 2018, Provi-Bloc forces engaged PL in a large dread battle, with losses on both sides going into the tens of billions of Isk. Despite the losses (and losing the “Isk War), Provi-bloc was pleased with the results. When asked why, I was told: “We bloodied them. Every loss PL and its allies get is just another drop in the bucket. For us? I would give everything I had and then some to ensure the safety of Provi. This is my home. I would sacrifice everything to save it”

I spoke with the CEO of Corp 54 about his thoughts on the ongoing campaign; he believes that “PL is playing the short game. PL believes they can make a buck by taking over providence and possibly renting it out. This could also be content from the content starved North. What they fail to understand is the nature of the beast here. Provi-Bloc always plays the long game. We will bleed PL and its allies until they finally understand it is not profitable to stay here.”

The people here in Providence are unlike those anywhere else in Eve. Providence is sacred to us; it is our mission and our very being, and ideology and a banner. Nowhere else do Alliances protect the common pilot without affiliation. Anyone is welcome to come to Providence, and live under our protection, so long as they follow our rules. This embodies our commitment to the ideology of Not Red, Don’t Shoot (NRDS), where neutral pilots are not attacked unless they are the aggressor. We are proud to live by NRDS, it allows us to maintain the moral high ground that sets us apart.

For now, Provi-Bloc remains determined to make PL bleed for every inch of space they violate in our sacred home of Providence. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in KBP, we shall fight on the jumpbridges and undocks, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the capital age, we shall defend our region, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the gates, we shall fight on the POSes, we shall fight in the anomalies and in the asteroid belts, we shall fight on the Fortizars; we shall never surrender! We will not falter, we will not quit, and we will not fail. Amar Victor! Ave Providence.

– Kyle Saltz