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Phoenix Federation in a State of Collapse

November 5, 2017

After being defeated on the Southern front of the war raging across the Drone Region Federation’s regions, Fidelas Constans [FCON]-led Phoenix Federation is evacuating and retreating to the North closer to Legion of xXDeathXx [X.I.X]‘s sovereignty. While the war continues elsewhere, this represents a victory for Triumvirate. [TRI] and their allies whose objective, from the outset of the war, has been to evict FCON and to cripple their coalition.

Phoenix Federation is a coalition which makes up part of the bloc-level group of coalitions referred to as Drone Regions Federation (although not necessarily limited to the drone regions). While FCON has left for the North, the same cannot be said for the rest of their coalition. Hell’s Pirates [HADES] collapsed during the war. More recently, The Bastard Cartel [TBC] made a very public exit from the coalition, resetting their former coalition allies, and declaring they would continue to fight for their sovereignty independent of FCON, and now FUBAR. [MGRGY] has joined TBC in this effort. Whether this is feasible or not is a question, as Red Menace Coalition has expressed interest in taking sovereignty in the former Phoenix Federation regions, just as much Triumvirate.’s allies have.


Leaks from Red Menace Coalition indicate plans to share Immensea and Tenerifis with Triumvirate.’s allies.

Once the evacuation was declared, the rest of the coalition’s alliances went into a state of collapse. Both Empyreus [PYRE] and Lord of Worlds Alliance [LORDE] are merging into Legacy Coalition’s Requiem Eternal [REQ]. It also seems that some of Orbital Velocity [ORB] will be merging into Serenity Initiative [SERIN] in DRF. La Federacion. [LAFED] has left Phoenix Federation but no longer seems to be active anyway.

Of the original 10 Phoenix Federation alliances, only 3 remain: Fidelas Constans, The Blood Covenant [VIT.C] and OneOfUs… [UMINE].