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A Clear Distinction (Reupload)

August 16, 2017

By Seraph IX Basarab

Hello, my name is Seraph IX Basarab and I’m an opinion piece writer and analyst of Eve politics and war here at EN24. The thoughts and opinions written here are mine and not meant to represent anyone else’s.

There’s been a tendency among some to compare my writings with that of INN propagandist, Moomin Amatin. I can see a similarity in that we both cause an emotional response from people. But that is where the similarities begin and end. Let me be clear, Moomin is a propagandist for his alliance upholding Mitten’s narratives and spinning. On the other hand I criticize propagandists’ narratives and challenge them. When someone makes some nonsense claim or hurfs and blurfs I challenge it. Moomin is an upholder of this kind of propaganda. He is a card carrying “believing” member of his alliance with a fanatical loyalty to his side’s narrative. Whenever that narrative is challenged he lashes out in a crude and childish manner.

I can give a side by side example regarding a couple of our pieces. Both of us criticized PanFam within the past few months in different articles. I noted the structure of PL and questioned their level of commitment and influence in WWB. There was no alternative motive or point to it other than to offer a critique. Elise and I had a long conversation about it on reddit and in the end we actually agreed that our differences were simply emphasis of language. Moomin on the other hand tells half-truths and attempts to invent some wide ranging conspiracy in his “PanFam Meta Meltdown” piece. I was looking for the “melt down” part but never found it. Instead his article is riddled with damage control over the failing Imperium campaign and half-baked insinuations and allusions to RMT with all the matching Mittani talking points. He’s inventing some wide ranging “PL controlled” conspiracy because quite simply Goon diplomatic currency has tanked heavily since before WWB. There is no conspiracy. Most of these groups don’t even like each other. They just like Goons even less.


This claim by Moomin that PL “leadership” whoever that may be, sit back and move the pieces on the chessboard like some master manipulators sounds more like what Goon leadership wishes they were doing. Despite my own poignant critiques of PL, that alliance is a military meritocracy. PL does things based on whatever FC stands up and decides to make something happen. Personally I don’t think this is conductive for stability or long term planning which is why PL has had moments of internal volatility, but hey it’s a gameplay style. Moomin’s attempt to say NCdot is a “PL pet” is not in the realm of reality, but an attempt at creating a false narrative for internal consumption. NC and PL have a partnership. They run their rental program jointly, manage their own fleets, goals, and manage their own members. The Imperium on the other hand have it so that their ~valued allies~ have to give up their R64 moons, major ops are carried out by Goonswarm leadership, and doctrines are decided by them. Moomin shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.


The other difference between us is that he hides in an echo chamber. When in one of his pieces he lied about me claiming that “all major leaders of MBC” credit me with winning WWB, I came to the INN discord and asked them to either provide proof or fix it. They opted instead to ban me under the pretense of me being “disruptive.” Similar story happened with Imperium discord. Apparently not marching lockstep with their narrative is too “disruptive.” I actually not only invite, but go out and find people who disagree with me and who can challenge my views. You can talk to me and I’ll actually sit down and answer questions. As long as you are respectable, I will be too. At the end of the discussion we may still disagree but we’ll actually have a reasonable conversation without any crude and childish lashing out. People can find me on twitter. Here’s my personal discord channel if there’s anyone out there who wants to talk: https://discord.gg/vS5snmv


There are major and clear differences in what we both do. He upholds a spun narrative as a propagandist and I point out why it’s nonsense. Please have some discernment.




P.S. In the original running of this article, I provided an excerpt from a public discussion between me and Moomin. In it I inquired if there was a particular issue that made our mutual understanding possible. This was a sincere question and was not meant to belittle anyone with any such condition. In return, Moomin lashed out with a racist and homophobic slur. Some people were offended by that and so our editorial team has decided to remove the specific excerpt from the article. The point was not to offend anyone with any real life conditions, but instead to show how overzealous some can become in regards to their in game allegiance.