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Imperium forces crushed at FCON citadel

July 8, 2017

Yesterday, saw a large battle between the forces of The Imperium and its allies, versus the Phoenix Federation and their coalition. Well over 50 billion ISK was lost by forces on both sides, with The Imperium losing both the ISK war and the fight for the Fortizar.  The Imperium lost after it failed to field capital ships in response to Phoenix’s capital ship escalation.
EN24 received the below as a submission from Phoenix Federation.
XVV-21, Immensea 7.4.17 19:00
After several failed attempts from the Imperium to provoke a fight with Phoenix Federation by reinforcing jump bridges and towers, the Imperium decided to escalate the situation by reinforcing a Fortizar in XVV-21. Phoenix Federation responded to this invasion of their territory with a massive call to arms and the aid of their allies from Legacy Coalition.

The Imperium fielded Typhoons and stealth bombers, while Phoenix Federation brought a combined force of Tengus, Confessors and stealth bombers. Legacy Coalition decided to participate with Feroxes, Omen Navy Issues, Jackdaws and bombers. In addition, Vanguard and Northern Coalition. made an appearance with Gilas and Legions. The fight began around the citadel with both sides attempting to maneuver into position to gain an advantage and soften up the other fleet with bombing runs. The tide began to turn against Imperium forces as the fight went on.

After an hour, most of the Imperium’s forces had been erased from the field or heavily damaged. At this point, both Phoenix Federation and Legacy Coalition brought carriers on grid in order to bait a capital escalation from the Imperium and help clean up the field. The allied forces of Phoenix Federation and Legacy Coalition had 10 Carriers, 4 Force Auxiliaries and several Super Carriers on grid. Unfortunately, The Imperium declined to take the bait and defending capitals finished mopping up the Imperium subcaps and securing the system.

Unfortunately, the Legacy Coalition Ferox fleet was ambushed and heavily damaged by a Pandemic Horde bomber fleet on their way back home. The battle lasted for an hour and 20 minutes and destroyed the majority of the Imperium fleet with an estimated worth of 35.6 billion ISK. Phoenix Federation suffered losses of 7.5 billion ISK while Legacy Coalition lost 8.5 Billion ISK on this battlefield and another 6.1 Billion on the bombing run. Northern Coalition and Vanguard as third party suffered a total of 4.6 Billion ISK.
The Phoenix Federation’s objective of saving the Citadel was achieved. Battle reports linked below:
This article is provided to the audience by Phoenix Federation Propaganda Department.

Research Credit for this article goes to both Ishtar and Curt.