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TEST alliance to evacuate to Obe

December 12, 2016

Over the last 24 hours, there have been unconfirmed reports on reddit that Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) have begun preparations to evacuate assets from their current Nullsec home in Vale of the Silent and withdraw to the lowsec Caldari system of Obe in The Forge.

Sources from other alliances have tentatively confirmed that the report on reddit appeared to be correct and that TEST has begun to move assets to low security space.

Sapporo Jones, DurrHurrDurr and Vily were approached for comment. At time of publication Vily of Dreddit confirmed that TEST was withdrawing to Obe but offered no confirmation when asked if this was a full evacuation or only a withdrawal of non-essential assets.

On reddit, sausage_waffle posted what appears to be a copy of a corp announcement.

Hello friends,
TEST will be leaving Vale of the Silent on Saturday. The meeting was a warning to start moving your stuff. Don’t leave anything but a Hurricane and a Logi ship in TVN.
We are moving to Obe. You can either make alliance freight contracts, or move all your stuff into the TVN fortizar and use the asset safety system. This is a great choice if you’re going on holiday vacation.
Unless you’re using them to suitcase, work with the capitals / supercapitals team to move big and very big ships. Don’t move them on your own.
Sapporo will be making an alliance-wide announcement this Saturday to discuss details. For now, just start moving your non-essential shit to Obe.

Vily was again approached with this information but has not commented on its accuracy at the time of publication.

At the time of writing the only public comment from a member of TEST leadership comes from Sapporo Jones on reddit who wrote in his trademark manner:

I think by now everyone knows the truth. I took out a contract with PanFam to force TEST to abandon vale so that I could move us in to jita as an alliance and year round burn jita for lulz.
I kind of wish my rather expensive plans didn’t leak like this but that’s what happens when that meddling kid Detective Avery Lewis is on the case.

TEST, along with CO2, (Also known as TESTCO) have been embroiled in a three month war with Northern Coalition. (NC) and Pandemic Horde (HORDE) in the neighbouring region of Tribute. The conflict in the region appeared to be coming to an end after CO2 lost their last holdings and the M-OEE8 Keepstar just this weekend.  Given that they had supported CO2 in defending the region, it would be a reasonable assumption that Test Alliance Please Ignore is making preparations for a retaliatory attack from Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion and their allies.

It is unclear if this is a preemptive withdrawal of assets in preparation to defend the Vale of the Silent, or the start of efforts to abandon the region entirely.

The details of TEST’s plans may become clearer soon, as Sapporo Jones is set to make an official announcement next Saturday.