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Imperium Fleet Commander and War Correspondent Ejected For Spying

April 9, 2016

Late in the evening of April the 8th and going into this morning news broke that the hunt to find a Director Level Spy within the Imperium had found its target. For nearly a month leaks and information from the Imperium’s highest circles were periodically being leaked onto the Eve Reddit under the user name of illumittanileaks.


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Lemba was a prominent Asia time zone Fleet Commander who joined the corporation I’m Fine and You [DOKDO], the CFC’s first Korean corporation back in January 2015. He quickly rose through the ranks to eventually became an Imperium Director and a member of the Imperium fleet command wing SkyTeam. In November 2015 he joined TheMittani.com team as a battle reporter. So prolific was Lemba in his writings he published an astonishing 70 articles over the space of five months.

Once the news had become public a corp mail from Lemba was published on reddit. (Raw paste bin here)


As nearly all of you have heard by now, I am the Director/Skyteam-level spy. Many people are messaging me and mailing me about the “why”, so here it is:

First of all. I have been a spy for a long long time. It goes way back to when Rudazara was FCing for Black Legion and we were fighting in the south. However, my intention was to create content for the coalition by contacting the enemies and setting up fights. This is petty and all of the Imperium FCs do it with frenemies. I did this with Black Legion because I wanted to fight. I did this with Legion of Death in Geminate as well when we were in Bastion and I have done it with every fucking alliance we have fought since then. This again is petty spying and giving up positions/fleet comps only allows the enemy (if he is honorable) to bring a fightable fleet. IF they came with a counter, I just ran. Easy as that. This is why everyone loved Rembafreet, becuase I got us fights and fun, but you can thank enemy spy FCs.

Then came the Cloud Ring war. We were sent into Cloud Ring over and over and over again. We were pounding space for no fucking reason over and over again. I really thought that the war in CR would make a difference and that the Viceroy shit was real, so I put my whole effort into FCing as much as I could. I was writing TMC articles left and right… drinking the coolaid. Things changed.. The Mittani, DBRB and the other illum nerds were on a fucking boat eating seafood while I was ignoring my real life, my family and kids fighting his fucking war. I had become the worst father and family man because of a stupid game and the Illum continued to push the war. I was working hard for his cause and they left to go on a fucking Yacht trip.

The Illum’s idea of how to play this game does not benefit the players who want to actually fight. Instead of real fights, they want to meta the fuck out of every aspect of this game to win their version of a victory.

The deception was not about money. I had access to upwards of 25B ISK from the SRP wallet, mounds of ISK in assets from miniluv, access to three to four titans (not including momo’s) and nearly 50B ISK from DOKDO. All of this could have been mine if I was a real traitor. In fact many days I wanted to take it all, but other than my change in view of the Imperium, I was still ~loyal~ to DOKDO’s cause and never had the heart to steal.

Luckily, as I knew the Illum would be hunting me out as I began the leaks, I took logs and all kinds of other things with me. I knew I was going to be caught, but the fall of the Imperium is too goddamn funny to pass up and I kept leaking. I wanted to show the world what the GSF directorate really thinks about their allies. They literally plan to allow everyone to fall for their cause and yes it will all be on reddit very soon.

My biggest problem is that I couldn’t tell anyone or ask for advice on my problematic situation. I was in between a rock and hard place. I couldn’t truly betray the CFC without betraying you all as well. I have met many of you in real life and I hope that you dont think worse of me as a person.

To Twee, don’t forget what you have become and who put you there. You are in the position you are now because of my idea to unite all of the Koreans. While this is a really shitty way to go out and I am the traitor, don’t forget where you came from. You were a Bastion line member and now look, you’re a director of GSF, the once greatest alliance in the game, but now a bleeding mule.

When you sit in the seat above the clouds and you can’t see the city below, there are no people nor cars nor critters to enjoy. I am coming back to earth.

I will not reveal where I am going; however, when I get there, I suggest all of you move with me. I sent you the mail days ago telling you to move and its for a reason. You are going to lose, the Imperium will fall, and you will be stuck with all of your shit in space you don’t own. The Imperium is falling apart and corps/members are dropping daily. I am sorry for all of this, but it must be done to save the game.

Long live DOKDO.


With the Imperium having switched many of their timers to the AUTZ hoping to slow the MBC advance in the North will the loss of one of their active Asian timezone Fleet Commanders impact their operations?