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EVENT: 72 Hours, 13 Streamers, 2 Great Causes!

March 8, 2016

From Friday morning to Sunday evening, thirteen of Eve’s finest streamers will be getting together to do a continuous seventy-two hour stream.  The reason? To support and raise awareness for two great causes: Spam4Heals and Care4Kids.

Spam4Heals is a group that supports Broadcast4Reps (http://www.thecoffeerocks.com/dir/index.php/broadcast-4-reps) and Best of Us (https://bestofuscommunity.wordpress.com/), two Eve organizations that raise awareness and provide resources for suicide prevention to gamers and veterans alike.  All out-of game funds will go directly to Spam4Heals.

Care4Kids (http://careforkidseve.com/about-care4kids/) is an Eve foundation created to help children and their families while they are attending hospitals. All in-game funds will go directly to this great cause.

Eve’s first ever continuous seventy-two hour stream will be hosted by Eve’s finest streamers featuring a wide variety of content, including:  solo PvP, NPSI fleets, AMA’s, Q&A’s, PvE, & Exploration – there will be something for everyone!

  • BjornBee
  • Chocolate Rahne
  • ChristopherWoW / Icer
  • Elise Randolph
  • Lazarus Telraven
  • Lysus
  • Mr Mail Lite
  • Nortemshine
  • scaredpanda
  • ShwingShwing
  • Suitonia
  • Yolo Swagtron
  • Zarvox Toral

The stream starts at 00:00 GMT Friday – Thursday evening for Americans and Friday afternoon for our AUTZ brethren – and ends 23:59 GMT Sunday.  When the stream goes live you can check it out here: http://www.twitch.tv/spam4heals.  Feel free to join the in-game channel “EVEathon” for more information about the event, and keep up with our shenanigans on Twitter with the hashtag #EVEathon

Can’t wait to see you there!