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Pandemic Horde relocates to Black Rise: Targets SMA ISK income.

February 19, 2016

Pandemic Horde [REKT] have announced that they will be relocating to the already bursting at the seams Black Rise area and will be targeting the Fade region, currently held by Imperium force, SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA].


[SMA] have held the majority of the Fade region since 2013 and view it as their primary home region, and it rarely if ever, has come under concerted attack. This situation may be set to change as the four thousand strong Pandemic Horde [REKT] look to disrupt the ISK income of one of their most bitter rivals.

Pandemic Horde [REKT] and [SMA] have been at loggerheads since Pandemic Horde [REKT] took systems in the neighboring Cloud Ring. The Horde took some systems off Iron.Guard [FE-SR] and started attacking into [SMA] held areas. This then caused [SMA] to attack the Horde holdings, including their home system of W-4NUU.

The Commander in Chief of the Imperium, The Mittani, decided to deploy his full force to the Cloud Ring area in November of last year, only to find empty systems and non-prime time vulnerability windows. This meant that the small group that has been sent in advance of the main line members were left with little to do. What was supposed to be a full push, faltered from the very beginning.

The reason for the full deployment of the Imperium, which number in the thousands of pilots, was a strange decision and seemed to hinge on the fact that the ‘Content Ring’ inhabitants were seen as a threat if they banded together to take on the established order of the Imperium.

After the Imperium deployed, Cloud Ring suddenly became devoid of content for the Imperium pilots and Pandemic Horde withdrew to the Querious region, where they have spent time recruiting and training their new pilots.

The Imperium meanwhile have been skirmishing with low-sec entities such as Snuffed Out [B B C] with occasional support from Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Northern Coalition. [NC.] and the smaller null-sec groups such as The-Culture [T-C] and The OSS [OSS]. The Imperium, most of who are used to fighting in null-sec have found the transition to low-sec difficult and it has been reported that a number of ship losses have occurred due to engaging on gates without understanding the mechanics behind gate gun aggression.

Below is the information sent out to Horde members, it was ‘leaked’ on reddit by CatatonicDawnHorde

Starting this weekend (Friday 19th evening onwards) Horde will begin an Incursion in the north.

The staging system for this incursion is Okagaiken. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/Okagaiken

The incursion will last at least one month although this is flexible.

Move your pod to Oka and set home station. http://i.imgur.com/X7N0k6P.gif Do not bring any ships except a travel ceptor.

None of the space in Querious will be abandoned. Keep your assets In Querious including a jump clone.http://i.imgur.com/xDfu58l.gif

New ships will be seeded in Okagaiken. SPAI jump freighter service can be used to get new ships moved to Oka from Jita. Also, many people might still have assets in Oka and W-4, which is accessible.

Skybean roams will also stage from Oka. However, NBI maintains A2- as the base for newbies as far as skill book handling goes.

During the initial stage of this incursion, our focus will be on dessie down doctrines.

Incursion doctrines:

For phase 1 of this attack, we will stick to small stuff: combat interceptors, torpedo bombers, t2 cormorants and T3 Destroyers (especially beam Confessors). Newbeans in t1 cormorants and frigates.

In stage two of the incursion, we will start seeding hurricanes and feroxes but that will come later.

Incursion plan:

We have a very clear goal and strategic objective with this operation:

The way we plan to achieve this is intense denial of isk making activities in their home system of Fade by constant hunting and cloaky camping their most valuable constellations. However, this will not be your average cloacky camp and blops campaign.

Operation Hans Landa:

The central tool of our operation will be the massive use of cloaky alts on a scale that has not been employed before.

Our focus will initially be on these two constellations: http://i.imgur.com/sctGF6d.png for a total of 13 systems.

We wish to flood these systems so heavily with cloaky alts it will be impossible for the enemy to use local as a tool to evaluate whether it is safe to rat, mine or travel. The large number of alts also makes it hard to estimate the real size of our active fleet. We have setup a program that is able to track the position of our cloaked beans. Tracking is initiated by members by clicking on a ingame browser link. This allows the FC to track the position of friendly hunters and have a hawk eye view on the intel in the region. For this to work, it is essential that members leave cloaky alts online whenever possible rather than logging off. Any alt will do, even a simple prototype cloak fitted frig with a point will be useful for this purpose. If we can accomplish good coverage, making any kind of money in the targeted areas will be essentially impossible without a sizable escort fleet.

Shadowbeans Rewards:

Because the presence of cloaky campers (whether active or afk) is so crucial to the success of this incursion, members online in the target constellation will start accumulating tickets if they are tracked by the program. The tickets are then used in a lottery through which weekly prices are distributed. Our reward for the first week is planned at 5 bilion isk worth of skill packets. It is worth noting that there are some very rich people who have a beef with SMA at the moment. If our plan works and we can impress them with our work, chances are they can be persuaded to significantly boost the rewards and make it rain on newbeans.

Tl dr:

  • a papi-link will be available
  • clicking this link allows us to track your cloaker’s position and you to accumulate rewards
  • using the link is not mandatory and completely up to you

How to help:

There are many ways to contribute to the cloaky camping:

1) The simplest way is to have an extra char with a cloak fitted which you log in whenever you go to bed or leave the house. A simple starting char can train cloaking 1 and fly a cloaky tackle merlin which is enough to threaten solo ratters. Here is an example of good cloaky merlin fit for newbie char:

[Merlin, [NBI] Merlin + cloak]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Damage Control I

J5 Prototype Warp Disruptor I
5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Medium Shield Extender I
'Langour' Drive Disruptor I

125mm Gatling AutoCannon I, EMP S
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I, EMP S
Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Phased Plasma S x500

2) Asher-fitting your main and afk cloaking in hostile space. Asher fitting means carrying a depot + cloak in cargo at all times and refitting to cloak rather than returning to station to log off every time. This works with almost any ships, for example you could join a roam in your cormorant or confessor then at the end safe up in fade, refit with cloak, and afk cloak for a few hours. This also means if a ratter is tackled in fade you can quickly respond to a ping and help kill it rather than having to burn all the way from Oka. A large number of asher fitted combat ships littered around the hostile constellations also makes it very hard for the hostiles to predict how much we are able to form.

3) A dedicated hunter alt. This is normally a bomber, recon or strategic cruiser with point and cov ops cyno fitted. These characters allow large fleets of bombers or blops to be cov-ops bridges to the hunter in order to blap a target.


If done right this kind of ratting and mining shut down leads to the collapse of ADM indexes which then means extremely easy to entosis ihubs, which leads to breakdown of logistics and upgrades, eventually leading to worthless adm 1 station systems and easily taken sov. It also has a very significant impact on the morale of residents who are suddenly unable to use their own space at all. This tactic is particularly vicious because it cannot be countered by a few weekly blobs or spamming supercaps. This is the vietname-esque crawl that Fozzie envisioned. Failure or success will really come down to sustained activity throughout all timezones and whichever faction gives up first. We foresee three possible outcomes:

A) Goons send patrols of light doctrines to keep SMA ratters safe. Many skirmishes and dessie brawls ensue.

B) Goons abandon fortress Saranen and redeploy near Fade to prop up SMA using heavier doctrines backed up by supers.

C) Fade rots, SMA loses their sov and their income streams.

All of these outcomes are favorable so let’s go for it.

Motivation for this incursion:

Not even gonna try hard with this section. First they evicted us from cloud ring, shitting on the good content we had brought them. Then they tried to “teabag” querious by hitting brave’s space.

When the reavers deployed south, some chubby goon said in a video that their operation would be “just like real life teabagging”. What we are about to do is more like real life experimentation on primates. And if it works, we can move on to human patients.

Let’s get us some payback and unleash vicious new tactics on spacemonkeys.

The main goal of this move is to disrupt the [SMA] ISK making process which in turn Horde hopes, will cause a number of their pilots to move to other alliances with safer space, where they can make their ISK in peace. Cloaky camps work well in this regard and cause maximum disruption with the least of effort. Horde will also be roaming the area frequently looking for kills as well as maybe looking to retake SOV in Cloud Ring which they last late last year. How Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] will be involved in this will be of interest, because they have already been waging war against [SMA] for the last few months themselves and may find themselves a natural ally to the incoming Horde, however [TISHU] do hold a number of system that Horde may want to recapture including W-4NUU.

Pandemic Horde will not be relinquishing their hold on space in Querious.

The Imperium are currently deployed in the Saranen system of Lonetrek, looking to consolidate their hold on the Pure Blind region and also be in striking distance for attacks on the low-sec alliances, who they have been contending with over the couple of months. Saranen is just five jumps from the new Pandemic Horde staging system of Okagaiken.

It is worth noting that there are some very rich people who have a beef with SMA at the moment. If our plan works and we can impress them with our work, chances are they can be persuaded to significantly boost the rewards and make it rain on newbeans.

This is a very interesting part of the above post. It is well know around the EvE community that some sort of rift has opened up between [SMA] leadership and the owner of IwantISK. It has gone so far that the owner of IwantISK has mentioned several times that he will use his considerable wealth to help end the [SMA] alliance. Whether or not he will follow through on this offer and actually support Horde financially is still up in the air but the higher ups in Horde would be foolish to overlook the possibility.

Black Rise is already the home of Snuffed Out [B B C], a number of large Caldari faction war alliances and corps, the regularly roaming Gallente faction war alliances coming in from Placid, the Imperium who also roam through and also the smaller low-sec PVP corps who shoot at all of them. With the addition of Pandemic Horde [REKT] and anyone who enjoys fighting their pilots, Black Rise and the surrounding space seems like it will be a pretty active area for the upcoming weeks and maybe even for months to come.

If you have anything that you think should be reported on EN24, please contact me at @mail_lite on Twitter, email at [email protected] or Eve Mail me in game.

Mail Lite also streams EvE Online from 2000 Eve time on Twitch TV, Solo and small gang PVP in Null and Low Sec. You can follow him at twitch.tv/mr_mail_lite