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Event: Blank Character Out Maxes All Skills via Skill Injectors in a Single Sitting.

February 15, 2016

ISK IronBank of the ISK-gambling website www.IWantISK.com has just maxed out a three day old pilot with every skill in EVE through the use of skill injectors. The ISK trillionaire created his pilot under the name of IronBank and injected all of the skills and points over the course of about an hour on his stream. The character now stands at 473,344,000 skill points, with the total value of his purchased skill injectors rounding out to around 1.8 Trillion isk or USD $25,000 should you buy the isk via PLEX. As of my watching at around 9:40 EVE time, he began debating whether or not to simply biomass the character. However, he also stated that he planned to become the youngest character to lose all 4 titans– one of each race– much in the way of EVE-Bet’s style of advertising their site. I managed to acquire an interview with the ISK tycoon and streamer to answer some of the questions this writer is sure people would like to have answered.

The interview began with regards to the reasons for the baby pilot’s maxing out. Ironbank had promised his viewers that, in light of the new skill injectors, he would max out a new character live on stream. “…my reasons are simple, I had the means to do it, so I did it and I kept my promise to my viewers.”

This promise is accompanied by a string of others. Most all of which he means to keep. Iron plans on following through with his promise to sacrifice a titan of each race to the community’s killboard. “I am actively seeking a few titans for a roam / planned low sec race and details will follow as I plan it.” However, as for other rare and juicy ships “… some ships are so rare, this may not be 100% possible.” This referring to ships such as Chremoas, Fiends, or other ships that are as expensive, if not more, than titans. He added, “With regards to bio-massing the character, this was only said for shits and giggles, but I am sure that would increase those already leaking delicious tears on Reddit…”

We continued by addressing his thoughts on the skill injectors that made this feat possible. Seeing characters with this amount of SP is staggering even to the most jaded veteran. In fact, without the use of injectors, it would be flat out impossible. IronBank held an interesting position on injectors, having been a veteran himself from as far back as 2004. Much like the Character Bazaar, he believes that “this is just an extension of what already exists in EVE…” the difference being that “you can name your pilot exactly what you want…. for the same or less than buying a character from the EveO forums.” Iron cited that, having been a victim of scamming via a dud character and losing his ISK wallet, that he “lost time– which is the biggest currency.” He went on to elaborate that skill injectors are more a form of “pay for convenience” than “pay to win”, overall agreeing with CCP’s decision.

Ironbank will be streaming his losses live for viewer enjoyment in conjunction with his regular stream. In addition, he will begin streaming 20 days a month “give or take a few days” and will begin streaming himself actually playing EVE in addition to his regular raffles and games with viewers. “I am not the best player in this game,” he stated, “like anyone who has meta-gamed, you can get very disconnected from the game. This ‘stunt’ was my first step to coming back, but with a bang.”

You can watch Iron’s stream at twitch.tv/1ronbank and take part in raffles, gambling, and other festivities at iwantisk.com.

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