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Submission: Di-Tron Heavy Industries Turns 10 Years old!

January 22, 2016

I am Lucia Tarjin, A Welshman with a rather handsomely groomed beard masquerading as a hot pixelated female. I like long walks on the beach and autistic nerdery. I spend my days warrioring the fuck out of my keyboard in work and at home. I also have the pleasure of being Di -Tron Heavy Industries’ longest standing CEO which will be five years in April this year. During that time I have seen the corp at its best as well as its worst. So how did we get here?

In the beginning

Ten years ago, on the 23rd January 2006, another male capsuleer who was naturally passing himself off as a female, Banlish, grew broody for his own little corplet. He created DTHI to mine with his buddies (yes he thought that was a thing). As is customary, we were griefed and so we made friends with other corps forming a small alliance which took us to low sec to fight our attackers. Less than a year later we decided to venture in to 0.0.

If you want to learn more about our early origins and about the formation and demise of Atlas go here.

Bobby Atlas

The end of Atlas can be summarised as follows: Well organised enemies + Atlas leadership AFK for chicken wings = deal struck to save members and assets. During this time the great Bobby Atlas returned from chicken wings AFK to execute order 66 (log in to holding corp and disband alliance). Unfortunately Bobby was foiled (like all good super villains) by monologuing his evil plan in Leadership chat. Naturally roles were removed preemptively and crisis was averted.


During our time with Atlas, Banlish handed over CEO to his best friend, Scrapple. The death of Atlas burnt many out. Insert new plot villain, Barqs, who assumed control of the corp using long forgotten shares and decided he would take all assets which included DTHI’s dread cache before disbanding the corp. Barqs was overthrown by Shmak daTash who you may remember as the person who lost the consortium dot outpost.

Shmak DatAsh/AtlasDot

When Shmak took over DTHI we had been in Brick Squad (BR1CK) and then Initiative Mercenaries (IM), but Shmak had bigger plans. Shmak created ‘Atlas Dot’ which was given space in Querious. Once the space was taken, uncle PL came along and burned all of Atlas Dot’s sov. Atlas Dot then spent a very long time in thorn bombers (stealth bombers with thorn torpedo’s and no bombs) grinding out all of Atlas’ sov. It was at this point that I joined DTHI and was made head diplomat of Atlas Dot.

The Fall of Fall

For their help in sov grinding, Fallen Angels Alliance (FALL) were given the northern part of Querious. Shmak had always had designs on FALL space, and knowing that they were a less organised and smaller group, Shmak decided to use heavy handed-politics using me as intermediary. This all culminated in the invasion of FALL space and their ejection from Querious.

Some of this space was given to our friends Cascade Imminent (FAIL) who would become a more prominent feature later on.

The Demise of Shmak and Rise of Lucia Tarjin

Unfortunately, Shmak had made some ‘dodgy’ wallet transactions and was suspended, pending investigation by CCP. Shmak then had his friend transfer his shares to me – a relative outsider to DTHI, and I assumed control of DTHI while ‘Watt Watt’ was given alliance CEO.

Putting AtlasDot out of its Misery

All Atlas sov was paid for by the DTHI wallet while Shmak was embezzling any rental income. DTHI was broke and so I became the main wallet. Watt Watt’s leadership style was that of many failed alliance CEOs and so the alliance began to crack. In an underhanded move, Watt Watt stole all alliance moon goo and any remaining corp wallet before joining Jian Products Engineering Group (JPEG). Splitting the assets between himself, JPEG and Phantom Squad (PHA). This crippled the alliance and I called to disband Atlas.

Still a relative newcomer, I called upon the long term AFK – Banlish, to help me. We brokered a deal with FAIL for all sov to be transferred to them and any corps willing to go (DTHI was one).

Test Alliance Please Ignore

FAIL thought a lot of themselves as an entity, but were in actuality ‘pets’ of A-A. ‘Archibald Hornby’- leader of FAIL, was much like Shmak and had embezzled FAIL’s ISK in to his own Titan manufacture. This drove a wedge between DTHI and Archie, and after 4 years of southern occupation, I decided a move to Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) was the best decision. In doing this, DTHI lost many members loyal to the Southern cause and who were firmly against being blue with Goons. This dropped our numbers down from the 290 members in our hey day to just 86 members when joining TEST. The culture of test was much like Atlas mark one, but with newer members and no elitism. This inspired our older members to re-sub because – cute new bros are cute.

During our time in TEST the corp grew again, this time exceeding our previous record, taking us in to the 320’s (I was desperate for it to be 420 because #yoloswag). I won’t go in to the Fountain war as I am sure somebody would like to write a book for financial gain a some point… but suffice it to say we stayed with TEST until their move to lowsec. It was decided among the directors of DTHI that this was a bad move for the corp and so we joined Insidious Empire (EMP). EMP lived in ‘Cobalt Edge’ – awful space in the middle of nowhere and our term there was very short lived as the alliance disbanded.

Fatal Ascension and our CFC/PAP Stat Times

After suffering the loss of TEST and then EMP in quick succession, our member base was once again drained and we needed to recover in a relatively ‘safe’ environment, which led us to join Fatal Ascension (FA) in the CFC (now known as the Imperium) and we got to move back to the rich lands of Fountain.

By this point we had a certain reputation for marking the end of an alliance and then lo and behold… FA disbanded… and so we joined Circle Of Two (CO2). We found CO2 to be very much a militant dictatorship with emphasis on stats over fun which is not the DTHI way! I had known for some time that DTHI members play EVE and so to be forced to work EVE was driving members to inactivity and/or leaving DTHI.

The decision was made that on a specific date we would drop CO2 and rejoin the last place where we felt at home – TEST.


In Summary, DTHI has been through a lot over the past 10 years; we have had more corp thefts than I have mentioned here, we have had directorship dramas, well-known players leaving and poaching from the 1 place that gave them a home when they were generally childish drama queens with a superiority complex, we have been to every corner of the EVE universe and have even moved from 1 side of space to the other with Fozzie Sov in effect.

We grow, we shrink, we grow again. DTHI is home in TEST, a place that accepts that we are terrible. In 10 years we have accomplished so much and our members and ex-members will agree that the culture in DTHI is solid. We are a group of friends who occasionally play spaceships together.

I want to say thank you to all of the members past and present, our allies and enemies over the years for creating content. To all of the alliances that have accepted us into their hearts and for all of the alliances that hate us that band us together as a group. EVE is a terrible game, full of terrible but also wonderful people and I would hate for that to change. There is no other game that I have been a part of that has such a community, that has great people who create and do amazing things. If all of the top people in EVE came together I am sure that we as a community could change the world.

Thank you for reading, here’s to another 10 years!!