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Pandemic Legion Hotdrop. We didnt want those BLOPS anyway.

December 13, 2015

With the recent introduction of the new Command Destroyers there was no doubt in my mind, at all, that we would be seeing some interesting fights in the coming days.

A group of [BAIT] alliance had managed to catch a lone Tengu from [KOHO] (Which may or may not be a PL members alt corp!) and proceeded to lock it down and attempt to kill it. While this was going on a 10 man fleet from [EXODUS.], consisting primarily of Command Destroyers was warping into the situation.

Unbeknownst to all parties involved the lone Tengu was bait for Pandemic Legion. As soon as all parties were on grid the cyno was lit and PL jumped through 2 Aeons, 1 Nyx and 4 Black Ops battleships.

What was a simply an easy kill had now turned into a different ballgame and those who were the hunters would now, probably, become the hunted… Or would they?

[EXODUS.] command destroyers lined up with the fleet and decided to use the new Jump drive function to drag anything that they could away from the SuperCapitals. Sab0tag3 managed to grab a Drake and Thorax from [BAIT] while also taking 3 of the 4 Pandemic Legion Blackops with him.

Calls were made and a Panther was primaried. With the Panther unable to tank the incoming damage he started to go into deep armor. Unfortunately for [EXODUS.] the Panther had a Micro Jump Drive of his own and managed to escape. After this both of the remaining Pandemic Legion Blackops that were in range either managed to warp or MJD away. Quick reactions from the command destroyers allowed them to catch the Redeemer who had MJD’d away from them earlier and they proceeded to lay into him.

As the Redeemer started to bleed armor 2 Aeons warped back in range in an attempt to assist the pinned down Redeemer. [EXODUS.] reacted to this with another Jump Field that dragged the Redeemer 100km from the Aeons once again. Due to the cap usage of the Jump field the Bifrost piloted by Sabt0tag3 was unable to keep point and the Redeemer managed to warp away.

Not having much luck the Redeemer Pilot warped to an Operation Frostline target which was easily distinguishable from all other warp in points around it. Calling this out the [EXODUS.] group warped at varied distances and managed to point the Redeemer, once again, who warped in at 70km.

With bigger fish to fry quite a lot of the locals got in on the action with them telling the [EXODUS.] group that they would assist with bubbles and also with logi reps if called for.

With the Redeemer pointed and an Aeon on field as support the various groups started to take the Redeemer down. A Panther warped in very close to the Redeemer as the redeemer was in deep armor. The Panther was then jumped away from the group by another Command Destroyer and subsequently pointed as the Redeemer said its farewell.

Without any support and being over 100km away the Panther stood no chance and all Supercapitals left the field.

The remaining forces then clashed heads with [EXODUS.] eventually holding the field.