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War in Insmother: The Fall of C-J6MT

November 23, 2015

C-J6MT system, Insmother region. Drone Regions Federation (DRF) forces have been stepping up their attempts to capture the system, which served as Red Menace Coalition’s (RMC) main staging in the region. While previous attempts have failed, this time DRF seem to have been fully committed, prompting a series of long and bloody battles that came to a close on the November, 22nd.

Skirmishing: 21/11

While some fighting was registered in and around the system, it was mostly roaming gangs and individuals as both sides prepared for the main event the day after, with the time mainly used to rest pilots.

Fifth Assault: 22/11 (Station timer)

After more than a week of fighting the final timer for the station came. Once the station left reinforced mode it would be up for grabs for either side. Should DRF forces manage to claim the station it would bring their long struggle for the system to a close, but should RMC manage to secure the station it would mean prolonging the fight.

Both sides mustered their pilots for one last battle as the station was due to exit reinforcement during the morning.

While DRF forces managed to muster a full Machariel battleship fleet, nearly 250 pilots in total, RMC could not muster even the required number of pilots to field a fleet to engage the DRF.

With DRF forces firmly in control of the system and the RMC lacking the numbers to oppose them, a decision was made to attempt and extract all remaining pilots to the secondary staging system of SHBF-V. The RMC pilots, mostly in Tengu strategic cruisers tried to exit the system through the 4M-QXK gate, only to be pursued by the DRF Machariel fleet. Losing a few ships in their escape attempt, the bulk of RMC forces managed to flee the system, allowing the DRF to capture the station uncontested.

With the station firmly in their grasp, DRF forces had won the assault on C-J6MT. Yet, DRF forces did not remain idle and continued to press their advantage, reinforcing RMC’s secondary staging system of SHBF-V.

Battle report for the final day of the assault of C-J6MT can be found here.

The fighting over the C-J6MT system lasted 9 days and involved over a thousand players. It is estimated that in the major clashes more than 1600 ships were lost, valued at around 400 billion ISK, making it one of the most lengthy and costly battles in recent history.

DRF forces had managed to conquer a coalition’s staging system, marking them as the first to do so under Aegis sovereignty mechanics. With DRF forces making inroads into the Insmother region and preparing to assault the next RMC staging system, it looks unlikely that the RMC will be able to push back the invaders.

Whether RMC can recover and fight back or whether DRF will conquer all of Insmother is yet to be seen. What is certain is that the answer will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Salivan Harddin is a member of Reikoku, Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden